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1926 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


The following 'overview' extracts from the School’s Log Books the following types of material:

  • That which directly affected the children and/or their parents (events, visits off site, visiting speakers, medical checks, services either in school or at St. Martin’s Ruislip, holidays, etc.)

  • Significant changes in staffing, in the main restricted to the Headteacher, the Deputy and those who had provided a long period of service.

  • Visitors that indirectly impacted on the management of the school and/or its educational practice – Local Authority Officers, Inspections, etc.

  • In-service courses undertaken by the Headteacher or other staff introducing significant educational initiatives.

  • Items that impacted on or resulted in changes to the School’s facilities.

Most entries in the Log Book (in 1926 kept by the Headmaster, Mr Arthur Smith) have been lightly edited – expanding concise or abbreviated comments, etc.  Where entries have been copied without change, these are given in bold.  Editorial comments to ease comprehension are given in brackets and in italic.



Christmas Holiday 23/12/1925 – 11/01/1926




School was opened this morning after the Christmas Holidays.


Miss Weaving heard during the holidays that she had passed the Intermediate B.A. Examination (External) University of London


In an attempt to raise the standard of work in English and Arithmetic modifications in the Time-table have been made.  The time devoted to Arithmetic has been slightly increased, and the work in English has been broadened and rearranged.  The time given to Drawing has been slightly curtailed with an increase in the case of the boys of the study of Practical Arithmetic and Handwork.
Standard VI and VII will now occupy Room C and Standard IV occupy the eastern end of Room A


Snow is falling heavily today.


In consequence of the snowfall the attendance has fallen considerably today, particularly in the Infants department.  Over 70 children away.


P. Annett Esq (Divisional Organiser) visited the school this morning.  I drew his attention to the supply of coal, the dust bins, & the absence of a fire guard round the closed stove in the large room. (Heating at this time would have been by a coal fuelled stove in each classroom.)


The Log Book was signed by the Vicar:
E. Cornwall Jones, Chairman, Feb 2. 1926


The vicar paid a visit to the School this morning at 11:30 a.m.
The vicar came in this morning and conducted the Scripture Lesson in Classes 1, 2 and 3.


The attendance this week has dropped to 84.8 % 
There is much illness in the Junior Department.


V. Ball Esq. H.M.I. visited the school today, and discussed with the Headmaster plans for improvement of the work throughout.


The children attended church for Divine worship this morning (Ash Wednesday) and returned at 9:35 a.m.


Dr Lorrington conducted a medical Examination this afternoon in the School House. (As the Church Room was no longer available to the schools - see 30/10/1925 – the school appears to have negotiated alternative space rather than further disrupt classes– see 04/11/2015)


Mr Edward Berran Wraight commenced as a Certificated (Trained) Assistant today.  He has been placed in charge of Class 4. (This class had had a supply teacher taking it since Mr Robinson left on 06/11/1925)


Frank C/// of Eastcote, an ex-scholar entered the playground during the interval for dinner & stuck one of the boys damaging his spectacles.  I have taken the necessary steps to prevent its recurrence.


The Preliminary Examination for Admission to Secondary Schools 1926 was commenced today.  The subject was English.


The examination as above was continued today.  Arithmetic was the subject.
The examination was supervised by the Head Master in the end room.  31 candidates were presented.
Standards 6 and 7 were grouped with the remainder of Sta 5 and taken by Mrs Minett during the time of the examination


The Medical Officer continued the Medical Examination in the School House p.m.


The medical examination was concluded today Sixty children have been examined in the three visits.


Notification was received today of those children who have qualified in the Entrance Examination for Secondary Schools – Preliminary.  4 boys and 6 girls will sit for the further examination on April March 30th at the Uxbridge County School.  
(Refers to a school in The Greenway, Uxbridge, founded in 1907.  It was moved in 1928 when the name was changed to Bishopshalt.)


The Headmaster has examined Classes 1 to 4 in Arithmetic including Tables and Mental, and in English including Composition, Reading, Recitation & Writing.


The school will be used for Polling tomorrow – the Ruislip – Northwood U.D.C. (Urban District Coucil) Election.


The ten children who were successful in the Preliminary Examination for Entrance Scholarships attended Uxbridge County School today for a further examination (written.)  Mrs Minett took the party from Ruislip to the County School.  She arrived at school here at 10:20 p.m. The Headmaster took charge of Std V in the meantime.  The children came to school in the afternoon, arriving at 2 p.m.  They will attend a further examination (oral) next month.
(The entry is slightly muddled – it probably should read that Mrs Minett arrived at the Uxbridge County School - at 10:20 a.m. with the ten children – the journey almost certainly would have been on foot.  It was also misplaced, being written after the last entry for the spring term with the Headmaster’s commentThis entry should have preceded those of 31st March’)


The Vicar visited the school this morning.


The children’s Savings for the Cripples Col (?) amounted to £3/0/8½


The School broke up for the Easter Holidays at the close of the afternoon session.  The attendance for the week was 97%




Eastern Holiday 01/04/1926 – 11/04/1926




School was resumed today after the Easter Holiday. Owing to the number of children admitted (for details see entry for 16th April) it has been necessary to make the following promotions :- 11 children from Class 6 to Class 5, and 8 children from Class 5 to Class 4, and 2 children from Class 4 to Class 3.  In consequence of the increased numbers in the lower classes of the Senior School it has been necessary to make changes in the allocation of rooms as follows







no. in class











Mrs Minett





Miss Weaving







Mr Wraight







Miss Grist







Mrs Green  





A short staff meeting was held this morning when the work of last term was reviewed & suggestions made for this term’s work.


The Games Period was not taken this afternoon owing to the wet weather.  It will be taken on Monday afternoon.


4 children have left and 19 children admitted since the end of last term.


The attendance has been maintained – 97%


Nine scholars attended at the Uxbridge County School today for the Oral Examination in connection with the Entrance Examination. Mary I/// was absent ill.  
(Refers to a school in The Greenway, Uxbridge, founded in 1907.  It was moved in 1928 when the name was changed to Bishopshalt.)


Mary I/// attended the Uxbridge County School this morning & returned this afternoon 2 p.m.


Mr Annett visited the school this morning.


The attendance this week dropped to 92.2% owing to the damp & cold weather.
For the month the percentage was :- 96


A test in Mechanical Arithmetic was held throughout the Upper School this morning.


Lewis I/// was attacked by a dog this morning at mid-day when delivering an Absence Enquiry Form at Lily R///’s house.  His coat was torn badly.


Ascension Day.  The school attended Church this morning at 9 a.m. At the conclusion of the service the children were granted a holiday for the day.


The School Nurse visited the School at my request today and examined the heads of the children.  A case of Ringworm has been reported.


School was closed today for the Uxbridge & District Elementary Schools Sports which were held at Uxbridge.


A parcel of books from Philip & Tacey arrived this morning:- 3 doz Dictionaries, 18 Anthologies


Empire Day was celebrated to-day; special lessons were given and the Chairman of Managers gave the address.  The proceedings terminated with the Saluting of the Flag & the National Anthem.  A half holiday was granted (afternoon)


Owing to the Whitsun Holiday the school will be closed on Monday & Tuesday next, 24th and 25th May.




Half Term Holiday: 22/05/1926-24/05/1926




School resumed this morning after the Whitsun holiday.


P. Annett Esq. B.Sc. paid a visit to the school this afternoon.


The First Class under the Headmaster has been working out of doors during the fine weather.  Some old desks have been utilised & these have been placed under the trees.


V. Ball Esq. H.M.I. paid a short visit to the school this morning.


This afternoon P. Annett Esq. B.Sc, Divisional Organiser paid a visit to the school.


The Vicar looked in during the afternoon and afterwards accompanied the Headmaster to the Reservoir where 20 boys received a first lesson in Swimming. (Presumably Ruislip Lido)


Mr Wraight was absent from school to-day Mr Wraight sent a telegram explaining that he had had an accident on his motor-cycle on the way to school.  The Headmaster took the class. (An interesting reflection on how messages were communicated at this date.)


The Medical Officer did not visit the school this afternoon although he had expressed his intention of doing so.  The parents who had been invited to attend were sent away at 3 o’c.


Mr E.B.Wraight returned to-day


The School Medical Officer attended this morning and afternoon and examined some children.  The Babies’ Room was used for the purpose, and the Babies’ Class was accommodated outside.


The School Medical Officer came this afternoon and examined 18 children.  Arrangements as for 15 June.


The Headmaster commenced the final examinations for the year today.


The examinations were continued this week


      "                "          "          "      today


      "                "          "          "      this morning.


A half holiday was granted this afternoon for the County Athletic Meeting at Uxbridge


The examinations were continued today


The examinations were continued today


Mr Wraight paid a visit of observation to Parkgate Road Mixed School, Watford (p.m.)


The School Medical Officer visited the School this afternoon.  Arrangements as on 15 June.


The Vicar signed the Log Book:
E. Cornwall Jones. Chairman


The Registers were not marked today as the Diocesan Inspector of Religious Knowledge visited the school for the Annual Inspection.


The Vicar visited the school this morning.


School was closed today at the end of the afternoon session for the Summer Holiday




Summer Holiday 22/07/1926-22/08/1926




School re-opened to-day after the summer Holiday


During the holidays the stock ordered in June was delivered


For the first week efforts will be concentrated on the ‘Three R’s’
Owing to the size of the classes, rearrangement of rooms has become necessary.
Classes are now arranged as follows












Mrs Minett






Mr E. B. Wraight






Miss E. A. Wearing






Miss G. H. Grist






Mrs C. A. Green


The Time-table has been revised: English, Arithmetic and Physical Exercises occupy the morning session daily.  Arrangements have been made for children to transfer in Arithmetic & English according to their ability in these subjects.  In Class 2, 3, and 4 a new Arithmetic Book has been introduced with a view to concentration & improvement in this subject. (Fundamental Arithmetic: P. B. Ballard. M.A.)
In the afternoon some specialisation will take place in the four upper classes.


Recitation & Literature

The Headmaster



Mrs Minett



Miss Weaving



Mr Wraight


Mr Wraight will also take Practical Mathematics in the Upper School (Boys) and Hygiene with the Boys of Class 1.  Mrs Minett & Miss Weaving will take the Girls in Needlework.  They will also be responsible for the Singing throughout.


23 children have left, including 2 (Marjorie D/// & Donald M/// ) awarded free places at the Uxbridge County School.  19 children have been admitted and the number on roll is 212.
(The County School was a school in The Greenway, Uxbridge, founded in 1907.  It was moved in 1928 when the name was changed to Bishopshalt.)


Percentage of attendance for the week (and month) was 91.5.  Several children are still on holiday.


P. Annett Esq., Divisional Organiser, paid a visit to the School this morning.


- Darlington Esq (and Mrs Darlington) paid a visit to the school this morning & visited all the rooms.  The Chairman of the Education Committee afterwards paid a visit with the Headmaster to the new Council School. (On the new school, see 18/10/1926)


The Headmaster paid a visit to Eastcote School during the break this afternoon.


The Headmaster attended a conference at the Eastcote Infants School this afternoon at 3:30 p.m.


Report of the Inspection by Prebendary H.J.R. Osborne July 16th 1926
The new Headmaster has re-organised the school on wise lines.  The teaching is sound and stimulating and the children are ready and alert and many of them are capable of expressing their views on the value of practical / religion in daily life
The Infants are a very promising lot, and are under admirable influence

H.J.Reginald Osborne
Diocesan Inspector

E. Cornwall Jones, Chairman


Mr Annett visited the school this afternoon.


The vicar visited the school this morning & checked registers.  The repairs necessary in the Girls’ Lavatories & in the Boys’ Cloak Room were pointed out.


Miss Cooper the School Nurse visited the School today & examined the heads of the children. (for possible head lice)


V. Ball Esq and Miss Luce His Majesty’s Inspectors visited the school this morning.


Sir Benjamin Gott M.A. (Director of Education for Middlesex County Council) visited the School this morning, and afterwards inspected the new school now being erected.  (The ‘new school’ was the Manor Secondary School, on Eastcote Road and of which Arthur Smith would become its first Headmaster – see 13/04/1927)


The Vicar visited the school this afternoon


School will be closed for the Half-term Holiday at the end of the afternoon session.




Half Term: 22/10/1926 – 25/10/1926




Sir Benjamin Gott visited the School this morning on his way to the Vicarage


The elder scholars held a practice in the Church this morning from 9 o’c to 9:30


Attendance for the month was 96.3%


The School attended Church this morning (All Saints Day) until 9:40 a.m.


   - , -


Board of Education
Ruislip C. of E. School    no.53
Inspected on 12th October 1926
Report by H.M.I. V. Ball Esq
Mixed and Infants: -
In spite of the difficult conditions a marked and much needed improvement has taken place in the last twelve months.  There is more purpose in the teaching, and consequently a better response by the children.  The Head Master may be congratulated upon the year’s work.  
This is one of the very few school in the County area where there is no Practical Instruction whatever, neither handicraft for the boys, nor cookery for the girls.

Signed by the Vicar
E. Cornwall Jones   nov: 9.1926  


Mr Harvey, School Attendance Officer visited the school to find out the quantity of fuel we have here.

Mr Annett visited the school this afternoon.


A very wet morning – several children away in consequence


Signed by the Vicar:
Nov: 9.1926    E. Cornwall Jones


The Vicar came in this morning & examined the register


School assembled at 8/45 this morning.  At 10.45 the children went to Church for the Armistice Day service.  No religious instruction was given this morning, but short lessons / on the meaning of the Armistice Celebrations & its symbol were given.


Dr Lorrington conducted a medical examination this morning in the small room occupied by Class 6.  Consequently the two lowest classes were grouped together in Miss Grist’s Room where there were over 70 children.


The attendance for the month was 95.1 %
It has been a foggy and a wet week & the attendance has dropped slightly.


Mrs Minett owing to a railway breakdown, & Mr Wraight owing to a punctured motocycle, were a few minutes late this morning.


Mr Pyman called this morning with regard to proposed arrangements for Gardening.


The Headmaster commenced the Term Examination this morning.


P. Annett Esq. Divisional Organising Officer visited the school this afternoon and paid a visit to the new Council School with the Headmaster. (The new school would be ‘The Manor School’ on Eastcote Road, see 18/10/1926)


The Headmaster left school this afternoon at 3.15 p.m. in order to referee a boys’ football match at Ickenham.


The Headmaster left school a few minutes before the normal time for closing school in order to leave (lead ?) a demonstration of Physical Exercises at Watford Grammar School for Boys.


The children in the Upper School (classes 1,2,3,4) are to be entertained at a Christmas Party this evening in the Church Room.


The Party held last night was completely successful.  The Vicar, Mrs Carter, H Edwards Esq (School Manager) and many kind friends attended.
The Infants held their Party this afternoon.  The Vicar came & spent a jolly hour with the young guests.


School was closed at the end of the Afternoon session for the Christmas Holidays


The Term Examination
A thorough examination has been made by the Headmaster in the following branches of English (Reading, Recitation, Composition spelling Grammar Writing, General English) and Arithmetic (Tables, Mental & Written Arithmetic in Stds 2,3,4 and Mechanical & Reasoning tests in the upper standards)
Geography, History & Drawing were also tested.
Details have been entered in the Class Record Books.




Christmas Holiday: 23/12/1926 – 05/01/1927




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