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1908 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1908 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1908.  

The Managers experienced the power of the Local Authority which it had acquired through the Education Act 1902. In 1907 they had been eventually forced to address the issue of understaffing which had continued for a number of years.  We cannot be entirely certain why they delayed this action, possibly they were fearful that the additional cost might be a charge against the school’s existing financial resources; though almost certainly the additional provision, when supplied, was funded by the LEA. 

Similarly, the Managers had been repeatedly putting off expensive remedial work; and here we can be certain that this was due to a serious lack of funds. Unlike the additional teacher, these premises and facilities related demands would need to be met by the Managers. The rebuilding of the toilets had entirely drained any financial resources they might have had. Therefore, the money required would need to come from funds supplied by the parish or obtained from the diocese.    

The Local Authority issued an ultimatum: carry out the work or the payment of the annual grant could be withdrawn.  If this were to happen the school would almost certainly be converted to one run entirely by the LEA, losing its church affiliation.

While the Managers noted they did not have the funds, they carried out the works!  There is no mention of how these were eventually paid for. After the Managers final meeting of 1908 they were not to reconvene for over a year, and when they did there was no reference back to the works or how these had been funded.  The school’s financial situation continued to be precarious, the threat of closure always present, until the construction of a new building in 1931.




July 21st 1908

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the school on Tuesday, July 21st 1908 at 4.15 p.m.

Present:      Miss E Warrender, R.H. Deane Esq, Mr J.E. Woodman
                  & the Vicar in the Chair  




The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.




A letter was read from Mr Gott re locking school doors in school hours.  A reply had been sent saying our door were never locked in school hours.



Diocesan Inspection

The report of the Diocesan Inspector was read, which was very satisfactory, the school being classed excellent.  The Vicar reported that Miss Warrender had kindly offered prizes to the children in each class who passed the last examination & she also afterwards presented them to the children.  For this the managers thanked her.

(These had been presented by Eleanor Warrender and the Vicar on April 17th 1908)



Report of H.M. Inspector

The Report of H.M. Inspector was also read: this also spoke of satisfactory work being done – but drew attention to the fact that the recommendation of the last visit not being carried out.  It was decided not to do anything about the gallery; to apply for new desks in Miss Phillips room & to defer the gravel question till October.

(The issue of the gallery was longstanding, having first been raised in the HMI Report of 14/10/1904.  The provision of more satisfactory desks and the state of the boys’ playground was more recent 29/11/1907)



Empire Day

The Vicar also reported that Empire Day had been observed. The children attended service in Church, sang the Flag of Britain round the Flagstaff erected in the Village, & were sumptuously entertained at tea by Miss Eleanor Warrender.  The Managers expressed their gratitude to Miss Warrender for her kindness.

(Though official observance was not introduced until 1916, it became common practice to observe Empire Day on the 24 May, Queen Victoria’s birthday, from the year following her death, 1902.  However, Ralph Youens, records that in 1908 the day was observed in Ruislip on Friday May 22nd; the 24th fell on a Sunday that year.)


William A.G. Gray




September 15th 1908

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the school room on Tuesday, September 15th at 6.45 p.m.

Present:      Miss E. C. Warrender, Mr K. Goschen, M E. Abbott, 
                   Mr J. Woodman & the Vicar in the Chair  




The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.




Mr Deane wrote from Edinburgh expressing his regret at being unable to attend the meeting.

There were also letters from Mr Bane re accepted tenders for Coal & Coke, & a receipt from Sir Richard Nicholson for £1.10.0 paid for heating & lighting when the room was used out of school hours.



Report of H.M. Inspector

The Vicar read the letter he had written to the <Middlesex> Education Department about the gallery, dual desks, gravel for the playground & the gap in the hedge; also the reply of the Department which [?] as follows “unless steps are taken to carry out the improvements referred to in this letter, the Board will have to consider whether they can continue to recognise the school for the purpose of the Annual Grant.”  Under the circumstances the Vicar thought we ought now to proceed with the work, although we had no funds to pay for it; and this was decided on.




With regard to the gallery the Vicar was asked to get estimates from Messrs Moore, Sims, & Collins for removing the gallery, laying the floor, & doing the necessary work, & to accept the lowest tender & have the work completed as soon as possible.




He was also asked to write to Mr Gott for the necessary dual desks.




Also get an estimate from Mr Wallis for casting the necessary gravel – say 20 loads - & hire a man to spread & roll the same. Mr Abbot said that he would ask the Urban Council Surveyor to call on Mr Gray & advise as to the best method of carrying out the work.



Gap in Hedge

Mr J.E. Woodman & the Vicar were appointed a committee to consult as to the best manner of carrying out this work & to have it done.




Mr Gray was asked to write to the Education Department to tell them the work was ordered to be done & also to the Education Committee of the <Middlesex> County Council.



New School at Northwood







Mr Gray read the notice sent out by the Middlesex Education Committee announcing their intention of providing a public elementary school for about 300 children at Northwood, and also Section 8(1) of the Education Act of 1902 under the provisions of which the order was made.  This clause gives the Managers of any existing school an opportunity within 3 months of the order being made, to appeal to the Education Department on the grounds that the proposed school is not required or that another school might be more suited to meet the wants of the district. He pointed out that we should have to help to build this school & to pay a share of the rates for its upkeep – that a large number of our Eastcote children were at present attending Pinner school; that if the Pinner school became too full our children might be turned out or no more taken in, in which case they would have to come to Ruislip & we might then be called upon to enlarge our school or build a new one.  He suggested that the Managers should appeal to the Department & ask them to place the proposed new school in such a position that it would be available for the Eastcote children. 

Mr Abbott explained the circumstances under which the demand for the new school had arisen and pointed out that the evidence given at the enquiry showed that the school was not necessary & yet that the Department had ordered the school to be built.  He thought it ought to be placed towards Eastcote.  After some discussion Mr Gray’s proposition was carried & he was asked to write to the Department on behalf of the managers to this effect.


William A.G. Gray




November 19th 1908

A Meeting of the Managers was held at the Vicarage
on Saturday,  November 19th at 11.30 a.m.

Only Mr Deane & the Vicar were present



Removal of Gallery &c

Mr Gray reported that he had written on September 19th to tell Mr Gott that the alteration suggested in HM Inspector’s report would be carried out & since then the following works had been done: the gallery was removed by Mr Collins; & and the gap in the hedge boarded up; and new dual desks had been purchased by the Education Committee.

Then some communications had also been made to the Education Department.



Proposed New School at Northwood

Mr Gray had also written on October 3rd to the Secretary of the Board of Education to appeal on behalf of the Managers against the erection of the proposed new school at Northwood – and to ask that if this appeal was annulled the school might be placed in such a position that it would be available for the Eastcote children.



Appointment of new teacher

Miss Phillips, having given a written notice to terminate her engagement, Mr Gott had advertised for a new teacher. A large number of applications had been received which had been carefully gone through by the Vicar & the Head Teacher. Three of these had been selected & they were asked to be present today to be interviewed.  Miss Trist, Miss de la Mare & Miss Sheriff. Miss Sheriff wrote to express her regret that she could not come.  Miss Trist & Miss de la Mare were interviewed & Miss Trist, who had been working at Portsea, was appointed.

The travelling expenses of both ladies was paid by the Vicar and Miss Trist’s appointment notified to Mr Gott


William A.G. Gray


Miss Trist’s appointment was subsequently approved by the <Middlesex> Education Committee.



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