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1924 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Ruislip Church of England School
Managersí Minute Book 1
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- 1924 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1924.  

There was a strong likelihood, following the events of the previous few years, that there would be a battle between the Ruislip Church School (backed by the National Society for Promoting Religious Education) and the Middlesex County Council Local Education Authority for its survival. The principle issue was on the location of the new school, to be built just a few hundred meters distant, to which was added the poor physical condition of the Church School.

The majority of children attending the Church School received their entire education there, entering around five and continuing to fourteen, when they then left for employment. For some time a handful of children each year had been sitting examinations to give them access to education beyond fourteen at schools based in Uxbridge, and on attending these schools, higher aspirations for their futures.  

Benjamin Gott did much to expand the provision of a distinct secondary phase of education.  Over his twenty-six years overseeing the work of the MCC LEA, he secured the provision of 34 new schools dedicated to secondary education, and the number of children attending them increasing from 700 in 1902 to 18,000 in 1928, the budget on education correspondingly rising from a paltry £7,000 to over one and a half million pounds. (See his obituary in Nature, March 25, 1933, p.326).  His proposal for the future of education in Ruislip Ė that the new building be designated secondary and taking all Ruislip children from eleven, the church school educating these same children from five through to the transfer age of eleven -  therefore accorded with his vision of educational provision, while also being a pragmatic solution to avoiding a potential conflict between state and church.   

John Chester continued to complain of the poor cleaning of the school.  While the Managers had replaced the previous team of Mr and Mrs Soper at the end of 1923, their appointment of the Casemores had not improved matters.  The Managers therefore (one presumes) applied pressure, accepted their resignations, and appointed Mrs Silver in their place.  Another matter that required their attention was the issue of John Chester and his family not being resident in the school house.   

Arthur Robinson, having failed his examinations (the reason given by his tutor, and entered into the Minute Book is not easily deciphered) was given a further chance to improve. The Managers, despite the fact that he had by now been employed at the school for two years and had required John Chesterís close monitoring of his work, had been moved to teaching the youngest Junior children (avoiding too much damage to educational success, since there would be time to put things right before sitting examinations or leaving school) were reluctant to dismiss him, which, given the LEA had now identified him as Ďuncertificatedí would have been easily within their rights.  

The safety rail put in place towards the end of the year followed an accident sustained by a five year old boy being knocked down by a car after leaving the school. While the Managers were conscious of the increasing dangers from an exit from the school site giving directly onto the road, it is a sad reflection on the Ruislip and Northwood Urban District Council that it was unwilling to help fund this safety measure.




February 5th 1924

A Meeting of the Mangers was held at the Vicarage on
Tuesday, February 5th at 8.45p.m.

Present:      Mr Edwards, Miss Cornwall-Jones, Mr Lees
                   and the Vicar (in the Chair)




The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed




Mr Edwards gave an account of the Interview which he & the Vicar had had with Sir Benjamin Gott and Canon Maplesden (National Society).  It was agreed that the Managers should accept Sir Benjamin Gottís suggestion to meet them for further discussion and should invite him to come to Ruislip on February 13th.




In view of the Managersí inspection of the school buildings on January 7th it was agreed that a new range should be put in the school house and that Messrs Gurney & Ewer should be asked to do this, up to the sum of £10.  It was also agreed that what was necessary should be done to make the school weatherproof.




The Correspondent reported that the balance at the bank was £55-0s-2d.


The following payments were authorised: Simís Bros for repairs December 1923 £1.17.0, Master for cleaning September 1923 7s/6d


E. Cornwall Jones




February 13th 1924

A Meeting of the Managers was held on Wednesday, 
February 13th at the school at 2 oíclock 
to meet Sir Benjamin Gott.

Present:      Mr Edwards. Mr Ewer, Miss Cornwall Jones, Mr Lees
                   & the Vicar


Sir Benjamin Gott suggested that the present school should be used as a Junior Mixed & Infants School for children up to the age of 11 and that the new Council School should be used for children of 11 & upwards.  This would make greater efficiency possible in the present school.  He promised to send a surveyor down to make an estimate of the alternations necessary.


E Cornwall Jones






July 27th 1924

A Meeting of the Mangers was held at the Vicarage on
Sunday, July 27th at 8.15 p.m.

Present:      Mr Ewer, Miss Cornwall Jones, Mir Lees
                   & the Vicar (in the Chair)

Mr Prowting & Mr Edwards were unavoidably prevented from attending.




The minutes of the last two meetings were read & confirmed.



County Councilís Proposals

The Vicar reported that he had called on Canon Maplesden and Sir Benjamin Gott on the previous Friday with regard to the County Councilís proposals.  It was agreed that application should be made to the Diocesan Board of Education for a grant to help carry out the alterations that will be made necessary.




It was also agreed that a public meeting should be held on Wednesday, August 6th to enable all those interested in the schools to be told of its present position and the proposed alterations.




The following payments were confirmed: Diocesan Board of Education for inspection, one guinea, Fire Insurance 30/- It was decided to double the amount of the policy.



Diocesan Inspection

The Report of the Diocesan Inspection on July 4th was read


E Cornwall Jones
November 7 1824





November 7th 1924

A Meeting of the Mangers was held at the Vicarage on
Friday, November 7th at 8.30 p.m.

Present:      Mr Edwards, Mr Ewer, Miss Jones, Mr Lees, Mr Prowting
                   & the Vicar (in the Chair)




The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.



Public Meeting

Arising therefore, it was reported that a public meeting had been held on August 8th to enable those interested in the school to hear of the proposed alterations, a meeting which was attended by the Managers and two members of the school staff.



Financial Statement

The correspondent stated that on October 1st 1923 the balance in hand was £50.0.2. During the year £42.7.3 had been received and £25.17.1 spent, leaving a balance on October 1st 1924 of £66.10.4.



County Councilís Proposals

With regard to the County Councilís proposals, it was reported that the Diocesan Board of Education had made a grant of £40 towards the preliminary outlay of £150 estimated in July.  The report of the Diocesan Surveyor was discussed, and Mr. Ewer and Mr Prowting agreed to accept the Managersí suggestion that they should consider how the surveyorís proposals should be carried out and should spend up to £80.  The Vicar reported that he had seen Sir Benjamin Gott that day and that he was not pressing for immediate completion of the proposed scheme. It was suggested that an appeal for a grant might be made to Kingís College, Cambridge, & that there should be a house-to-house appeal in the parish.




The Managers agreed to accept the resignation of Mr Casemore as cleaner.  It was decided that an advertisement should be put in the November magazine, and that applicants should be interviewed by the Managers on November 21st.



Non-residence of Headmaster



Mr Robinson

A letter was read from Mr. Robinsonís tutor to say that Mr. Robinsonís failure to pass his examination had been due to [?] rather than to lack of ability or application.  It was agreed that his appointment should be continued.



Safety Rail

Mr Prowting suggested, in view of the recent accident on the Eastcote Road, that the District Council should be asked to put up a guard rail outside the school, and this was unanimously agreed to.


E. Cornwall Jones
November 20th 1924




November 21st 1924

A Meeting of the Managers was held at the Vicarage
on Friday, November 7th
(sic) at 8.30 p.m.

Present:      Mr Edwards, Mr Ewer, Miss Jones, Mr Lees, Mr Prowting
                   & the Vicar (in the Chair)




The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.



Safety Rail

Arising therefrom, the question of a guard rail was discussed, and a letter from the <Ruislip & Northwood> District Council was read stating that the request would be laid before the Council, but that any guard rail provided at Northwood was provided either by the School Managers or the Middlesex County Council.  Mr Ewer & Mr Prowting were asked to include the provision of a guard rail in their scheme.



Mr Robinson

A letter from the Middlesex Education Committee was read stating that Mr Robinson reverted to the status of uncertificated teacher from October 1st 1924.  The Vicar reported that Mr Robinson would re-sit his exam in July.




A letter from Mr Chester was read explaining his position with regard to non-residence: discussion was deferred.




The Vicar reported that four applications for the post of cleaner had be received, from Mrs Collett, 3 Field Close, Miss King, 4 Church Cottage, Mrs Poulter, (space left for address) and Mrs Silver, 1 Beddingfield Place.  Three of these applicants presented themselves for interview and, after careful consideration, it was agreed to appoint Mrs Silver, from November 24th.


E. Cornwall Jones

July 27.1925                       Chairman



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