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1922 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Ruislip Church of England School
Managersí Minute Book 1
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- 1922 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1922.  

The Managers were able to appoint a male teacher, Arthur Stanley Robinson, retrained after the War.  It would appear that the Ewings, to whom John Chester had sought to sublet the school house the previous year, were not occupying it, and therefore, in time, it was let to Arthur Robinson. There would appear to have been no other business of consequence of 1922.




March 3rd 1922

A Meeting of the Managers was held at the Vicarage at 6.30 p.m.
on Friday, March 3rd 1922

Present:      Mr & Mrs Goschen, Mrs Gray
                   & the Vicar in the Chair.

A letter was received from Mr Mason regretting his inability to attend & Dr Jepsen who had undergone a serious operation was unable to come.




The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed



Assistant Teacher

The Vicar reported that, at H.M. Inspectorís suggestion, he had written to the Principal of the Training College, Salisbury Court, Hants, where ex‑army men were being trained for scholastic work & asked if we could obtain a teacher from there.  A reply had been received that some of the men would be finishing their course of training on March 22nd & it was possible that a suitable man could be found.  Subsequently, applications together with testimonials were received from Mr A.C. Thorpe and Mr G. Godward.  These applications & the testimonials were read and considered, & Mr Gray was asked to write to Mr Thorpe to come here for an interview with the Vicar & Mr Chester & they were empowered to appoint him if he proved satisfactory.



Agreements with Teachers

It is now necessary for the Managers to have agreements drawn up with the teachers, and forms for the purpose were submitted.

Exception was made to clause 2, which stated that the Managers agreed to pay the salaries, whereas they are paid by the <Middlesex> Education Authority.  The Vicar was authorized to have this clause altered & then to arrange for the signatures to the agreements being affixed.




No other business


William A.G. Gray
April 21st 1922




April 21st 1922

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the Vicarage on Friday, April 21st at 6.30 p.m.
when there were present:

      Mr & Mrs Goschen, Mrs Gray
      and the Vicar in the Chair.




The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.



County Council Representative

The Vicar reported that the Education Committee of the <Middlesex> County Council had reappointed Dr Jepson as their representative on the Board of Managers, & that he had written to the Vicar asking that someone else might be found to take his place.

The Vicar had sent a notice of the meeting to Mr C. Mason, though he had not heard whether he had been reappointed as representative of the Ruislip & Northwood Urban District Council.



New Teacher

The Vicar reported that Mr Thorpe who had been asked to come for an interview had written to say he had been appointed to a school near his own home & so declined our offer.  He recommended a fellow student Mr A.S. Robinson, who had applied for the post & was recommended also by the Principal.  He had been to see the Vicar & Mr Chester & as he seemed to them in every way satisfactory, the post had been offered to him & he had accepted & commenced his duties on April 1st & so far had given entire satisfaction to Mr Chester who said he was shaping very well.  His salary will be in accordance with the Councilís scale.  

Mr Gray had written to Mr Gott to notify Mr A.S. Robinsonís appointment and to ask for the Councilís approval of the same.



Form IX

Form IX, duly filled up, was presented and after examination signed in triplicate.



Teacherís Agreements

Forms of Memorandum of Agreement were then presented in the case of all the teachers, and were signed by the Chairman & two managers, their signatures being witnessed by the 4th


This concluded the business.


William A. G. Gray
October 26th 1922




A Meeting of the Managers was held at the Vicarage on Thursday, October 26th 1922 at 8.30 p.m.

Present:      Mr & Mrs Goschen, Mrs Gray
                   & the Vicar in the Chair




The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed




The Vicar reported that Mr Prowting had told him he would not be able to be present owing to press of work. Dr Jepson is still very ill.



Proposed Agreement for Letting the School Cottage to Mr Robinson

The Vicar read a letter from Mr Chester, who had forwarded a form of agreement for his subletting the school house to Mr Robinson, asking the Managers to approve of it & he would then have two copies made & stamped.

The form of agreement appeared to be suitable, but the Managers were of opinion that it would be better for the agreement to be made direct between the Managers & Mr Robinson, and a resolution was proposed & carried to this effect.  

The Vicar was asked to submit the matter to Lees & if he approved the form of agreement, to ask him to have two forms made out, the agreement to be between the Managers & Mr Robinson.


This concluded the business of the meeting.


William A.G. Gray





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