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1926 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1926 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1926.  

There were two aborted entries in the Log Book.  The first relates to 15/01/1926, which got no further than a list of those present, followed by two void pages, and on which date the Vicar signed the minutes for 4/12/1925.  The first meeting fully recorded was 9/11/1926, suggesting that as a minimum a meeting was held on 15/01/1926, at which draft minutes were taken but failed to be copied into the Minute Book.  It is possible that other meetings were also held before the first November meeting.   The second aborted entry was dated 22/11/1926. With the exception of the date, this cancelled entry agrees with opening of the minutes for 13/12/1926.  It seems likely, therefore, that Miss Cornwall Jones, who appears to have recorded the minutes, realising that the date was incorrect, began again incorporating the December date.

The Managers were increasingly faced with a need to upgrade the school building to meet then current requirements.  Eventually it was realised that the amount required was far in excess of anything the parish could contribute, not least because the church building also needed attention. The National Society, while sympathetic, could not assist to any great extent. Middlesex County Council offered to lease the building from the church, financing all necessary works, however, this would take the school out of the church’s control for the lease period of 21 years, thereby severing its church affiliation.  The year closed with the Managers still seeking ways to avoid this happening.  

The Abbott family, who had appeared several times in the Log Books as both John Chester and more recently Arthur Smith had tried to secure their regular attendance (1919, 1920, 1922, 1924, 1926), was brought the Managers’ attention.




15th January 1926

A Meeting of the Managers was held on Friday, January at 8.30.

Present:      The Vicar,
                  Mrs Todd, Mr Lees, Mr Edwards, Miss Jones & Mr Smith


(No further details of this meeting, or any subsequent meeting before November 9th were entered.  Pages 107 and 108 were left void.)




November 9th 1926

A Meeting of the Managers was held at the Vicarage
on Tuesday, November 9th at 8.15

Present:      The Vicar (in the Chair),
                  Mrs Todd, Mr Carter, Mr Harry Edwards




A letter from Sir B. Gott, dated November 1st was read, requesting information as to the proposals for repairs and alterations to the schools, as required by the Board of Education

The architect, Mr Clifton Davy, submitted alteration schemes, one involving the expenditure of about £1,500, and the other of at least £800.  Both schemes had been submitted to Canon Maplesden, and to Mr Ball, HMI of Schools, who had informally approved; though the latter considered it doubtful if the Board of Education would consider the smaller scheme adequate, but as only an emergency substitute.

It was moved by Mr Edwards, seconded by Mrs Todd, that the Vicar and Mr Davy should ask Sir B. Gott to meet them, and endeavour to find out what the minimum requirements of the Board of Middlesex Education Committee would be.  

The Headmaster (Mr A.T. Smith) attended later to report the continuing neglect of school by Edna Abbott and Beatrice Abbott, 8 Wiltshire Lane, Eastcote.  There cases had been considered before, and the father (after an earlier, fruitless admonition) summoned.  But as the magistrates only imposed a nominal fine, there had been no improvement in attendance.  It was unanimously decided to report the matter to the Divisional Education Officer for necessary action.

The Headmaster was congratulated on the excellent reports received from HMI of Schools and the Diocesan Inspector.  Also on the successive records for attendance – the highest in the Division.

It was moved by Mr Edwards, seconded by Mrs Todd, that the meeting be adjourned until the Chairman had succeeded in securing necessary information from Sir B. Gott.  





November 22nd 1926

On Monday, November 22nd the above adjourned meeting was resumed. 
The Vicar presided, and Mrs Todd, Mr Carter were present,
Mr Hanhart being delayed until later by his Council duties. Mr Lees had telephoned to express his regrets at being unable to attend.  A letter had been received from Mr H. Edwards, apologising for his absence on account of his bereavement. It was unanimously voted to record the sympathy of the Managers with Mr Edwards on his loss of his mother.




Mr Davy & the Vicar reported the result of their interview with Sir B. Gott.  It was evident that the smaller scheme would not meet the needs of a Junior School (5-11) unless the hall be used as a schoolroom. The larger scheme alone meeting the conditions.  But the cost of this made it impossible, unless aid is forthcoming from outside the parish.

The County Council Education Committee would be prepared to lease the present premises, as per adjoining terms for 21 years, and adapt the premises to the standard required by the Board of Education.

After a lengthy and detailed consideration, the following resolution was proposed by Mr Carter, seconded by Mrs Todd, & carried unanimously.

“That <it> is quite impossible for the parish (already overburdened by the cost of keeping in repair the Parish Church) to undertake the additional responsibility of repairing and altering the school premises so as to satisfy the Board of Education and that failing financial assistance from outside the parish, the school should be transferred to the Middlesex Education Committee on the terms offered in its memorandum E 9/1926, dated January 1 1926.

And that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the Bishop of Willesden (pro the Bishop of London); to Canon Maplesden, and to the National Society.”



 The Vicar reported that Mr Baine had the case of the Abbott children under consideration & for necessary action. 





The following record was cancelled:


November 22nd

At a special meeting of the  Managers held at the Vicarage on November 2nd, the Vicar in the  present, all members present except  Mr Hanhart unavoidably detained, Canon Maplesden attended,





December 13th

At a Special Meeting of the Managers held at the Vicarage on December 13th

The Vicar in the Chair,
all members present except Mr Hanhart who was unavoidably detained, Canon Maplesden, director of Religious Education for the Dioceses, met to consider what steps could be taken to prevent the necessity of leasing the school to the Middlesex County Council Education Authorities, & to retain it as a Church of England school.  The Managers were greatly helped by the Director’s counsel and much encouraged by this report of a vote by the Diocesan authorities of £100 towards the necessary alterations in the fabric of the school.

It was then unanimously agreed to forward to Sir Benjamin Gott the following letter which was drafted in consultation with the Director: -

“The managers desire me to forward to you the accompanying plans, & to ask you to be good enough to submit them, on their behalf, to the Board of Education for their preliminary consideration.

They desire to know from the Board

(1) whether, after the execution of this plan, permanent recognition will be accorded to the school; &

(2) whether the Board will agree to its execution in instalments spread over a period say of five years.”

B.H. Carter
March 11th 1927



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