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1913 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1913 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1913.  

The Managers implemented repair and redecoration of both the school and the school master’s house. The cost of some of the work, such as the redecoration of the school, could be met by the LEA.  However, funding any works to the school house, or significant changes to the school itself, had to be met by the Managers.  With limited finances for such expenditure, whereas in the previous century the Managers would have turned to the more wealthy residents for financial support, for the first time we hear of them organising a Fête specifically to raise money for the school.

The Head Teacher was rarely involved in any of the Managers’ deliberations, consultation being usually restricted to the appointment of assistant teachers.  However, with increased statutory legislation such as the Children Act 1908, Mr Youens was questioned on a number of issues relating to the health, cleanliness, and overall wellbeing of the children (15/04/1913).  Also encountered, is the first mention of an exclusion, with the LEA stepping in to overrule the Managers’ actions (15/11/1913).




April 15th 1913

A Meeting of the Foundation Managers was held in the school room at 6.30 p.m. on April 15th
(Present:      Mr K. Goschen, Mrs K. Goschen and the Vicar)
for the purpose of appointing Foundation Managers for the next three years.

Miss E. Warrender & Mr & Mrs Goschen were reappointed




April 15th 1913

A School Managers’ Meeting was held in the school room on Tuesday, April 15th at 6.45 p.m.

Present:      K.Goschen Esq, Mrs Goschen, & Mrs Edwards
                  & the Vicar in the Chair.

Minutes The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed
Correspondence The Chairman read the following correspondence:

Letter from the Middlesex Education Committee confirming the appointment of Miss Stanley as certificated teacher at a salary commencing at £55 per annum

Letter from Mr Bane re Juvenile Labour Bureau (probably related to the Children Act of 1908)

Letter from Mr Bane re Insurance Act re names & wages of school caretaker & cleaners

Letter from Mr Bane re accepted tender for Coke & Coal

Letter from Secretary to Board of Education re marking of registers

& one from Mr Gott on same subject.

Letter from Mr Gott re consulting head teachers on the appointment of assistant teachers

Letter from Mr Gott asking how many Managers meetings had been held during the year & whether accounts are presented to the managers before being forwarded to the <Middlesex Education> Committee.

Letter from Mr Abbott announcing the reappointment of Mrs G.H. Edwards as representative of the Ruislip and Northwood Urban District Council on the Board of Managers

Letter from Mr Gott notifying appointment of Mr E,R, Abbott by the Middlesex Education Committee as a School Manager.   

A slight Discussion followed on some of these subjects.

School Attendance Committee A letter was read from Mr Bane asking for name of School Manager to serve on the School Attendance Committee. Mrs Edwards & Mr Goschen both declining to act.  The Vicar was asked to do so.
Future Meetings Mr K. Goschen proposed, Mrs Edwards seconded, & and its was resolved that in future there should be a meeting of the school Managers once a quarter.
School Master’s House A letter was read from Mr Youens asking that some of the rooms in the school master’s house should be decorated.
Outside painting A subcommittee consisting of the Vicar & Mr Goschen was appointed to examine the condition of the school master’s house, the exterior painting, & the state of the interior of the school & report to the next meeting.
Diocesan Inspection The Diocesan Inspectors report was read & the school being classed very good, was considered very satisfactory.
Teachers’ illness & absence The Vicar reported that on the school assembling after the holidays, Miss Holden was absent for a week on a doctor’s medical certificate of sickness, & that Miss Stanley’s father, being dangerously ill & subsequently dying, she had been allowed to week’s leave of absence.
  Mrs Edwards thought that a screen should be put up in the large room to separate the two classes.   

Mr Youens was asked to come in & Mrs Edwards asked him some questions as to the cleanliness of the children, dress, hands & nails. Also as to bad language & the supervision of the children during recreation time. The meeting then terminated


William A.G.Gray


June 14th 1913

A School Managers’ meeting was held in the school room at 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 14th 1913

Present:      Miss Eleanor Warrender, Mrs Edwards, Mr Goschen
                   & the Vicar in the Chair.

Minutes The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed
Correspondence The following correspondence was read

Letter from Miss Stanley resigning her post as teacher

Letter from Clerk to the <Middlesex> Education Committee re quarterly meeting of Managers & accounts to be submitted to Managers’ meetings.

Circular letter re size of classes & admission of children under 5 years of age.

Letter from Mr Abbot sending 5/-for use of school room at election of <Ruislip and Northwood> Urban District Council

Letter from Mr Gott re supply teacher
& Mr Bane, ditto

Appointment of New Teacher The Vicar reported that he had gone through the 8 applications received & Mr Youens had also done so. Three were thought unsuitable & 3 were selected: Misses Leigh, Thomas & Clough.  They were asked to attend today.  Miss Leigh replied that she had received an appointment & Miss Thomas withdrew.  The Vicar then asked Miss Howard & Miss Pickering to come.  Miss Howard telegraphed that she could not & Miss Pickering turned up too late.  Miss Clough was interviewed & unanimously appointed subject to the approval of the <Middlesex> Education Committee.  To commence work on July 14th.
Papering & Painting School Master’s House The subcommittee had inspected the house & reported that 2 bedroom, the passages & ceilings required painting, papering & whitewashing.  Also, the ceiling of the 2 sitting rooms. Mr Youens also wished to have their two rooms papered or painted.  All exterior woodwork of the school & school master’s house also required painting.    

The subcommittee recommended that an estimate should be obtained for the work in the master’s house & as much of it should be done as would be met by a sum of £10. They also recommended that the exterior of the school & house should be done in the summer holidays.

These recommendations were approved.       

The Vicar suggested that he should write to the <Middlesex> Education Committee to ask that the interior of the school should also be painted, distempered & whitewashed.  Approved.   

Mr Youen who was called in subsequently asked the Vicar to ask for a picture rail in the various rooms. (These are probably rooms in the school for the display of educational pictures, not rooms in his house, see the request for six framed pictures at the July 25th meeting.)

The Vicar said since the appointed day, June 1 1903 (i.e. the transfer to the regulations under the Education Act 1902), the total receipts had been £548.13.6½ & total expenditure £536.2.9. leaving a balance of £12.10.9½. But there were two bills to be met, one of Sims for £8.10. according to estimates (bill not yet received), & another also from Sims for work done in the Whitsuntide holidays, so that this balance in hand would practically disappear.  There would be 2 quarters rent £10 due at Midsummer & £15 more at Christmas.  Mrs Edwards was of opinion that a special effort should be made to raise the necessary sum for the above works, & she & Miss Warrender were appointed a subcommittee to try to make some arrangements.

Form IX Mr Youens was called in and submitted Form IX, which was duly signed by the Managers present.
Accounts The Vicar placed on the table a statement of monies outlaid by him as follows.  Masters Cleaning Offices £3.6.6, Mrs Poulters charring school £12.16.0, & Vicar postages 1/-,  Total £16.3.6
Drains &c Mr Youens was asked about inspection & sanitation of closets &c & the methods adopted appeared satisfactory

William A.G.Gray


July 25th 1913

A Managers’ Meeting was held in the school room on Friday, July 25th 1913
(after Miss Warrender had distributed the prized for Religious Knowledge & general proficiency) at 11.45 a.m. 

Present Miss Eleanor Warrender, Mrs Edwards & the Vicar in the Chair

Minutes The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed

Letters were read from Mr Gott relating to Miss Clough’s appointment, on supply till August 25th & then permanently, subject to her obtaining her certificate.

Asking for names of Foundation Managers

and asking whether the Mangers had decided to adopt the <Middlesex> Education Committee’s suggestion respecting the admission of Infants

& letter enclosing cheque for accounts submitted to the last meeting

It was decided to adopt the Committee’s suggestion referred to above 

Accounts The Chairman reported that since the last meeting he had received £10 rent from Mr Youens making the money in hand £22.10.9 ½ & he had paid Sims’s account £9.10.4 ½  & Ecclesiastical Insurance Accidents Employees’ 18/-, leaving a balance in hand of £12.2.5

In consultation with Managers whom it was possible to meet, the Chairman had asked Mr Sims to do the necessary work of papering & painting in the School Master’s house at a cost of £11.17 and Mr Youens reported that the work had been satisfactorily done.

Exterior Painting Mr Sims had estimated the cost of exterior painting of school & house & repair of coal and coke shed at £21.16.6, & Mr Riddle had replied on July 23rd that he could not undertake the work.  The Vicar was asked to get an estimate from Watts of Northwood and authorized to give the job to the lowest tender.
Accounts The Chairman reported that he had paid Mrs Poulter charring £4.2.0., Miss Pickering travelling 2/6, Mr Youens’ postages 11/5, & self postages 1/6.  Total £4.17.6.  The account was forwarded to the <Middlesex> Education Committee.
Requisition List Mr Youens submitted requisition lists which were of an ordinary character with the exception of a demand for 6 framed pictures. This led to a little discussion, but was passed & the list signed.
Teachers’ Salaries The Chairman also signed the return of teachers’ salaries with increases for the year.
Village Fete It was reported that a village fete would be held on July 30th in aid of the funds for painting the exterior of the school.

William A.G. Gray


November 15th 1913

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the school room on Saturday, November 15th 1913 at 5.30 p.m.

Present:      Miss Warrender, Mr & Mrs Goschen, Mrs Edwards,
                  Canon Todd & the Vicar in the Chair.

Minutes The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed

Arising out of them, the Vicar reported that the net proceeds of the Fete held on July 30th amounted to £9.17.0

Correspondence The Vicar read a letter from the Secretary to the <Middlesex> Education Committee announcing the appointment of the Revd Canon Todd as Manager in the place of Mr Abbott resigned.  The Vicar and other Managers present extended to him a cordial welcome
Correspondence Also letter re tenders for coke & coal,

Medical report of defects of three children.

  Estimates for exterior painting: Sims £21.16.6, Hunt £32.6.6., and Watts £14.10.6.  The Vicar had given the work to Watts.  Mr Croshall, the <Middlesex> Education Committee’s surveyor, had reported on necessity for renewing 4 window sashes & these was also ordered to be done by Watts.  Watts had overlooked the fact that the roofs of the play sheds had been painted & had not included them in his estimates.  He painted them however, & sent in a bill amounting to £18.12.0.  After a little discussion Mr Goschen proposed, & Mrs Goschen seconded, & it was carried that this bill be paid.  Sims’s bill for painting & papering inside of school house amounting to £11.14 was also ordered to be paid. To meet these amounts, £30.6.0, the Vicar had in hand, as per minutes of last meeting, £12.2.5 plus £9.17.0 proceeds of Fête. Total £21.19.5. leaving an adverse balance of £8.6.7.

Letter from Miss Clough saying she had passed her Certificate Exam & had gained a distinction in Music.

Boy. Hart The Vicar reported that the boy Hart had been found guilty of stealing things from the school & children, making immoral suggestions to the girls & stealing 4 glass communion cups from Eastcote Chapel & after consultation with the Headmaster he had been expelled from school.  This had been reported by Mr Bane to Mr Gott who had consulted the Chairman of the Elementary Education Committee who had said the boy must be allowed to attend the school. Mr Gray had gone to see Mr Gott & explained the whole case & said the children should be sent to an Industrial school. There were difficulties in the way as this boy was very regular in attendance & no one would prosecute.  Mr Gott said he would consider the matter & advise as to the best steps to be taken.  Meanwhile the boy was to come back to school. The Vicar was authorized to act on any advice given by Mr Gott.
Diphtheria The Vicar reported that 7 children from the parish had been sent to the Contagious Diseases Hospital suffering from this disorder.  All the children had been attending school with Diphtheritic throats.  Their rooms and bedding had been disinfected, also the school had been sprayed. The last case was on last Thursday. After some discussion, on the motion of Mr Goschen, seconded by Miss Warrender, it was unanimously decided that the Vicar be asked to write to the medical authority & the <Middlesex> Education Committee suggesting the advisability of closing the school.

William A.G. Gray




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