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1910 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Ruislip Church of England School
Managersí Minute Book 1
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- 1910 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1910.  

Only three meetings were held during the year, all in the first half, and each was required for the purposes of making necessary staff appointments. There were none of the multiple demands on the school following the Education Act 1902, suggesting the Managers had adopted a working relationship with the two local authorities which had oversight (Middlesex County Council, Ruislip and Northwood Urban District Council).

Scarlet fever again appeared in the village, and more thorough action was taken to clean the school, though not without incident. Two teachers left and subsequently replaced. A second female Manager, Mrs Goschen, was appointed.

Mr Youens and his family lived in the School House.  This was owned by the Managers and rented to the School Master. Therefore, as landlords, they were required to carry out more significant repairs and periodic redecoration. 






April 2nd 1910

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the school room at 3 pm on Saturday, April 2nd 1910

Present:      Messrs E.R. Abbott, F.W. Crawford & J.E. Woodman
                   & the Vicar in the Chair.

Letters of regret at inability to attend were received from Miss E. Warrender, R.H. Deane Esq & K Goschen Esq




The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.




Letters from the Local Authority were read on teachersí salaries, scarlet fever in school, teachers not to receive clothing from children suspected to be suffering from contagious diseases, verminous children, supply teachers, appointment of teacher, resignation of Miss Knight & the appointment of Mr F.W. Crawford as Manager to represent the Urban District Council in place of Mr R.H. Deane.

Also, a letter about Mrs Youens not coming into school till after hour for religious instruction.  The Vicar had replied that the Managers were aware of this & it was in accordance with the conditions of her engagement in the time of the late Vicar.  No reply had been received from the local authority - & it was decided to await matters.



Locking School on Sunday Nov. 28 í09 against the Urban District Councilís mem.

A letter had also been received from the clerk to the Urban District Council respecting the closing of the school on Sunday November 28th by the Vicar, whereby the Councilís men were prevented disinfecting the school until the following day which entailed closing the school for one day by the Council.  The Vicar explained his action in the matter & gave his reasons.  Mr Abbott said he had rendered himself liable to a fine of £5. After some conversation the Vicar said he would write to the clerk of the Urban District Council to say it was not a matter in which the Managers were in any way concerned, that he had closed the school on his own authority as Vicar of the Parish & Trustee & because he had conscientious scruples against desecrating the Lordís Day by unnecessary work.



Appointment of Miss B.H. Grist

A vacancy having arisen owing to the resignation of Miss Knight, a new teacher for the Infant School had been advertised for. A number of applications had been received, & three had been selected by the Head Master in conjunction with the Vicar & asked to attend for the purpose of an interview. The Vicar reported that he had received letters that morning from two out of the three to say that they had received other appointments.  The third, Miss Beatrice Helen Grist, attended & was interviewed & appointed to the vacant post. She is to commence work on Tuesday April 5th. Permission was given her to remain in residence with her parents in London for a time to see how this arrangement would work & pending the result of efforts they were making to let their house.

Her travelling expenses 1/3 were paid


William A.G. Gray




May 4th 1910

A Meeting of the Foundation Managers was held in the school on Wednesday, May 4th 1910 at 6.45 p.m.
for the purpose of appointing Foundation Managers for the next 3 years

Present:      Miss Warrender, K Goschen Esq & the Vicar




The Circular letter of the Education Committee of March 1 was read in which the Committee expressed a hope that the then Managers would appoint 2 ladies as Foundation Managers.

Miss Warrender & Mr Goschen were reappointed, & Mrs K. Goschen was appointed in the place of Mr J. Woodman


William A.G.Gray




June 4th 1910

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the school room on Saturday, June 4th 1910 at 4 p.m.
Present:      Miss Warrender, Mrs Goschen, Mr Goschen, Mr Abbott,
                   and Mr Crawford & the Vicar in the Chair




The Minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed




The Vicar reported that there were three cases of scarlet fever, one of measles & several of mumps & that the school had been disinfected by the Urban District Council during the Whitsun-tide holidays.  The Inspector of Nuisances had examined all the premises & drainage system & found the school very clean, but advised that the inspection chambers be cleaned out weekly, that one be remade, & certain repairs to the roof.  These had been ordered to be done, Mr Carr undertaking to supervise this work & see it was carried out satisfactorily.  He also advised the purchase of a 5 gallon can, with tap, of crude Savitas for use in the schools and drains.  The Managers consented to this being obtained at a cost of £1.14.0



Repapering the School House

Mr Youens asked that the two upstairs room & the Kitchen be painted & papered & the scullery colour washed.  This was ordered to be done.



Miss Hudsonís resignation

Miss Hudson, having been appointed to another school, gave a monthís notice, which terminated today.  An advertisement had been put in the papers & several replies received.  These had been gone through by the Vicar & Head Teacher.  Three were selected & asked to attend today.  They all appeared:

Miss Rowland: Meshaw, N. Devon,  Miss Lloyd, Bishop Otter College, Chichester, & Miss Swyer, Salisbury Training College - & were interviewed by the Managers. Five votes were given for Miss Swyer & one for Miss Lloyd.  The Managers made it a point that the new teacher be required to live in the parish & as Miss Sawyer asked that she might consult her parents before giving a definite answer, no appointment was made, but Miss Swyer was told that if her parents would consent to her living in the parish, the post would be offered to her.  The other two were told that they would be communicated with further on.

The following amounts were paid for travelling expenses.  Miss Swyer 13/7,  Miss Lloyd 9/-,  & Miss Rowland 18/6


William A.G. Gray



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