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1913 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Log Book 1890-1925
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- 1913 -

Since the Revised Code of 1862, schools had been required to keep a Log Book in which the principal teacher should make a brief daily record of any significant events. Although many aspects of the Code disappeared with the Education Act 1902, the keeping of the Log Book was retained. That for 1913 was kept by the School Master, Ralph Youens.

Whooping cough, that had caused a number of absences towards the end of 1912, continued into the early part of the new year.  In October, there was alarm at two boys from the Lavender family contracting diphtheria and doctors were called in. The Managers’ minutes (15/11/1913 identified a total of seven cases, that the school had been ‘sprayed’ and there was some discussion about closing the school.

Laura Stanley, who had replaced Annie Youens at Easter 1912, left at the end of May.  This may have been related to family circumstances as her father had died the month before.  After her position in the Infant department being initially filled by a supply teacher, the Managers were able to recruit a permanent member of staff, Dorothy Clough.

As in 1912, the Log Book recorded both the diocesan inspection and its report, but only an HMI visit (Dr Whiteley on 27/06/1913) without a follow up report. However, there was a further HMI visit by Mr Winn on 01/10/1913, not recorded by Mr Youens.  A report on this visit was received and entered into the Log Book on 19/01/1914. This drew attention to the poor state of the playground in relation to the teaching of Physical Education, that the boys and girls should be separated for that subject, and identified the lack of teaching in woodwork or cookery. The female managers continued to be active in the life of the school with prizes and more casual visits

Of interest, as it stands out from so much else that is to be found in the Log Book, was the case of Frederick Hart, also discussed and a substantial record made by the Managers.  Frederick Hart was excluded on the Vicar’s instructions after a number of incidents of theft and inappropriate behaviour, both in school and in the community.  This is the only example of this treatment of a pupil.  On being reported to the LEA, and after due deliberation, the Managers were forced to reinstate Frederick early in 1914; the boy was not yet of school leaving age, and in the view of the LEA, it was not considered appropriate for him to be educated elsewhere. 






Re-assembled after Christmas Holidays.


In the clerk’s hand:
Visited & checked registers

A. Ambrose Bane, Divisional Clerk, Middlesex Education Committee


Registers closed at 1.30 this afternoon & dismissed at 3.30.


Miss E.R. Swyer was absent this afternoon with a bad cold.


In the Vicar’s hand:
I examined the registers this morning & found them quite correct.

William A.G. Gray


Many children in lower classes still absent from whooping cough.


Diocesan Exam.  Registers not marked.


Joseph Woodman is absent with ringworm


Miss Holden is absent today (parents Golden Wedding)




Broke up this morning for Easter Holidays 1 week
L. Boyles is absent with ringworm.


Re-assembled after the Easter Holidays.
Miss Holden sends word that she is unable to return to duty owing to illness.


Miss Holden forwards a Doctor’s Certificate which I have sent on to Mr A.A. Bane


In the Vicar’s hand:
I examined the registers this morning & found them quite correct.

William A.G. Gray


Miss L.E. Stanley left for home last evening on account of her father’s illness.  Telegram received this morning announces his death.


Miss Holden returned to school today.


Miss Stanley returned to school today.


Diocesan Report

The school is again ‘Very Good’.  Earnest & painstaking work is done in Division I with very praiseworthy results; the answering was pleasing & intelligent, though not always very general.  The bible subjects in Division II show careful preparation & the class is attentive and interested; teaching of more practical value might be given on the Commandments.  Division III is taught with marked success; a good grasp of the facts & meaning of the lessons was shown & there was keen & general answering. Clear & influential teaching is given in Division IV & the tone & readiness of the answering is worthy of special praise.

H.C. Batterbury




Miss Swyer was absent yesterday & today, suffering from Laryngitis.


Miss Swyer returned to school today. 
Harry King sent home for refusing to wash his celluloid collar which was very dirty.


Broke up this afternoon for Whitsun Holidays.


Re-assembled after the holidays.


Miss A.C. Groome was absent today owing to the severe illness of her sister who is suffering from pneumonia.


Miss Groome returned to school today.


Miss Stanley left today.


Miss Winship came on supply today.


During the hot weather the “Drill” lesson of Class II on Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon will be taken in order of 2 – 1 instead of order on the Time -Table




Miss A.C. Groome was absent today & yesterday superintending & assisting the removal of her sister - who is dangerously ill - to the hospital.


In the Vicar’s hand:
I examined the registers this morning & found them quite correct.

William A.G. Gray


Miss Groome returned today.


Miss Dorothy Clough has been appointed Assistant Infant Mistress.


Dr Whiteley H.M.I. visited today.


Miss Winship who has been “on supply” left today.


Miss D. Clough commenced duties today as Assistant in Infant Room


Very wet this morning & a bad attendance in consequence – Mrs Edwards (Manager) visited.




We broke up this morning for the Summer Holidays.
Miss Warrender attended & presented prizes for Scripture.  Prizes for Attendance & General subjects were also presented.
There were present Revd W.A.G. Gray MA Vicar & Correspondent, who gave the children some excellent advice, Mrs Gray & Mrs Edwards.


Re-assembled after Summer Holidays.


Mrs Edwards (Manager) visited this afternoon and tested the registers


Miss Groome is absent today to visit her mother who is dangerously ill.


Drs Moir & Hignett visited this afternoon & examined all children in consequence of Ernest Lavender having contracted diphtheria (sent to hospital 25.X.1913 & Fred Lavender 28.X.1913).

Dr Moir took medical Inspection paper due 30.X.1913




Frederick Hart has been excluded from school this morning in consequence of having stolen a Geography book from school.  This is the culmination of a series of thefts & other misdemeanours during a period of several months.  Persuasion, entreaty & corporal punishment, letter & visit to parents have been tried in vain.

Violet Hart (sister) is under observation for a similar fault.


In the room occupied by Classes I & IV the stove has been moved to centre of room & both the stove & open grate will in future be used, as required.


Visited again by the doctors who examined all the children’s throats &c.




In the Vicar’s hand:
I examined the registers this afternoon and found them quite correct.

W.A.G. Gray


Work as usual this week.  The attendance is very bad, as it has been since diphtheria broke out.


The examinations for term II have been taken this week.


Miss B.H. Grist was absent today having lost her voice through a severe cold.
Mrs Edwards (Manager) visited.


We broke up this morning for the Christmas Holidays – 2 weeks ½ day





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