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1914 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1914 -

During 1913 the Managers had addressed repair and redecoration of the school and the school house. They were now to dealt with comments by HMI on the state of the playground.  The Inspector was less concerned with its use for recreation, as for Physical Education. It would appear that the surface was gravelled, with no hard surface. The LEA specified the area to be provided with a hard surface, either in tarmac or paved, an instruction the Mangers complied with. 

Pupil numbers in the local area, previously considered by the LEA in 1908 but apparently not followed through, again became an issue. The school itself looked at the possibility of extending its premises, though its engagement of Mr Ryan Tenison was to cause difficulties for them in 1920-21. Progress had taken place but indicated that the project was not viable within the funds then available to the Managers, least of all as the country entered the 1914-18 war.  However, the LEA was being presented with pupil numbers that needed to be accommodated, and therefore consulted on a new school in the area.  The Managers, understanding the problem, felt they could not appeal against the proposal.






January 31st 1914

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the school room on Saturday, January 31st at 5 p.m. 

Present:      Mrs Edwards, Canon Todd & the Vicar, in the Chair.




The minutes of the last meeting were read & signed




The Vicar read letters:

re the closing of the school on account of Diphtheria from the Medical Officer of Health & the County Medical Officer, saying they thought closing the school was not the proper course to pursue

Also, letter from Mrs Edwards saying the Chapel authorities would not prosecute the boy Hart [The Vicar reported the boy was still attending school & the same sort of thing was going on.  No further communication had been received from Mr Gott.]

Also, letter from the Inspector of Nuisances re presence of rats on the school premises.




The two bills ordered to be paid at the last meeting had been paid

Also, Insurance of Children against accidents 2/- and rates £1.19.5. making a total of £32.7.5.

To meet this he (i.e. the Vicar) had in hand £21.19.5 & had since received from Mr Cox £5 & from Mr Youens £10.  Total £36.19.5 so that he had a balance in hand of £4.12.0.  The Vicar presented a statement of sums he had disbursed for cleaning etc



H.M. Inspector’s Report

H.M. Inspector’s report was read.  He complained of the “slushy” condition of the playground in wet weather & suggested flagging or asphalting for physical exercises.  He also regretted that the elder children did not receive instruction in woodwork & cookery.   

Mrs Edwards suggest that a start might be made with the older boys in woodwork on Saturday mornings. It was decided that the Vicar should make enquiries as to the cost of tar paving a portion of the playground & to report to the next meeting


William A.G. Gray




May 30th 1914

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the school room on Saturday, May 30th at 3 p.m.

Present:      Miss Warrender, Mr & Mrs Goschen
                  & the Vicar in the Chair.




The minutes of the last meeting were read & signed.




The Vicar reported

the receipt by him of £5.13.9 repaid to him by the Education Committee for sums disbursed for cleaning &c

Notification of appointment of Mrs G.H. Edwards as representative Manager for the <Ruislip & Northwood> Urban District Council, and a letter from her saying she had left the neighbourhood & resigned.

A letter from Mr Abbott re use of school for Urban District Council Election & payment of 5/ therefore.

A letter from the <Middlesex> County Council reappointing the RevCanon Todd as their representative Manager.

Letter asking for name & address of Manager appointed to serve on School Attendance Committee.

Letter from Education Committee enclosing Gusing & Ewer’s bill & monthly returns of attendance.




Having £4.12 in hand, the Treasurer had paid the following bills: Insurance 15/-, Diocesan Inspection 21/-, Doe – repairs 4/6, & Gusing & Ewer repairs £1.6.6 . Total £3.7.0, leaving balance in hand 25/-, to which must be added 5/- received from Mr Abbott. Total £1.10.0.  A quarter’s rent was due from Mr Youens on April 1st and another would be due on July 1st.



School Playground

Letters were read re the above, the last being one from Mr Sykes from the Board of Education directing that a rectangular piece of the boys’ playground measuring 75 feet by 33 feet should be asphalted or tar-paved & the remainder re-gravelled. After some discussion it was agreed that this should be done & the Vicar was asked to get estimates from the Pinner Gas Works & Road Surveyors.




The Vicar presented a statement of monies distributed by him for cleaning &c amounting to £10.18.2.



School Accommodation

A conversation followed on the subject of school accommodation and the Vicar was asked to request Mr Ryan Tenison of the National Society to come & report as to the best method of enlarging the school if necessary.


W.A.G. Gray




June 20th 1914

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the schoolroom on Saturday, June 20th at 7 p.m.

Present:      Miss Warender Mr & Mrs Goschen
                  & the Vicar in the Chair.




The minutes of the last meeting were read & signed.




Letter from Canon Todd expressing regret at not being present & saying 7 o’clock on Saturday was an impossible hour for him. 

The Chairman read a copy of the letter he had written to Mr Gott about the playground. 

The report of average attendance for the month of May had been received.




Having £1.10.0 in hand, the Vicar had received the following accounts: Employers Liability Insurance 17/3, and Rates £2.0.5.



Form IX & Agreements.

Form IX was presented & signed.

Also, Miss Clough’s agreement.



School Playground

An estimate had been received from Mr Slater Grinley as to cost of tarmac for the playground at 4/6 per 5 square yards, 4 inches thick & proportionately less for 3 inches. No reply had been received from the Pinner Gas Co.

It was arranged that further enquiries be made & estimates obtained, to be submitted to a meeting fixed for Thursday July 9th at 6 p.m.



School Accommodation

The Vicar reported that he had written to Mr Ryan Tenison who has visited the school & was going to send suggestions for altering & increasing the accommodation of the school.


William A.G. Gray




July 9th 1914

A Meeting of the Mangers was held in the schoolroom on
Thursday, July 9th at 5 p.m.

Present:      Miss Warrender, Mr & Mrs Goschen, 
                  the Revd Canon Todd, & the Vicar in the Chair.




The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed




The Chairman reported that he had received a cheque for £10.18.2 money dispersed by him for cleaning the school & offices. 

He had also received the return of attendances for the month of June.



Tarmac for Playground

The Gasworks, Pinner, could not tender as they were short of tar.  Tenders were received from Messrs Constable, Hart & Co, 41 Eastcheap, London, amounting to £29.10 nett, and from Messrs Josiah Smart & Son, 53 Victoria Street, Westminster, at 2/3 per yard surface, which amounts to £30.18.9.   

It was proposed by Mr Goschen, & seconded, by Miss Warrender, & carried that the latter tender be accepted as it contained the words “well rolled & consolidated” which were not in the others & the difference in price was slight.  Miss Warrender generously offered to contribute £5 & to advance the necessary money to complete payment – which offer was gratefully accepted.    



Children’s Ailments

The Chairman presented a report from the doctor drawing attention to the cases of 4 children who need to medical attention & whose parents had neglected to take any steps.  Miss Warrender kindly undertook to look up the parents.



Form IV

This form had been received by all the Managers & the Vicar drew attention to the difference in the value of the school buildings as assessed by the land valuer & as valued by the surveyor of the Ecclesiastical Insurance Office.  The Vicar was asked to write to the National Society for their advice of the matter.




The school buildings had up till now been insured in the sum of £1,000.  This was deemed insufficient & Canon Todd proposed, & Mr Goschen seconded, that the insurance should be raised to £2,000.



Hedge & Playground

The Managers inspected the garden hedge against the boundary & the Vicar was asked to consult Mr S. Ewer about laying the hedge & putting up chestnut paling.  The part of the playground to be tarmacked be? arranged.


William A.G.Gray




November 21st 1914

A Meeting of the School Managers was held at the Vicarage on Saturday, November 21st at 3.30 p.m.

Present:      Miss Warrender, Mr & Mrs Goschen,
                  and the Vicar in the Chair




The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed




The Chairman read the following correspondence

Letter from the National Society advising us not to appeal against Form IV

Letters from Smart re tar paving

From <Middlesex> Education Committee

re teachers on active service.

Economy of demands for supply of material.

Coke & Coal Tender.

Miss Grist being raised to a higher grade

Scale of Salaries

Death of Miss Hodlen’s mother & leave of absence




The following statement of accounts was presented.

Balance in hand £1.10.0. 

2 quarters rent from Mr Youens, Total £11.10.0

Expenditure: Rates £2.0.5,  Insurance 11/3,  Employers liability 17/3,  chestnut paling £1.1.8,  & carriage 3/2, total £4.13.9

Leaving a balance in hand of £6.16.3.




Smart’s account for tar paving was £30.16.6

The Vicar & Miss Warrender each forwarded £5 & Miss Warrender would make arrangements for completing payment. 

Mr Goschen said he thought we ought to have a collection for the schools in church.




The Vicar reported that he had paid Master for cleaning lavatories £2.17.6 & Mrs Poulter £9.14.0. Postage 1s/4d  Total £12..12.10 

This account would be sent to Mr Gott.



Plans for enlarging school

Mr Ryan Tenison’s plans for enlarging the school were under the circumstances not considered.



Councils notice to build new school for Eastcote

The Vicar read this notice received from the <Middlesex> Education Committee; also, letters shewing that 50 children from Eastcote attended Northwood Council School, & 25 attended Ruislip School.

No reply to an enquiry on this [?] had been received from the Headmaster of Pinner School.  It was evident that a school was necessary at some centre of the Parish as it was not possible raise money in this wartime to enlarge our school & it was felt useless to appeal against the Council’s proposal.



Belgian children

Mrs Goschen asked if 4 Belgian children now at Eastcote might attend our school. Leave was unanimously given


William A.G. Gray





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