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1907 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Log Book 1890-1925
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- 1907 -

Since the Revised Code of 1862, schools had been required to keep a Log Book in which the principal teacher should make a brief daily record of any significant events. Although many aspects of the Code disappeared with the Education Act 1902, the keeping of the Log Book was retained. That for 1907 was kept by the School Master, Ralph Youens.

The school suffered very badly from pupil absence, the first time for many years.  Almost of it was due to various infectious diseases, with whooping cough, influenza, scarlet fever, diphtheria, and measles all being mentioned. Measles reached epidemic proportions and eventually caused the school to be closed by the Council for a month - to control the spread and allow the building to be disinfected and thoroughly cleaned.  In effect, the whole of May and June were lost. Ralph Youens reported a pupil’s death on February 8th, a rare mention in the Log Books (see the introduction to the entries for 1904)

As a consequence of the school closure caused by measles, the early summer visit by HMI was cancelled, this fact was not recorded in the Log Book until early September, probably at the point when Ralph Youens would have received and entered the report.  A second inspection was conducted in its usual November location, and we note an additional visit, of a drill instructor, though not explicitly stated, possibly to provide guidance for teaching in the school.

As in previous years, the ‘mixed’ section of the school continued to be understaffed.  Interestingly, the School Master prefigures ‘setting’ by promoting some children for arithmetic. At the end of the year the school was finally able to have an additional member of staff, Miss Phillips (12/12/1907).   

The Vicar had long been a regular visitor to the school, he was required to verify the registers were being kept correctly and noted the same in the Log Book at each visit.  For the first time we find another of the managers showing an interest in the school other than in relation to the premises; this was Eleanor Warrender who, in May 1907 had become the first female manager of the Ruislip School.   






Re-assembled after 2 weeks 1½ days holiday.




School visited by County Council Drill Instructor pm.  He saw children put through several exercises.

I have reconstructed the Standards so as to make the numbers of the three classes more proportionate, several children previously in the Upper Standards having left.

These scholars were chosen for their proficiency in Reading.  For History and Geography & Scripture they will return to their old classes.




There has been much sickness among the children during the winter, consisting of whooping cough, influenza, scarlet fever, one case pronounced, and probably a mild epidemic and just recently diphtheria, the child dying. The percentage of attendance reaching as low as 64 during December, and being low the whole of the winter, has made the working of the school exceptionally difficult.


In the Vicar’s hand:
I tested the registers this afternoon & found them quite correct.

W.A.G. Gray


Work as usual this week.


Received notice of Diocesan exam. Gave notice & posted off usual paper.




Diocesan Exam today.  Registers not marked.  Holiday in the afternoon.


School closed today.  The room was required for Urban District Election.


Broke up for the Easter Holidays this morning.  Duration 1 week 1½ days.


Re-assembled after the Easter Holidays.  The attendance which has been very adversely affected by sickness for several months, seems much improved.


In the Vicar’s hand:
I examined the registers this morning & found them quite correct.

W.A.G. Gray


Report of Diocesan Examination

March 12th 1907

The work has been carried on with considerable difficulty during the past year owing to illness among the children, but a very praiseworthy examination was passed, and an admirable tone prevails in the school.  Division I has been faithfully and earnestly taught.  There was much thoughtful and pleasing answering, but the explanation of the catechism was somewhat lacking in depth.

Division II. The children have an accurate knowledge of the facts of the Bible History, but some of the lessons might be more fully explained. 

Skilful teaching has been given in Division III and the class is quite excellent.  Division IV has been well and suitably taught, and the children are orderly and attentive.

(Rev) C.A. Venning (Inspector)

Division I     Very Good
Division II    Very Good
Division III   Excellent
Division IV   Excellent




Staff &c for 1907-8


Standards IV to VII

R Youens



Standard III   

Miss A. Medcalf

 (<Art.> 68)


Standard II & I

Miss A.C. Groome

 (<Art.> 68)



Miss Knight




Mrs Youens

 (<Art.> 68)




Work as usual this week


Very wet morning 109 present.


Many children absent today ‘Maying’  
138 (am) & 152 (pm) present, 196 on books.


Measles has appeared among the children.  Four families have cases of it.


Measles increasing considerably.


The measles is the cause of a very bad attendance viz. 70 am: 59 pm
- Possible 195
- Registers closed at 1.45 pm this afternoon.  Dismissal 3.45 pm.
Breakup for Whitsun Holidays 1 week.


Re-assembled after Whitsun Holidays.  Measles still prevalent.




School closed today by order of Northwood & Ruislip Urban District Council, on the recommendation of Ministry Of Health.


School re-opened today.  During the past three weeks the school has been thoroughly disinfected & cleansed.


Work as usual this week.  Only two cases of measles now.


Registers closed at 1.30 p.m. in consequence of Flower Show.  Several Eastcote children wishing to leave early, I have closed at 3.30 pm.


Miss Warrender visited the school today.

(Miss Eleanor Warrender, a long-time subscriber to the school, had become the first female Ruislip School manager on May 11th 1907)


Broke up today for the Summer Holidays 4 weeks.


School re-opened today.  Holidays extended a week in consequence of re‑decoration of the ‘Rooms’  Miss Warrender visited.




Notice from H.M.I. that there will be no second visit was received on closing for Measles May 30th to June 24th.

(There were usually two visits by HMI each calendar year, one in May/June, and one around November.  Ralph Youens’ reference to the May visit as a ‘second visit’ relates to its position of the school year which ran from August to July.  This May inspection and its report was usually the more comprehensive.)


Work generally somewhat backwards in consequence of so much sickness during the past season, & of closing school.


Work as usual.


Admitted 7 children recently, 1 only of which appears to be reasonably well grounded according to age &c.  Five + 1 were from private schools.


Work as usual this week.


Bertie Bray went home this morning with a headache.


Work as usual this work (sic =week). Small attendance on Monday in consequence of a wet day.


Wet day, poor attendance.




The school was visited by H.M.I. Mr Streatfeild today.


Work as usual this week.


Miss Alice Louisa Phillips (Certificated) commenced her duties as Assistant this afternoon.


Copy of Report made by H.M.I. Mr Streatfeild
after visit of November 29th 1907.

The painting of the school inside has made the rooms much lighter and more cheerful, but the instruction of the Infants would be greatly facilitated by the removal of the cumbersome gallery, where access to the children is nearly impossible.  Many of the desks used by the elder children are not only obsolete, but rickety and of faulty design.  They should be gradually replaced by dual desks and the re-arrangement of the main room, owing to the advent of an extra teacher appears really to necessitate the immediate provision of at any rate a few such desks.

The playgrounds need repairing; the boys’ is little more than a sea of mud in wet weather; and the gap between the wall and the hedge in the northwest corner should be stopped up for several reasons.

(This copy made by Ralph Youens was countersigned by the Vicar:)

William A.G. Gray




School closed this morning for Christmas Holidays.





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