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1911 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Log Book 1890-1925
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- 1911 -

Since the Revised Code of 1862, schools had been required to keep a Log Book in which the principal teacher should make a brief daily record of any significant events. Although many aspects of the Code disappeared with the Education Act 1902, the keeping of the Log Book was retained. That for 1911 was kept by the School Master, Ralph Youens.

The Log Book continued to be primarily concerned with pupil attendance.  The main communicable disease in 1911 was measles resulting in the closure of school in May.  However, incidences of scarlet fever, high over the previous few years, appeared to have disappeared.  Medical inspections for the pupils, first noted in 1909, had by 1911 become a regular annual occurrence, as a result Ralph Youens brought the additional workload involved to the Managers’ attention, resulting in their agreement that the other members of teaching staff should also assist in any administrative work involved. (see Managers’ minutes for 30/06/1911).

Several pupil accidents are recorded.  These, occurring on site, or immediately adjacent to it, must have been considered sufficiently exceptional to warrant being reported. Particularly noteworthy is an accident involving a motor car; fortunately for the child involved at that date, it would have been travelling a very low speed.

Ralph Youens restructured the teaching groups.  He identified that teaching would be directed at the highest level of expectation within each class, trusting that all rise to achieve it.  In setting out the new grouping, the Master also identified for the first time since 1907 his full compliment of teaching staff and their position within the school.  The majority of teachers had now received formal training and were certificated, only Annie Youens and Alice Medcalf having achieved teacher status through the Pupil Teacher scheme. Rather than the old designation of this category – Article 68 – he wrote ‘S’, taken to stand for Supplementary (cf. the Inspector’s report for 1921, Log Book 1, pp.428-30). The standard of teaching as a profession was raising and those without appropriate training being phased out.  Annie Youens appears to have stopped teaching at the school in the following year; while Alice Medcalf left to get married in the summer. Despite Ralph Youens apparent high regard for her work, there were to be issues with her lack of appropriate training and overall level of competence when the managers reappointed her in 1919.

There appears to have been no government inspection during the year.  The early summer visit may have been cancelled due to the measles epidemic and subsequent closure of the school for two weeks.

The Log Book recorded a single visit by Benjamin Gott, in November 1911.  He must have also made an earlier visit, either that year or towards the end of 1910, since the Managers, in their discussion regarding the partitioning of the large ‘Senior’ teaching room, identify a visit prior to their meeting of March 28th. The earlier visit was certainly in relation to the installation of partitions; given no other reason, if there was a second visit in November, this too probably related to the partitioning.






Re-assembled after Xmas Holidays.


Work proceeding as usual.  The attendance however is still poor.


Ronald Fielder admitted from Fulham age 8 years, quite unable to read, write, or work the easiest Standard I sum.


Meeting of the Attendance Committee today.  This is the first meeting at Ruislip since the breaking out of scarlet fever, June 1909.


Work as usual this week.


Medical Inspection today – Lily Watts notified as having ‘mumps’. 
Violet Brill & Lena Boyles have ringwork & are absent.




Diocesan Examination held today.


The school was visited today by the Vicar.


Diocesan Report 1911

The religious instruction in Division I is faithfully and zealously given.  The bible knowledge is sound and helpful & teaching of a definite character has been given on the Prayer Book and Catechism; the children were attentive and answered with intelligence.

Division II is capably taught and there was bright and pleasing answering on all the work, it might be well to shorten the Old Testament Syllabus & to enter into matters somewhat more fully.

The knowledge in Division III is definite, accurate and useful and well diffused over the class.

The infants in Division IV are skilfully taught; the answering was correct & reverent in tone & the repetition work was excellent.

H.C. Batterbury




The school was visited by Rev. W.A.G. Gray (Vicar) this morning.


The school is being used as a Polling Station today, in connection with the Ruislip Northwood Urban District Council Election and in consequence a holiday has been given.


Grace Butler has strained her foot in the playground.  We have bathed it in cold water & bandaged it & two other girls are carrying her home.




I am making a few alterations in the timetable with a view to its re‑arrangement.


The children were promoted to their new classes on Monday.  The following classification has been adopted:

Class I Children corresponding in attainments to old Standard VII, VI and V.
Class II Children similar in attainments to Standards V(2), IV & III (1)
Class III Standards III, II & I(1)
In this class a few of the brightest children from Infant Room have been placed – taking their Reading as a basis 
Class IV Standards II and I

In each class as high a standard in arithmetic as practical will be aimed at – certainly not less than the Standard here specified – rather that the class may be brought up
[LB1:367] to the higher standard.

With this in view, such a class as III will work alternately (or as found most desirable) the arithmetic of Standard III with that of the lower standards.
The other subjects will be taught:
IV = Standard II
III = Standard III &c &c.



The following is the Staff


R. Youens





Miss Swyer





Miss Medcalf





Miss Groome










Miss Grist





Mrs Youens





Alice Taylor was sent home this afternoon, suffering from a pain in the side.


Broke up this morning for Easter Holidays.  1 week 1˝ days




Re-assembled after Easter Holidays.


Notified Drs Young & Hignett, Ministry of Health, of a case of measles (Edward Bray. Breakspear)


Schools visited by Dr Hignett, Tuesday & Thursday.


Notice to close the school for a fortnight received from Dr Hignett, Ministry of Health, approved by Dr Young.


Re-opened school today.  Many children absent with or in consequence of measles.


I gave a short address to children on Empire Day & they sang the Empire Song during the latter part of this afternoon. (There appeared to be no specific Empire Day Song, rather a range of patriotic songs that might be selected and sung.)


Registers closed at 1.30 pm this afternoon, Dismissal 3.30 pm




Broke up for Whitsun Holidays 1 week


Re-assembled after the holidays.  Many still absent owing to measles.


School closed today for Coronation Holidays (21, 22, 23, 26 & 27th of June)


Re-assembled after Coronation Holidays.


School visited this morning by Miss Monkhurst from Board of Education.


Mrs Youens (Infants) is absent today on a visit to her mother who is dangerously ill.  The permission of the Correspondent has been obtained.


Mrs Youens returned to school today.


Work as usual this week, the attendance is improving.


Willie Trewin was today knocked down by a motor car during the dinner hour, on leaving the playground.  At my suggestion the owner of the car drove me [LB1:370] with the boy to Dr Davies, who attended to the lad’s injuries.


There are upwards of 100 children absent this morning.  There was a thunderstorm in the early morning but by 8 am it had resolved itself into refreshing showers, insufficient, one would think, to keep so many children absent.


We broke up for the Summer Holidays, one month + ˝ day, this morning.  Mrs Husbands (Miss Medcalf) leaves today.


School re-opened today a.m.  Miss Holden commenced duties this morning.


The attendance for this week is much lower than it should be.  There appears to be no cause.


Slight improvement in attendance.  School closed on the afternoon of Wednesday [LB1:371] September 6th on account of the Village Sports.


Work as usual this week.


The attendance is still more or less indifferent.


Dr Tate held the Medical Inspection on Tuesday last.


Work as usual this week.  Many children absent this week


In the Vicar’s hand:
I examined the registers this morning and found them quite correct.

William A.G. Gray


School visited by Mr Gott this afternoon
(Sir Benjamin Gott, Secretary to Middlesex County Council Education Committee from 1902 to 1928. As such he virtually controlled Education provision across the whole of north London – Richmond in the west to Enfield in the east.  He had previously visited the school on 30/10/1908)

Registers will be closed at 1.30 pm & scholars dismissed at 3.30 pm during the dark days of winter i.e. November and December &c commencing on Monday November 13th




Rather wet this morning near school time.  The attendance very bad in consequence 60 + 18 Infants – Possible 169.


In the Vicar’s hand:

I examined the registers today & found them quite correct.

W.A.G. Gray


Mrs Youens is absent today in consequence of the death of her mother.


Miss B.H. Grist is absent today &c in consequence of an injury to her foot.


Miss Grist returned to school today.


The attendance is very bad this morning, in consequence of the very wet weather.


It is a very wet morning, & the attendance is very bad accordingly.




In the Vicar’s hand:
I examined the registers this afternoon & found them quite correct.

W.A.G. Gray


Broke up this morning for Christmas Holidays 2 weeks.





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