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1921 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1921 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1921.  

A number of issues developed over the year.  Two referred back to past decisions.  The first involved Ryan Tenison, who had drawn up plans for a possible expansion of the school in 1914 (see introduction to the Managers’ minutes for 1920).  He was now requiring payment, resulting in several exchanges between himself and the Managers.  The second was the reemployment of Alice Husbands, who had taught at the school for a number of years as Miss Medcalf prior to her marriage. Her reemployment commenced at the end of 1920, but two government and the diocesan inspectors, as well as the Headteacher, found her teaching poor, in addition, her qualifications to teach were no longer recognised.  The matter was not to be resolved until 1922.  Another teacher was also deemed to provide inadequate teaching, Hilda Holden, though her departure at the request of the Managers was less acrimonious.

The proposal for a new school in the area was again brought to the fore, not least through a rumour appearing in the newspapers, that the Ruislip Church School would close as a consequence.  Possibly this may have been picked up from a leaked story of the Managers’ initial agreement with the LEA in 1919,  that their school would close if religious instruction could be guaranteed for the first hour of every day, an agreement that was never confirmed by Middlesex County Council.  On this occasion the Managers had their first-mentioned link with Canon Maplesden, Director of the London Diocesan Church Schools Association, a figure who was to appear frequently over the following ten years or so.




March 21st 1921

A Meeting of the Managers was held at the Vicarage on Monday, March 21st 1921 at 8.30 p.m.

Present:      Mr & Mrs Goschen, Dr Jepson, Mrs Gray
                  & the Vicar in the Chair




The minutes of the last meeting were read & confermied.



Decoration & Repair of School

The Vicar reported that the <Middlesex> County Education Committee had decorated the interior of the school at a cost of £123.  This had necessitated the repainting & repair of the exterior & boundary walls & the same contractor, Mr A.E. Wilson of Northwood, had carried this out together with the repairs asked for by the Headteacher at a total cost of £74.12.7., which amount had been paid. 

There were two outstanding bills & practically nothing in hand to meet them.



Rent of School House

The Vicar reported that Mr Chester had asked if the Managers proposed to raise the rent of the school house. After some conversation, it was proposed by the Chairman, and carried, that the rent be not raised but that the Master be asked to pay the rates.



Miss Jordan

Miss Jordan had been appointed as one of our assistant teachers and she commenced work on September 1st 1920.  She had now applied for a post in one of the Uxbridge Schools and had been appointed & had written tendering her resignation to take effect on April 14th.  This had been reported to the Education Authority with a request that a new teacher should be advertised for.




Mr Chester had sent a memorandum as to salaries from October 1st 1920 which shewed that the total salaries for the year would amount approximately to £1,624.



The future of the school

The Vicar reported that he had had a visit from Canon Maplesden the Director of the London Diocesan Church Schools Association in consequence of a notice which had appeared in the papers that Ruislip School was to be given up.  He went over the schools & reported that they were far too good to be given up (& in this opinion HM Inspector agrees), that the <Middlesex> County Committee could not make us close them, that they could be kept for a smaller number of children than at present & the requirements of the authority met without building.  Mr Gray reported that no answer had been received to his letter of March 1919 & no guarantee given that our church children should have the privilege of church teaching.  He proposed therefore that he should write to the County Committee to say the Managers did not now proposed to give up the school & to ask them to reconsider their plan as it was the opinion of the managers that the site selected was not the most suitable in view of the growth of Eastcote & South Ruislip. Carried.



Mr Ryan Tenison

Mr Gray reported having received many letters from Mr R. Tenison who had now raised his charge for plans to £18.18 & said he had sent him £5 which he considered was more than amply sufficient.  He was dissatisfied & wrote a long letter shewing how many hours work he had given to the plans etc. It was proposed & carried that Mr Gray wait for a month & then write & ask him why had raised his demand from £12.12 to £18.18.


William A.G. Gray




March 31st 1921

A Managers Meeting was held at the Vicarage at 8.30 p.m. on Thursday, March 31st
when the following were present:

      Kenneth & Mrs Goschen, Dr Jepson, Mrs Gray and the Vicar.



The Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.



Vacant Post of Teacher

The Vicar reported that he had had two applications personally for candidates for the post & he had advised them to make their applications on the proper form to be obtained from Mr Gott.  He expected to have received them ere this, but they had not yet arrived.



Mr Ryan Tenison

Mr Gray reported that he had received a letter from Mr Ryan Tenison pressing for the payment of his account before next Tuesday. There was only a sum of £7.6.0 in the bank and there was a gas hill of £9.19.3 and over £7.0.0. was also owing to them.  Mr Goschen asked how we proposed to raise the money. The only suggestion was to have church collections.  A quarter rent & half the half years rates were due from Mr Chester who had verbally agreed with the Vicar to pay rates in future.  

The Vicar proposed, & it was seconded, & carried, that the plans should be returned to Mr Tenison & a cheque sent to him for £7.12.0 to complete the sum of £12.12.0 which he demanded in 1919.




This concluded the business


William A.G. Gray
April 22nd 1921




April 22nd 1921

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the Vicarage on Friday, April 22nd at 8 p.m.

Present:      Mr & Mrs Goschen, Dr Jepson, Mrs Gray
                  and the Vicar in the Chair.




The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.



Mr R Tenison

Arising out of the minutes the Vicar reported that he had sent Mr Tenison a cheque for £7.12.0 to complete the sum of £12.12.0 which he charged, & had received a receipt in full.




He had not received Mr Chester’s quarters rent, nor the ½ quarter’s rate, nor the letter he promised to write saying he would in future pay the rates.



Form IX

Form IX was presented in triplicate & was duly signed by 3 of the managers.



Vacant Post of Assistant Teacher

There were 8 forms of application for the vacant post of teacher.  Mr Chester had carefully gone through them & considered that those of Miss Weaving and Mrs Moore were the best.  After careful consideration it was decided that the Vicar be authorized to send for Miss Weaving & to interview her with Mr Chester &, if they were agreed that she was suitable, to submit her name to the <Middlesex> Education Committee for appointment. I they were not quite satisfied then to send for Mrs Moore.




There was no further business.


William A.G. Gray
August 23rd 1921
(incorrectly dated)




August 24th 1921

A Meeting of the School Managers was held in the Vicarage
at 8.30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 24th
when there were present:

      Mrs Gray, Mr Goschen, Dr Jepson, Mr Mason
      & the Vicar in the Chair




The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.



County Council Representative

The Vicar reported that he had received a letter from the Secretary of the Middlesex County Council Education Committee announcing the reappointment of Dr Jephson as their representative

RNUDC Representative

Also one from the Clerk of the Ruislip & Northwood Urban District Council announcing the appointment of Mr C. Mason as their representative.

Miss Weaving

Some correspondence had passed between the Vicar & Mr Gott re Miss Weaving’s appointment & salary and a letter was read from the Secretary of the Middlesex Education Authority to say that body approved the appointment of Miss E.A. Weaving as assistant teacher at a commencing salary of £201.13.4, to date from 20th June last.



Mrs Soper’s Salary

Mrs Soper had asked for an increase of payment for cleaning the school.  The letter had been sent to Mr Gott & a letter was read to say the Education Authority approved its being raised from 20/- to 25/- per week.



School Attendance

The Vicar reported that the average attendance at the school was very good.



Government Inspector’s Report

The school was inspected on June 7th & the report was read.  The infants and upper classes were praised – but considerable fault was found with the two lower classes in the upper school.  The lowest is in <the> charge of Mrs Husbands a Supplementary Teacher & with regard to her, it was stated that the employment of a teacher of this class could not be indefinitely continued.  The other class is in the charge of Miss Holden who has been in the school for 10 years. A confidential letter was read from Mr Chester the Head Teacher in which he agreed with the remarks of the Inspector in regard to these two classes.

After a lengthy discussion it was unanimously resolved that the Vicar write to Miss Holden advising her to send in her resignation, and it was left to him in consultation with Mr Stobart, the Government Inspector, to see what could be done in regard to Mrs Husbands who had written to express her willingness to sit for a Certificate. 



Diocesan Inspection

The Diocesan Inspector visited the school on 7th July. His report was read, and he too found fault with the same classes.


William A.G. Gray
October 11th 1921




October 11th 1921

A Meeting of the Managers was held at the Vicarage on Tuesday, October 11th at 6.45 p.m.
when the following were present:

      Mr & Mrs Goschen, Mrs Gray, Dr Jepson
      and the Vicar in the Chair.




The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed



Miss Holden’s Resignation

The Vicar reported that he had written a letter to Miss Holden calling on her to resign her post and she had done so. (The correspondence was read.) And he had given her a personal testimonial.  Her term expired on October 7th but as she had not obtained another post & we had not obtained another teacher, she was still continuing work.



Mr Stobart’s Inspection


Mrs Husbands

The Inspector, Mr Stobart, had visited the school & had spent the morning there & he told the Vicar he quite agreed with the report of the Inspectors at their last visit & that he would have made a report in the same terms. 

He had seen Mrs Husbands & talked to her & was afraid she would not pass for her Certificate, but she would not be allowed to remain indefinitely.  He also did not think she would be taken on as a Supplementary Teacher.   

Mr Goschen proposed, and Mr Jepson seconded, that the Vicar should write to her to ask her to look out for another post after Christmas. Carried.



Mr Mason

The Vicar reported that Mr Mason had written to express his regret at not being able to attend.



Applications for Post of Assistant Master

The Vicar had received 7 applications for the vacant post but as they were all from married men (& from a great distance) except one who wrote from Southampton & was 38 ½ years of age – and some were headmasters – ages ranging from 30 to 38½, he did not think any of them were suitable & besides there was no accommodation for married men. The meeting concurred in this view & the Vicar was asked to write to Mr Gott & request him to advertise again in more & in local papers for a young unmarried man.    



Mr Chester’s request re School House

The Vicar reported that Mr Chester had asked that he might, on account of Mrs Chester’s continued illness, be allowed to return to his house at Harrow & to sublet the school house to his tenants Mr & Mrs Ewing.  He, Mr Chester, being responsible for the rent.  The Managers were all desirous of helping Mr & Mrs Chester if possible, but it was felt that in consequence of their shortage of houses, & the difficulty of ejecting tenants, it would be running a risk to have a tenant who was not on the school staff.  After some discussion it was proposed by Mr Goschen, seconded by Dr Jepson, that the Vicar consult with Mr Lees as to the legal aspect of the question & as to whether or not an undertaking drawn up pledging the tenants to vacate on demand, would have any legal force.  If the answer was favourable Mr Gray was to communicate with Mr Chester & allow the exchange – if not to summon another meeting.


William A.G. Gray
November 2nd 1921




November 2nd 1921

A Meeting of the Managers was held at the Vicarage at 6.46 p.m.
on Wednesday, November 2nd 1921

Present:      Mr & Mrs Goschen, Mrs Gray, Dr Jepson
                  and the Vicar in the Chair




The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.



The School House

The Vicar reported that Mr Lees’ opinion of an undertaking drawn up pledging the tenant to vacate on request would be of no value. He had accordingly consulted the Managers & the majority were willing to take the risk.  Mr Chester had accordingly gone back to Harrow and Mr & Mrs Ewing were in the school house.



Mrs Husbands

The Vicar in accordance with the resolution of the Managers, had written to Mrs Husbands asking her to look for another post after Christmas. He read his letter. Mrs Husbands had replied, letter read, & the Vicar had received a letter from Mr Gott this morning saying Mrs Husbands had appealed to the <Middlesex> Education Committee as to our notice given her terminating her engagement at Christmas, and asking for information.  He read a draft reply to which some additions were suggested.  It was then passed to be sent on.  The Vicar also reported that he had been told by Mrs Grist and Mrs Green that Mrs Husbands was spreading a report in the village that she & Miss Holden had been dismissed by Mr Chester, & that she was trying to undermine his influence with the parents of the children and one of the other teachers.  It was agreed that, in writing to Mr Gott, he should ask him to make it quite clear to Mrs Husbands that her dismissal was in consequence of the Inspector’s adverse report & because the employment of a Supplementary Teacher could not be indefinitely recognised.



Assistant Master

The Vicar reported that he had 6 applications for the post.  Three were from married men & one ‘on the eve of marriage’.  They were considered unsuitable.  The other two were both good – one from High Wycombe & the other from Wales.  Mr Chester had seen the forms & was of opinion that Mr Stephenson of High Wycombe might suit us very well, the only doubt was whether he was a churchman: Mr Chester was greatly in need of someone to help him with the religious instruction. He knew the school at which he had been employed & the Head Teacher, & would be pleased to go to Wycombe to interview him.  The Managers consented to this and authorized the Vicar to appoint him if all was satisfactory.


William A.G. Gray
March 3rd 1922



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