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1925 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1925 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1925.  

After the meeting in November 1924, the Managers were not to reconvene for over eight months.  Their primary concerns when they did meet again were two staff appointments, including that of Headmaster, and works to the School and the School House.  

John Chester announced his intention to retire at the end of the year well before the summer holiday.  As this was at a time when the Middlesex LEA had agreed a restructuring of education in Ruislip, this needed to be taken into account.  Benjamin Gott, secretary to the LEA, wrote to the Managers strongly recommending a man be appointed to the position who would then transfer as Headteacher of the new secondary school once built. Subsequently the position of Headteacher of the Junior (Primary) School would be taken by a woman.  Arthur Smith was eventually appointed, not before several meetings of the Managers, and did indeed move to the new secondary school once built.

Arthur Robinson also submitted his resignation in order to take up a post in Kent.  Although the Managers advertised, shortlisted and set a date for interviews, the minutes of 4th December, the date set for the interviews, do not record an appointment.  

It was becoming apparent to the Managers and the diocese, that considerable expenditure on both the school and the school house would be needed to bring both up to an appropriate standard – this being identified as the ‘Alteration Scheme’.  Being a church school, it would be a parish or diocese expenditure. As a consequence, the Managers considered the selling of assets such as the school house and adjacent land, and this in turn required reference to the Trust Deeds.   

Two new Managers were appointed by the relevant bodies.  Mrs Todd was presumably Aileen Mary Todd owner and Headmistress of Kelvin House School a private school in King Edwards Avenue, Ruislip, cf. ‘The Rise and Fall of Kelvin House School’, Mary Pache & Christopher Sparks, Journal of the Ruislip, Northwood and Eastcote Local History Society, 2005, 18-20




July 27.1925

A Meeting of the Managers was held at the Vicarage on Monday, 27th July at 8.30 p.m.

Present:      Mr Edwards, Mr Hodges, Mrs Todd, Miss Jones
                   & the Vicar, in the Chair.

Mr Lees was unavoidably prevented from attending.




The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.



Mr Chester

Arising therefrom, the Vicar reported that Mr Chester had intimated to him his intention of resigning his post at the end of the year.




The Vicar reported that Mrs Silver the new school cleaner, was working very satisfactorily



New Managers

The Vicar welcomed on behalf of the Managers two new members: Mrs Todd, appointed by the Middlesex County Council in place of Mr Nelson Ewer, who had resigned, and Mr C. F. Hodges, appointed by the <Ruislip & Northwood> Urban District Council in place of Mr Prowting, no longer on the Council.  It was agreed that letters should be written to the late Managers thanking them for their services.




The following items of expenditures were approved: Fire Insurance £3, Accident Insurance 2/-, London Diocesan Board of Education for Inspection £1.1/-



Alteration Scheme

With regard to proposed alterations, Mr Hodges was asked to consult with Mr Davy as to the alterations necessary to school & school house, expenditure up to £80 being authorised.


October 16.1926    E. Cornwall-Jones Chairman




October 16th 1925

A Meeting of the Managers was held at the Vicarage on Friday, October 16th at 8.15 p.m.

Present:      Mr Edwards, Mr Hodges, Mr Lees, Mrs Todd, Miss Jones,
                  the Vicar (in the Chair) & Mr Davy.




The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed



Alteration Scheme

With regard to the Alteration Scheme, Mr Davy reported that he had received estimates from Allwick and from Batten for external repairs and had accepted the latter for £81.7.0, which included the repairs to school house ceiling. On behalf of the Managers the Vicar thanked Mr Davy cordially for his very effective help.  Payment to Batten was authorised on Mr Davy’s certificate that the work was completed.  

The Vicar reported that a preliminary Scheme had been prepared by Mr Davy, the Board of Education Inspector, Mr Ball, and Canon Maplesden of the Diocesan Board of Education.  In order to raise funds to carry this out, it was agreed that the Vicar & Mr Lees should inform Canon Maplesden that the Managers were ready to realise their assets, such as the school house & some of the adjacent land, and they were given full interim authority to take the necessary steps subject to final ratification by the Managers.  Mr Davy was asked to report on the alterations necessary to give independent access to the school house & the probable cost.  It was also agreed by the Managers that any work undertaken by Mr Davy should be done so professionally.



Resignations of Mr Chester &
Mr Robinson

Letters of Resignation from Mr Chester the Headmaster and Mr Robinson were read.  Mr Chester was retiring from service altogether, and Mr Robinson had obtained a post under the Kent Education Committee.  It was agreed to write thanking both for their services.



Appointments to fill vacances

Advertisement of the post of Headmaster had appeared in the October number of the Middlesex Schools Gazette: applications to be sent in by October 24th.

A letter from Sir Benjamin Gott was read stating that the Headmaster recommended for appointment  should be qualified to be appointed as the Headmaster of the new Senior School to be erected: as an alternative a Headmistress might be appointed who could continue in the Junior School. It was unanimously agreed that this first suggestion should be accepted, & that Sir Benjamin Gott should be asked to fill the two posts from the temporary staff, while the applications for the permanent posts were being considered.  Mr Hodges and the Vicar were asked to make the necessary arrangements with Sir Benjamin Gott for joint consideration & action with regard to the appointments. 



Attendance Committee

The Vicar reported that an Attendance Committee must be elected, and he and Mrs Todd were appointed by the meeting.



Size of Classes

A letter from the Middlesex Education Committee was read stating that an attempt is being made to reduces (sic) all classes for children over 11 years of age from 50 to 40.



Financial Statement

It was reported that the balance in hand October 1st 1925 was £89: receipts during the year October 1st 1924 – September 30th 1925 being £26.9.8, expenditure £4.1.0


E Cornwall-Jones
October 30th 1925              Chairman




October 30th 1925

A Meeting of the Managers was held on Friday, October 30th 1925 at 8 <p.m.>

Present:      the Vicar (in the Chair),
                  Mr Edwards, Mr Hodges, Mr Lees & Mrs Todd




The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.



Head Mastership

The Vicar reported that 51 applications for the post of Headmaster had been sent in but that the list had been reduced, after consideration of the applicant’s qualification, to a small number, when the Managers proceeded to consider on their merits, viz. Mr Booy, Mr Baines, Mr Smart, Mr A.T. Smith & Mr Wadey. The Managers resolved to interview these five at 8 o’clock next Friday, the 6th November


November 6th 1925     E. Cornwall-Jones  Chairman




November 6th 1925

A Meeting of the Managers was held on 
Friday, November 6th 1925 at 8.

Present:      The Vicar (in the Chair),
                   Mr Edwards, Mr Hodge, Miss Jones, 
                   Mr Lees & Mrs Todd.




The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.




The Managers then interviewed five Applicants for the post of Headmaster, Mr Baines, Mr Bony, Mr Smart, Mr A.T. Smith & Mr Wadey.  After prolonged discussion it was agreed to adjourn the meeting till Monday the 9th when Mr Smith should be asked to appear again before the Managers.



Assistant Mastership

The Vicar reported that the post of assistant master had been advertised in the Gazette and that four applications had already been received.






November 9th 1925

A Meeting of the Managers was held on Monday, November 9th 
at Kelvin House School.

Present:      The vicar (in the Chair)
                   Mr Edwards, Mr Lees & Mrs Todd,


when Mr. Smith was further interviewed by the Managers, and the meeting was adjourned until Mr Hodges could be present.



November 11th

The adjourned Meeting was held on November 11th at Journeys End, Sharps Lane

Present:      The Vicar (in the Chair)
                    Mr Edwards, Mr Hodges, Mr Lees & Mrs Todd  


It was unanimously decided to appoint Mr Smith, subject to confirmation by Sir Benjamin Gott


November 27th 1925

E. Cornwall-Jones




November 27th 1925

A Meeting of the Managers was held on Friday, November 27th
at 8.15 p.m.

Present:      the Vicar (in the Chair),
                  Mr Edwards, Mr Hodges, Miss Jones, 
                  Mr Lees & Mrs Todd




The minutes of the last three meetings were read & confirmed.




Mr Hodges reported that he had seen Mr Wheeler of the Middlesex Education Committee, who had said that the Managers’ appointment of Mr A.T. Smith met with the approval of Sir Benjamin Gott.  The Vicar reported that, following on this, he had consulted with Mr Lees, and arranged with Mr Smith to take up his duties in December 1st.



Alteration Scheme

Mr Davy submitted an alteration scheme arrived at in consultation with Canon Maplesden and Mr Ball, giving probable cost as £1474 including repairs to school & playground, with the additional alterations-repairs to school house to cost £408. The Managers agreed to consider the scheme in detail and asked that it should be discussed with Canon Maplesden prior to submission to the Board of Education.  In addition, the Vicar was asked to go into the matter of the Trust Deed with Canon Maplesden.



Assistant  Mastership

Seven applications for the post of assistant master were then considered: Messrs C.R. Bull, H Edwards, G Fleming, C. Moorhouse, H. Orchard, A. Wellmen, E. Wraight and its was agree to interview Mr Orchard, Mr Wellman & Mr Wraight on Friday, December 4th at 8 o’clock.



School House

The Vicar reported that Mr Smith had asked if it would be possible for him to occupy the school house for a year as he might be able to buy a house, but it was agreed that this was inadvisable.


December 4th 1925

E Cornwall-Jones




4 December 1925

A Meeting of the Managers was held on December 4th at 8.15

Present:      the Vicar,
                   Mrs Todd Mrs Edwards & Mr Lees.




The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed




Canon Maplesden’s letter of 3 December to the chairman was read, and as a result search was made in the C/E tin box at the Vicarage, and an office copy of the Conveyance of the school site from King’s College and its lessees to the Vicar & Churchwardens was found  and the contents perused.  It was left to Mr Lees to report on the effect of the School Sites Acts 1842 & 1845, for the purposes of which the conveyance was made.


E. Cornwall-Jones
15 January 1926





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