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1915 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1915 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1915.  

The issue of a new school in the area, first mooted in 1908 and resumed in 1914, became more pressing.  The Mangers had their own preference, for it to be sited more toward Eastcote.  Very quickly, local interest groups began to make their voices heard, including a proposal from J. Westacott of the Ruislip & Northwood Urban District Council, that the Ruislip School should surrender its own site for the purpose.  While the Vicar was quick to quash that possibility, pointing out that it would result in the Ruislip Church School being forced to close, the eventual location of the new school, together with the aging state of the church’s school, was to lead to this becoming the likely scenario a few year’s later.  Having felt threatened, for the present, the Managers saw the best option for their school’s long-term survival was to return to a possible extension which had been shelved at the end of 1914.





A Meeting of the Managers was held at the Vicarage on January 13th at 5.30 p.m.

Present:      Miss Warrender, Mrs Goschen, Canon Todd
                  & the Vicar in the Chair




The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.




The Vicar read a letter from Miss Holden thanking the Managers for giving her leave of absence on the occasion of her mother’s death.

Also letter from London Diocesan Church Schools’ Association re letter of which our Water Board’s charges for meters

& also, re Election of Governing Body.

It was resolved that the Vicar should represent the Managers as delegate. Mr Youens reported leak in School Roof

Returns for attendance for November & December were also exhibited.




The Vicar presented accounts as follows

Balance in hand November 21st £6.16.3,
Miss Warrender £5, Vicar £5,
Collections in church £2.10.3, £2.13.4, & £1.11.9. 
Mrs Fontan 5/-, & Mr Youens rent 2 quarters £10.0.0
Total 33.16.7.

And expenditure:

rates £2.2.5. Insurance of children 2/-
& J Smart & Son’s bill for Tar paving £30.16.6
Total £33.0.11
leaving balance in hand  15/8.



Middlesex Education Committee

Proposed New School

The Vicar read a letter from Mr Gott saying he was instructed by the Chairman of the <Middlesex> Education Committee to say the Committee would be glad to have any observations the Managers decided to make as to the suitable district for the erection of the proposed new school.

After some discussion it was unanimously resolved to reply that we thought that a school placed between Eastcote Halt & the village would best accommodate the 2 parts of the Parish when growth was going on & likely to be continued at Eastcote itself, & part of the Ruislip Manor Estates. The Vicar further to say he would be prepared to meet and consult with any of their representatives as to the actual sites.


William A.G. Gray




A Meeting of the Managers was held in the Vicarage on Friday, March 12th <1915> at 8.30 p.m.

Present:      Miss Warrender, Mr & Mrs Goschen,

                    & the Vicar in the Chair.




The minutes of the last meeting were read & signed.




Arising out of the minutes the Vicar read the copy of the letter he had written to the Clerk to the <Middlesex> Education Committee as to the site of the proposed new school.  He reported that a deputation had gone up to the Education Committee on the subject, & the Ruislip Manor people were also agitating about it.  The <Ruislip & Northwood> Urban District Council had appointed a Committee to instruct & select a site & report to them.  Mr Westacott had written to ask if the site of the present school could be obtained for the purpose.  The Vicar had replied that there was not the least chance of it.  He believed that a site on the Main Road towards Eastcote had been recommended - & this would have the effect of closing our school.  After some conversation, it was decided that the Vicar should write to the Education Committee to ask whether the <Middlesex> County Council would receive a deputation from the managers to hear their views, & Mr Goschen consented to go with the Vicar.  The Vicar was also asked to write to Kings College (Cambridge, who owned much of the land), the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, the National Society & the London Diocesan Association of Church Schools for donations towards enlarging & improving our schools  




The Vicar read a letter from Mr Bane about economising coal & wood.

& one from Miss Clough re leave of absence for a musical examination.




No money had been received or spent since last meeting but the lead water pipe had burst in 2 places & had to be repaired. In one case it was in the middle of the tar paving in the boys’ playground & this would have to be paid for.  Miss Warrender said she was prepared to help towards replacing the tar paving.

The Vicar presented a statement of monies he had laid out for cleaning the school & offices amounting to £11.14.8½



Diocesan Inspection

The Diocesan Inspection was held on the 3rd March & the school was again classed as very good – Divisions iii & iv being excellent


William A.G. Gray




July 15th 1915

A Meeting of the School Managers was held in the church room at 8.45 p.m. on Thursday, July 15th 1915

Present:      Miss Warrender, Mr Goschen, Mr W Lavender
                  & the Vicar in the Chair




The minutes of the last meeting were read & signed.




The Chairman read the following correspondence

Letter from Mr Bane re School Attendance <Committee> member. The Vicar was called to serve again

Appointment of Mr Lavender, reappointment of Canon Todd

Letter about filling the coal cellars

War Bonus of 2/- per week given to Miss Groome & Revision of Teachers’ Salaries (particulars given below)

The Vicar reported he had received cheque for £11.12.6 for money advanced & he had sent a further claim for £9.10.6

The returns for attendance for months March to June were exhibited.

The years no on books (i.e. on roll) was 202 & average attendance 170.




Accounts were laid on table shewing receipts of £10.0.0

& expenditure £5.8.2

leaving with previous balance in hand of 15/8, a balance of £5.7.7.



Form IX

Form IX was then signed & the meeting terminated.


William A.G.Gray


(Entered in red ink on second half of page:)


Teachers’ salaries as from October 1st are


Mr Youens




Miss Grist




Miss Swyer




Miss Holden


=       £649.0.0


Miss Clough




Miss Groome

including war bonus





November 6th 1915

A Meeting of Managers was summoned for today,
but as only Mr Goschen & the Vicar were present it was not possible to do any business.





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