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1923 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1923 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1923.  

Over the summer the Rev’d William Gray left Ruislip, his departure no doubt due to the death of his wife.  His post as Vicar was taken by Rev’d Edward Cornwall Jones. The Managers also lost the services of Mr and Mrs Goschen.   

The appointment of Mr Robinson as teacher was now giving concern. For the present, it was decided to give him warning of the situation and a chance to improve. The caretaker and his wife (Mr and Mrs Soper) were likewise causing a problem, though in their case, a month’s notice followed swiftly.

The overall condition of the school fabric was in a very poor state, compounded by an article in the local press about the need for better educational accommodation in the area. The condition of the school and its future was a major agenda for Ruislip’s new Vicar for the next eight years.




February 10th 1923

A Meeting of the School Managers was held at the Vicarage on Saturday, February 10th 1923 at 6 p.m.

Present:      Mr & Mrs Goschen, Mrs Gray, Mr A.E.A. Prowting
                   & the Vicar in the Chair




The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.



Agreement for Letting the Cottage to Mr Robinson

The Vicar reported that he had consulted Mr Lees about the Form of Agreement provided by Mr Chester & he though it quite suitable.  Two forms were accordingly drawn out.  Mr Robinson had signed his part.  The other was presented & signed by the members present.



Average attendance of children

The forms shewing the average attendance of the children in our school & those of the neighbouring parishes were laid on the table.  Our school in some matters occupied as high a position as any in the district.



H.M. Inspector’s Report on Conditions of the School Room

H.M. Inspector in his reports for 1921 & 1922 commented on the “dirty & untidy” condition of the school and the <Middlesex> Education Committee specially drew the Managers attention to the complaint.

The Headteacher reported that he was obliged to set the bigger boys to do cleaning which ought have been done by the cleaners.  The Vicar had reported this to Mr Soper & had told him the school must be properly cleaned as the Education Committee would naturally not pay for work which was not done & he quite expected to get a letter from them to that effect.   

Mr Chester reported that there was no improvement.



Letter from Mr Gott

On the 6th January the Vicar received a letter from Mr Gott, the Secretary to the <Middlesex> Education Committee, in which he said, “I am directed to inform the Managers that unless the premises are kept in a satisfactory condition the Committee will be unable to continue to be responsible for payments to the caretaker.  I shall be glad therefore if the Managers will kindly give this matter their immediate attention.”



Months’ notice to Terminate.

Under the circumstances, & as we have no funds from which to pay the caretakers, the Vicar thought there was nothing for it but to give the Sopers a months’ notice to terminate their engagement. A resolution to this effect was proposed by Mr Goschen, & seconded by Mr Prowting, & carried unanimously. The Vicar was authorized to write to the Sopers to this effect.




A letter was read from Mr Gott saying that the Committee, owing to the high cost of pianos, could not afford to provide one for the school, but said they would be prepared to reconsider the matter if the Managers on their part would be prepared to make a contribution to the cost.  No action was taken.



Married Teachers

A letter was read from Mrs Green asking if her position was likely to be affected in the event of any reduction of the staff, as there was some talk of not employing married women teachers.

The Vicar replied that he had not heard anything about a reduction of our staff but if the question arose, he would endeavour to retain her services.  She had replied thanking him for his letter.   


William A.G. Gray

June 14th 1923




June 14th 1923

A Meeting of the Managers was held at the Vicarage on
Thursday, June 14th 1923 at 6.30 p.m.

Present:      Mr & Mrs Goschen, Mr Nelson Ewer
                   & the Vicar in the Chair.




The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.



The Piano

The Vicar reported that there had been some further correspondence about the piano. A Mr Annett, one of the <Middlesex> Education  Committee officials, reported that there was a good second hand piano by Collard & Collard at Williams, Uxbridge, which might be obtained for £35, & another a little more expensive.  The Vicar asked whether, as we had £48 in the bank, we might offer to give £15 towards the purchase of one. It was the general decision that one might be obtained for less money.  Mr Goschen said there was a good one in his barn, it did not belong to him, which might be had for less, & Mr N. Ewer also said there was one at the Manor Farm.  It was decided that further enquiries be made.



Mr Soper

The Vicar read the notice to terminate the Sopers’ engagement as Caretakers of the school at a month’s date i.e. on March 12th & that they had given up the work then, but they were still in the cottage.  Mr & Mrs Casemore were appointed in their place & gave early satisfaction, but were not yet able to get into residence.



Form IX

The Form IX was signed by the managers.



Appointment of New Managers

The Vicar read letters from the Middlesex Education Committee appointing Mr H. Nelson Ewer as their representative Manager for the year ending March 31st 1924. And also one from the Ruislip <& Northwood> Urban District Council reappointing Mr A.E.A. Prowting as their representative Manager.



Mr Robinson

The Vicar had received a letter from Mr Gott in the following terms

“dated May 18th
Dear Sir,
Mr Robinson, the assistant master at the Ruislip C.E. School, does not seem to be at all satisfactory.  He does not make any effort to improve his work.  I think the managers should arrange to give him notice.  

Yours faithfully 
B.S. Gott”

He had told Mr Robinson, as he though he ought to have as long time as possible, to make arrangements, and had gone to see Mr Gott, who unfortunately had gone out.  He saw his assistant & explained to him that if the Managers acted on this notice it would mean the young man’s ruin, & wished to know whether the Education Committee would consent to our giving him a 3 months chance to make good.  

He had received a letter from Mr Gott that next morning as follows  

“Mr Walton has spoken to me about your interview with him this morning.  I think the suggestion you make with regard to Mr Robinson is quite a reasonable one and I am sure the Committee will approve.”  

Mr Gray therefore proposed that Mr Robinson have 3 months extension given in order to give him a chance to ‘make good’. This was seconded by Mrs Goschen & carried unanimously.   



Managers’ Resignation

Mr Goschen said that as they were leaving the parish in July it was necessary to give in their resignation as Foundation Managers of the school.  The Vicar said there was nothing for it but to accept it, which they did with the greatest possible regret. He could not adequately thank them both for all their kind help they had given for many years.


Dec: 21 1923

E. Cornwall Jones





December 21st 1923

A Meeting of the Managers was held at the Vicarage on Friday, December 21st at 8.15 p.m.

Present:      Mr Nelson Ewer, Mr A.E.A. Prowting,
                   and the Vicar  (in the Chair)



New Foundation Managers

The following were appointed Foundation Managers to fill the vacancies caused by the resignation of Mr and Mrs Goschen and by the death of Mrs Gray: Mr H. Edwards, Mr W.D. Lees and Miss M.G. Cornwall Jones (Correspondent) who all attended the meeting 




The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed



Vicarage Cottage

Arising from the minutes, the Vicar made it clear that the arrangement by which the present caretaker & sexton Mr Casemore, occupied the Vicarage Cottage, was a personal arrangement between himself and Mr Casemore, and must create no precedent for the residence of future caretakers or sextons.



Mr Robinson

With regard to the three months’ extension given to Mr Robinson in June last, as the Education Committee had taken no further steps, it was agreed to let the matter stand.




The expenditure of £15 upon a piano made by Mr Chester and authorised by the late Vicar, was confirmed.



School Fabric

A report was made by the Headmaster on the bad condition of the fabric of the school and the school house.  Attention was called to the report of the Middlesex Advertiser of (December 14th) of a discussion of the need for better elementary school accommodation at Ruislip, which had taken place at a meeting of the Ruislip-Northwood Urban District Council, when it was mentioned that a site had already been procured by the Middlesex Education Committee but that building was delayed. It was decided to postpone action until the views of the Education Committee with regard to the school had been ascertained, and for this purpose it was agreed that the Vicar & Mr. Edwards should visit Mr. Gott the Secretary.  It was also decided that, previous to this, the Managers should make an inspection of the school buildings; the date was fixed for January 7th 1924.  In the meantime, any minor repairs which would make the buildings weatherproof, were authorised.    




The Correspondent was asked to ascertain the financial position. 


E. Cornwall Jones





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