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1918 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Log Book 1890-1925
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- 1918 -

Since the Revised Code of 1862, schools had been required to keep a Log Book in which the principal teacher should make a brief daily record of any significant events. Although many aspects of the Code disappeared with the Education Act 1902, the keeping of the Log Book was retained. That for 1918 was kept by the School Master, Ralph Youens.

Bad weather and illness caused significant levels of absence.  Ralph Youens noted the resurgence of whopping cough and measles which seemed to have been absent from the village for several years.

The Managers continued to grant leave of absence for staff related to men returning from the war, though there was no readjustment in the timing or length of the summer holiday as there had been the previous year. A holiday was given for the armistice

Dorothy Clough left to work in a munitions factory; the Master made no record that she was replaced. A second member of staff, Miss Bates, left at the end of the summer term, with her position taken by a supply teacher.






Much snow this morning – thaw has set in & road at Eastcote is impassable.  Miss Groome who resides at Eastcote has not been able to attend in consequence.  All Eastcote children are absent.


More snow – 20 children present.  Meeting abandoned & children who were wet footed sent home.  School closed.




Miss H.M. Holden was absent March 11th & 12th in consequence of her fiancé being home from France (Army).

The attendance has been very considerably affected for some time, from whooping cough.


There are several cases of measles among the children, so that together with the whooping cough & this, the numbers, especially in the lower classes, are much deplete.


The Diocesan Exam was held this morning & in consequence the registers were not marked today.


Today has been very wet, with snow, and the attendance has been particularly bad in consequence.

The road to Eastcote was impassable on foot, being covered, in places, to a depth of several inches in water.  Miss Groome is absent [LB1:407] this afternoon.


The number of cases of measles has increased very much, the attendance having dropped to 33% of the possible.


We broke up this morning for the Whitsuntide Holidays – one week.


Re-assembled after Whitsuntide Holidays.  Miss Holden is absent from illness.


Miss Holden returned to school this morning.


Diocesan Report    Exam April 12th

This school has passed a very good examination.  The work has been carried on under difficulties & the results reflect credit upon the teachers. 

The teaching in Division I is sound.  The response might well be more general & and the facts need to be impressed.

There was evidence of much careful & faithful teaching in Division II & III with a high spiritual aim.

The attendance in Division IV was very small owing to illness. The teacher has made a promising beginning under difficulties.

H. Maurice Relton D.D.
(Later professor of theology at the University of London)

Note  The teaching of Scripture &c &c has been seriously interfered with by epidemics of whooping cough and measles, from which the attendance has suffered very severely, infants especially.


Miss D. Clough is absent today by permission of managers.  She is about to take up National Service & on this occasion visited the Ministry of Munitions.


Miss D. Clough left this school today, noon, to undertake service under the Ministry of Munitions.




It has been very wet & stormy yesterday & today & the attendance is very bad in consequence.  There are several cases of influenza among the children.


In the Vicar’s hand:
I have examined the registers this morning & found them quite correct.

W.A.G. Gray


We broke up this morning for the Summer Holidays 4 weeks. 
Miss Bates leaves today.


School re-opened today.  Attendance poor.


It is very wet this morning & the attendance is bad.


The school has been closed October 18. 21, 22 for mid-term holiday. 

Mrs F.E. Forster took up duties as supply September 23rd.


School is closed this afternoon in consequence of the signing of German Armistice.




Miss Holden was granted leave of absence today to visit her fiancé in hospital.


Miss Grist was absent today with a very bad cold.


We broke up this morning for Christmas Holidays – 2 weeks.





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