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1908 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Log Book 1890-1925
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- 1908 -

Since the Revised Code of 1862, schools had been required to keep a Log Book in which the principal teacher should make a brief daily record of any significant events. Although many aspects of the Code disappeared with the Education Act 1902, the keeping of the Log Book was retained. That for 1908 was kept by the School Master, Ralph Youens.

While significant levels of illness were again prevalent over the winter and early spring, the extent and seriousness of the infectious diseases of 1907 were not repeated.  

The school marked Empire Day for the first time on 22 May.

On his visit the HMI comments on the increase in staffing, and looks forward to both a broadening of the curriculum and greater pupil participation in lessons. While he notes the lack of remedial action on the issues identified over past years, as a result of significant pressure from the LEA, these were implemented by the end of the year. No November inspection visit was recorded.






School re-opened this morning after Christmas Holidays.


In the Vicar’s hand:
I examined the registers this morning and found them quite correct.

William A.G. Gray




Work as usual this week.  Rather much sickness among the children just now, lowers the attendance.


The attendance is still somewhat low owing to sickness and wet weather.


In the Vicar’s hand:
I have examined the registers today and found them quite correct.

W.A.G. Gray


The attendance this week has been much affected by the weather & sickness.


Work as usual.  Attendance somewhat low.


Attendance improving.  Miss Knight (Certificated Infant Assistant Teacher) absent this week with a severe cold &c. The Diocesan Exam which was to have been held on March 10th has been postponed till April 7th.




The school will be closed on Monday 6th as it will be required as a Polling Station for ‘Parochial Election’,


The Diocesan Exam was held today.  Registers were not marked.


Broke up this morning for Easter Holidays.  Miss E. Warrender & the Vicar presented prizes to the best children at Scripture exam.

(Eleanor Warrender had been a manager since May 1907 and for many years a generous financial supporter of the school.)


School re-opened after holiday. Miss Phillips was not able to return today, being prevented from travelling by the snow.


Miss Phillips returned today.


Work as usual this week.


School closed today – children celebrate Empire Day.  Routine Service at Church with Address, Saluting the Flag in the Village.  Tea given by Miss Warrender.
(Empire Day, had been first kept a year after Queen Victoria’s death, on her birthday, 24th May 1902. This was the first mention of it being marked at the school.)


School closed this afternoon – Fair Day.~
(Ascension Day,  a traditional date for Ruislip’s Fair)




In the Vicar’s hand:
I examined the registers this morning and found them quite correct.

W.A.G. Gray


Report of Diocesan Exam April 7th 1908

The school has again passed a very praiseworthy exam.  Skilful & helpful teaching is given in Division I.  The Bible knowledge might be somewhat deeper but there was pleasing and thoughtful answering on all subjects and the general result is little short of Excellent.  The work in Divisions II & III shows study and preparation; facts were correctly known & for the most part well understood.  Division IV is carefully & reverently taught.  There was some lack of initiative in the answering, but the knowledge was exact & the repetition work was thoroughly excellent.

Division I Very Good,   Division II Excellent,
Division III Excellent,   Division IV Excellent.

H.C. Battersbury
- Inspector –

Copy in Log Book countersigned:   William A.G. Gray




Slight alteration made in Time Table to suit re-arrangement of classes.




School closed this afternoon for Whitsun Holidays.


School re-opened after the Holidays.


Miss Knight was absent this morning ill.


Copy of Report   Visit 16-6-1908

Mixed and Infants
The usual careful earnest work has been carried on under pleasant influences in both sections of the school.  Now that the staff has been strengthened and the organisation consequently improved it will be possible for the headmaster to amplify his schemes of work, to introduce further incentives to emulation, and to encourage a larger amount of self-effort & intelligent participation in all oral lessons.  The recommendations made in the interim report of November last have received no attention.

Copy in Log Book countersigned by the Vicar: William A.G. Gray

(The Inspect continued to complain about the gallery in the Infant Department, inappropriate desks in the Juniors and the unsuitable state of the playground; the gallery issue, in particular, dating back to 14/10/1904.  Subsequently, the Local Authority was to apply significant pressure, with the result that all the recommendations were carried out before the end of the year.)




Broke up this morning for Summer Holidays 4 weeks.


Re-assembled after holidays today.  A considerable number of children have not returned, have gone away for holidays just as the school was about to be re‑opened.


School closed this afternoon on account of ‘Ruislip Sport’s Day’


Work as usual this week.


Twenty-seven ‘Dual Desks’ received today.

(This relates to the HMI’s complaint of November 1907 and repeated in June 1908)


Work as usual this week.


School visited by a gentleman from Council ‘looking round’


Mr Gott visited this afternoon.

(Sir Benjamin Gott, Secretary to Middlesex County Council Education Committee from 1902 to 1928. As such, he virtually controlled Education provision across the whole of north London – Richmond in the west to Enfield in the east. He had already visited prior to November 7th 1907. The visit was reported to the managers on that day, but the date of his visit was not recorded in the Log Book.)




Infant gallery taken down & replaced with ‘dual desks’.

(The managers had succumbed to the request of the HMIs over the previous four years.  This was after a threat by the LEA to withdraw funding, a power it acquired through the 1902 Education Act.  In their minute book, the managers admitted they did not have the money to pay for the works, almost certainly the reason why they had not dealt earlier with any of the recommendations.  See their minute of 15/08/1908.)


Registers closed 1.30 pm  School dismissed 3.30 pm, this will be continued during the darker days.


Made out a new Time Table, to be used on ‘trial’ for a short time.


Work as usual this week


Many children absent the whole Thursday.  It was wet in the morning.


Broke up this morning for the Christmas Holidays.  Many children are absent this week.





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