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1917 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1917 -

Below we present the record of a single meeting held by the Managers during 1917.  

There were no matters of great import over the year: adjustments in staffing, the loss of Miss Warrender as a Manager, and a further request from William Lavender for shifting the date of the summer holiday to permit children to assist in the hay fields.  The Managers readily agreed to this.

There were to be no minutes for a 1918 meeting.




May 12th 1917

A Meeting of the Managers was held at the Vicarage on Saturday, May 12th at 6.30 p.m. 

Present:      K. Goschen Esq, Mrs Goschen, Mr W. Lavender
                   & the Vicar in the chair.




The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed



Diocesan Inspection

The Vicar reported that the Diocesan Inspection was held on March 2nd & read the report which was favourable.  Divisions i, ii & iii being classed ‘very good’ & Division iv ‘Excellent.’



Land for Cultivation

The Headmaster had received a letter from the surveyor to the Ruislip & Northwood Urban District Council asking if he could like land for the children to cultivate & offering to provide some.  The Vicar had written to the Clerk of the Education Committee (Middlesex) about it, but the difficulties seemed too great to make it practicable.  The land offered was part of what is called the ‘Recreation Ground’; was rough grass & unfenced.  The number of children who could be employed on it was very small.



Miss Swyer’s Resignation

Miss Swyer who had been for some time anxious to get work nearer home wrote today she had been appointed to another school (Teddington) & gave a month’s notice.  The Vicar has advertised for an Assistant Certificated Mistress in the ‘School Master’ & had only received 2 replies – while one teacher had called to make enquiries. Miss Cummings from Hanwell had very high qualifications & in the opinion of the Head Teacher & the Vicar was not likely to be long satisfied with a small mixed school like ours.  The only other applicant, Miss Bates, had also good testimonials & seemed to possess just the qualifications which the Head Teacher desired.  She had been asked to come for an interview & had been seen by the Vicar & Mr Youens, who were favourably impressed.  As Miss Swyer left the school yesterday May 11th & as Miss Bates was disengaged & could commence work at once, she was asked to come & commence work on Monday 14th <May>.



Appointment of Miss C. Bates

The Vicar asked the Managers to confirm what he had done.  Mr Goschen proposed, & Mr Lavender <seconded>, the proposition that the Vicar’s action be confirmed & Miss Bates appointed, subject to the approval of the Education Committee of the <Middlesex> County Council. Carried




The Vicar presented the accounts for the Year – which shewed total receipts £40.16.9 & expenditure £25.11.4 leaving a balance in hand of £15.5.5.

Mr Goschen proposed, and Mrs Goschen seconded, that the accounts be passed.  Carried.



Resignation of Miss Warrender

The Vicar reported that he had received a letter from Miss Warrender announcing her resignation as Manager of the school.  He had written to her to express great regret at this step & thanking her for all she had done for the school.  It would be necessary to have a meeting of the Foundation Managers to appoint her successor.




Mr Lavender proposed that the summer holiday be earlier this year in order that the children might work in the hay fields. After some discussion Mr Goscen proposed & Mr Lavender seconded that the holidays commence on July 6 th instead of July 27th (the usual date). carried.




Return of Teachers’ salaries with increases due on 1st October 1917





£    s    d


Mr R. Youens



£230  max


Miss Holden


+12 + 10



Miss Grist


+12 + 10



Miss D. Clough


+12 + 10



Miss C. Bates





May 11. 1917





Miss Groome


+  6 + 15.40

£ 70.40.0





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