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1912 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1912 -

The Managers only held one meeting during 1912 primary convened to appoint a replacement teacher for Mrs Youens. As the meeting was held immediately before Easter, probably Mrs Youens left at the end of the spring term, with Miss Stanley joining after the Easter break. The reasons for Mrs Youens departure were not identified.  By 1912 both her parents were dead and she was almost certainly in her 50s.   

There was a backlog of correspondence on a variety of issues, mostly circulars from the LEA, though also notification of a new Manager, Mrs Edwards, a nomination of the Urban District Council. The Managers also noted the receipt of the annual Diocesan Inspection Report, without further comment.  






April 3rd

A Meeting of the Managers was held at the Vicarage on Wednesday, April 3rd 1912 at 2 p.m.

Present:      Miss Warrender, Mr Goschen & Mr Edwards
                   & the Vicar (in the Chair)




The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed




The following correspondence was read:

Letters from the <Middlesex> Education Committee re Form of Agreement on which teachers were engaged. 

Miss Holden announcing that she had passed the Certificate examination.

Secretary of the Board of Education re testing of school registers.  

<Middlesex> Education Committee re corporal punishment in school with copies of regulations

ditto re appointment of Head Teachers in non-provided schools.

Letter from Mrs Youens resigning her post as assistant mistress in the Infant School.

Report of the Diocesan Inspection.

Letter from the clerk to the <Ruislip and Northwood> Urban District Council announcing the appointment of Mrs G.H. Edwards, The Barns, Eastcote, as their representative on the body of Managers

and some correspondence re the boundary wall of the school playground which is being underpinned at the cost of the Ruislip Manor Co Ld.



Appointment of Teacher

Only two applications had been received in answer to the advert for an assistant teacher in place of Mrs Youens.  One from a married woman with two children, one 2 ½ years old, who had not been teaching for the last 6 years; & one from Miss L.E. Stanley of Yardley Hastings School, Northampton, who had good testimonials & was strongly recommended by her Rector.  She was present and after being interviewed was appointed assistant mistress at a salary according to the Middlesex County Council scale of £55 per annum rising to £65. She was paid the sum of 16/- for travelling expenses.







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