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1925 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


The following 'overview' extracts from the School’s Log Books the following types of material:

  • That which directly affected the children and/or their parents (events, visits off site, visiting speakers, medical checks, services either in school or at St. Martin’s Ruislip, holidays, etc.)

  • Significant changes in staffing, in the main restricted to the Headteacher, the Deputy and those who had provided a long period of service.

  • Visitors that indirectly impacted on the management of the school and/or its educational practice – Local Authority Officers, Inspections, etc.

  • In-service courses undertaken by the Headteacher or other staff introducing significant educational initiatives.

  • Items that impacted on or resulted in changes to the School’s facilities.

Most entries in the Log Book (in 1926 kept by the Headmaster, Mr John Chester until the end of November, and Mr Arthur Smith for December) have been lightly edited – expanding concise or abbreviated comments, etc.  Where entries have been copied without change, these are given in bold.  Editorial comments to ease comprehension are given in brackets and in italic.





Easter Holiday: 09/04/1925 - 19/04/1925




School opened today after the Easter Holiday.
(Start of the school’s second Log Book by the Headmaster, Mr John Chester)


Percentage of attendance for past month 94.4%.


Today, after an examination of their work, I gave permission for Standard II to work at the four rules in Arithmetic instead of using the Realistic Bk II. It is absolutely necessary for these children to master these rules before undertaking even the simplest problem.


Mr V. Ball, H.M.I., visited the School today and inspected the building, lavatories, &c.


I was very much impressed by the Singing of Classes i. ii. & iii. this afternoon.  Tone and tune were excellent.        E. Cornwallis Jones
(One of the vicar’s regular visits to the school and subsequent entries in the log book recording his impressions.)


The Registers were checked by the Vicar.  (It was also the vicar’s responsibility to make periodic checks of the registers.)


The first and second class attended Church this morning till 9.40 a.m.


The 1st and 2nd Class attended Church till 9.37 a.m.


The Vicar visited the School this afternoon.


Today being the Feast of the Ascension the children attended Church.  A whole holiday followed.


The Vicar gave the children an address on the British Empire.  After marching past and saluting the Flag the children were dismissed and a half holiday given.


Mr Ball (HMI, see above, 28/04/25) and another Inspector from the Board of Education made an inspection of the School buildings this afternoon.  (These continued to be considered inadequate until the building of the first Bishop Winnington Ingram CE School in 1931.)




Half Term Holiday: 30/05/1925 – 02/06/1925




I received this morning the official notification that Margery D/// has been awarded an Entrance Scholarship at Uxbridge County School. (Refers to a school in The Greenway, Uxbridge, founded in 1907.  It was moved in 1928 when the name was changed to Bishopshalt.)


Commenced the Term Examinations today.


For the first time since March the percentage of attendance has dropped below 90%.  There are several cases of whooping cough in the infants.


30 children absent in Infants with whooping cough or colds.


Entry by the Vicar:

I examined the registers found them passed
E. Cornwall Jones.  


The Registers will not be marked today as it is the Diocesan Scripture Examination


Miss Grist will be absent today and the two following days to attend the Examination of the Froebel Society.


Mr Robinson was absent with leave to attend the Certificate Examination on June 30th and July 1st .


School will be closed this afternoon for the Annual County Sports at Brentford. (The ‘County’ at this time was Middlesex, stretching all the way from Staines in the southwest to Enfield in the northeast.)


School breaks up today for summer Holiday


Report of Inspection by Rev. Preb. H.J.R.Osborne on July 13th 1925

Although the school has been somewhat disorganised through rearrangement of classes a few months ago, yet the work on the whole reaches quite a high standard of efficiency.  The teaching has led the children to think for themselves and express their own opinions.  Some of them are particularly intelligent and have a keen religion.  The Infants are bright and happy and the tone throughout the school is admirable.  Mr Chester carries with him into retirement our best wishes for his future happiness.  

E. Cornwall Jones                           H.J.Reginald Osborne
Chairman                                         Diocesan Inspector




Summer Holiday: 23/07/1925 - 25/08/1925




School opened today after Summer Holiday


There are two erasures in the totals in Mr. Robinson’s register of Class 4 under Aug. 25th.  I have spoken to him about the illegality of it, but he does not appear to appreciate the seriousness of the matter.  I have initialled both entries. (Headteachers could be particularly pedantic about the keeping of registers – as indeed they can still be today - as legal documents reflecting a child’s presence or absence from school!)


There are still many cases of Whooping Cough


Miss Grist has been successful in her examination for the Higher Certificate of the National Froebel Union. Part I.


The Architect to the Middlesex County Council inspected the School premises this afternoon. (Consideration was being given to improvements to the school’s premises.)


The Vicar called in this afternoon and signed the diocesan Report.
(See above, 22/07/1925)


The Vicar; Mr Ball, H.M.I.; Canon Maplesden; and the Architect visited the School this morning.


Owing to the crowded state of the room, Class 2 has been removed from Room A to Room B and Class 4 has taken its place.


Mrs Todd, one of the School Managers visited the School this morning.


School Breaks up today for Mid-Term Holiday. 3 days




Half Term 23/10/1925 – 28/10/1925




The School Dental Surgeon examined all the children, in the Church Room yesterday and today. The teachers accompanied their scholars.


The vicar has informed me this morning that the Church Room will not again be available for Medical Inspections.


Entry by the Vicar:
Examined Registers. Passed

Nov:2.1925       E. Cornwall Jones. Chairman 


The Medical Officer examined the younger children today in the Baby Room.  This entailed crowding two classes into one room. (Clearly the lack of access to the Church Room for medical inspections - cf. 30/10.1925 - had a significant impact on the school’s available space.  The ‘Baby Room’ would appear to be a classroom designated for the use of the youngest pupils, probably a Reception class of 4-5 year olds)


Mr. A.S. Robinson is leaving today, Friday but his engagement does not terminate till Nov. 8th .


The children attended Church this morning at 10:30 a.m.  The registers were not marked, and there was a holiday in the afternoon. (This would have been for Armistice Day)


The nurse examined the children of top 4 classes.


The floors of the school have not been washed for several weeks.  I spoke to the cleaner about it, and told her that the whole school should be scrubbed once in three weeks.  The large room one week, then two rooms each of the following weeks.  The big room was very dirty last week, and the state of the windows leaves much to be desired.


Nurse inspected the two lowest classes today.


Miss Weaving is absent today with leave to sit for part of Inter. B.A. London.


Today being the occasion of Queen Alexandra’s Funeral religious instruction was omitted so that the children could attend church at 11:30 a.m.


I, John Hough Chester today resign my position as Head Teacher


I, Arthur Thomas Smith, commenced as Head Master today.  
The Revd Canon Cornwall Jones, Chairman of Manager, accompanied by – Edwards Esq and – Less Esq (Managers) attended and officially welcomed the new Headmaster.


The children in the upper school have been examined by the Headmaster in the following subjects:- Arithmetic, Composition, Dictation, Read, Writing.  The results were as follows:-









vi. 10%
vii. 50%






11.5 mks.


13 marks

12.2 marks



vi 10.4 errors
vii. 3.8  



9.6 errors














The Children in the upper School held a Christmas Party this afternoon.  The Vicar came in a spoke a few words to the children at the close of the proceedings.


The Infants held their Christmas Party this afternoon.


The Headmaster, with the concurrence of the Chairman of Managers, left school early this afternoon (2:30 p.m.) in order to attend at Drill Hall Road Senior School, Harrow, where a presentation was made to him by the Staff and Scholars.  (It seems likely that Arthur Smith had previously been at this school.  There is a photograph of Drill Hall Road School at this date in the London Transport Photographic Archive:  Inventory no: 1998/80746)


School was closed at the conclusion of the afternoon’s session for the Christmas Holidays




Christmas Holiday 23/12/1925 – 11/01/1926




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