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1927 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


The following 'overview' extracts from the School’s Log Books the following types of material:

  • That which directly affected the children and/or their parents (events, visits off site, visiting speakers, medical checks, services either in school or at St. Martin’s Ruislip, holidays, etc.)

  • Significant changes in staffing, in the main restricted to the Headteacher, the Deputy and those who had provided a long period of service.

  • Visitors that indirectly impacted on the management of the school and/or its educational practice – Local Authority Officers, Inspections, etc.

  • In-service courses undertaken by the Headteacher or other staff introducing significant educational initiatives.

  • Items that impacted on or resulted in changes to the School’s facilities.

Most entries in the Log Book (in 1927 kept by the Headmaster, Mr Arthur Smith until the end of the Easter Term, and then by Miss Grist as Acting Headmistress) have been lightly edited – expanding concise or abbreviated comments, etc.  Where entries have been copied without change, these are given in bold.  Editorial comments to ease comprehension are given in brackets and in italic.



Christmas Holiday: 23/12/1926 – 05/01/1927




School assembled this morning after the Christmas Holiday.  There appears to be a number of children in the lower classes absent with minor illnesses.


Percentages of attendance is 91.1 Six children have left and twelve have been admitted this week.  No. on roll 228


The Vicar called this morning & stayed for a short time.


The School Nurse visited the school this morning and examined the heads of all the children. (For possible head lice infestation.)


An epidemic of Influenza is spreading through the school and is spoiling (?) the attendance.  This afternoon there were 40 absentees.  (There was a significant influenza epidemic both nationally and internationally over the winter 1926-1927.)
7 boys who sing in the Church Choir left this afternoon at 2.25 p.m. to attend the funeral service of the Revd. - - Bewley.  Their marks of attendance were cancelled.


Ernest Young Esq. Paid a visit to the school this morning.
The attendance this week has dropped to 87/7%. 15 of the scholars in Class 1 are away with Influenza & Colds.


The attendance today has dropped seriously.  Figures are as follows











    "      ;





A heavy fall of snow this morning was responsible for a further drop in an already low attendance.  80 children only were present.  *The percentage of attendance for the week was 51.4
(Entered in the bottom margin:
*See entry on page 31 under date FEB.17th )

Revision work, principally in the 3 R’s, has been done this week.


The attendance is still poor.  Conditions underfoot, owing to the thaw, are dreadful.


The attendance for the week was 60.3% and for the month 69.3%.  There are now 240 children on the roll.


V. Ball Esq. H.M.I., visited the school this morning with the plans of the proposed alterations of the building, and made an examination of the school with the plans before him. (The school was significantly overcrowded and the building substandard, see, for example, 04/11/1926 and the reference to a lack of practical activities, almost certainly due to a lack of available space. The issue was to resolve itself four years later with the building of Bishop Winnington Ingram CE School on Eastcote Road.)


H. Edwards Esq. & Mrs Todd visited the school at 9.45 a.m. and 11.45 a.m. respectively.  As Managers they visited the class-rooms in turn.


A return of the children absent during the week-end Jan 21st was made today.  The week during which the Influenza epidemic was at its height.

Percentage of attendance for the week 90.2


Mr E.B.Wraight is absent from school today owing to an accident (a fractured arm)


The Vicar signed:
E. Cornwall Jones.  Chairman Feb: 16.1927


The Vicar attended this morning & checked the registers and found them correct.


Mr Annett visited the school this afternoon with Entrance Examination Forms, and the Schools Gazette.


Mr Annett also brought a Certificate from the County Medical Officer as follows:-
Infectious Diseases
The fall in the attendance for the week ended 21st Jan 1927 to below 60% was due to the prevalence of infectious disease (viz. Influenza) amongst the scholars.
Entries have been made in the Summary & Class Registers as required under the Code Amending Regulations
The meetings & attendances for that week (viz ended 21st Jan. 1927) will not be reckoned in calculating the average attendance.


During Mr Wraight’s absence the Head Master has undertaken the work of Class 3 in addition to that of Class 1.


Standard 4 are still without a Teacher.  In view of the prolonged absence I am distributing the children among the 3 classes in the Senior School.  Miss Grist has taken five of the backward pupils from Class 4 for the time being.


Mrs Bicknell attended today as Supply Teacher & will take Class 3 (Sta IV)


The children attended Church this morning at 9 o’c for Divine Worship (Ash Wednesday) and returned at 9,45 a.m. (nine forty five a.m.)
A representative of the Board of Education visited the school this morning and examined the building


The Preliminary Examination for Entrance to Secondary Schools was commenced today.  English Parts 1, 2, 3 were taken by the children between 9.30 a.m. and 11.30 a.m.


The Examination was continued today as follows: - Mental Arithmetic 9.30 – 9.50, Written Arithmetic 10.5 a.m. to 11.5 a.m.
21 children were eligible to sit.  20 children took the examination, 1 being absent ill.
The examination was supervised by the Headmaster in Room C.  Class 1 was distributed as follows:- Std 8 in Room A with remainder of Std 4; Stds 6 & 7 with remainder of Std 5.

Percentage of Attendance for Week 92.2


Mrs Bickenll (Supply Teacher) wired her inability to attend today.  The Headmaster took over the additional class.


Two cases of Measles have been reported.


Mr Wraight returned today after an absence of six weeks.


Form 9 E awaited me at School this morning.
Ten children, seven girls and three boys, attended the Uxbridge County School for the purpose of taking the examination for admission to Secondary Schools.  
(The County School was a school in The Greenway, Uxbridge, founded in 1907.  It was moved in 1928 when the name was changed to Bishopshalt.)


I have heard today that these children will attend the Uxbridge County School (i.e. Bishopsholt Secondary School, founded in 1907)for the Oral Examination on Tuesday 26th April at 10.30 a.m.


Mrs Green left school early this afternoon on receipt of a telegram informing her of the death of her brother.


Form 9 E in triplicate was sent to the Divisional Organiser today on completion.
The School Medical Officer examined selected children, 36 in number, in the Church Room today.  24 girls were examined this morning & the remainder, boys, in the afternoon.


Mr Wraight left school early this afternoon in order to attend an interview for appointment


H. Edwards Esq came to the school this morning for particulars of children in age groups under 8, under & over 11.


Mrs Green with the permission of the Managers is absent from school to-day, in order to attend the funeral of her brother who died suddenly.


School broke up for the Easter Holidays this afternoon.
After the Holidays the senior children will attend the new Council School in Eastcote Road.  I have been appointed Headmaster there and this afternoon said Prayers to the assembled school in the classroom.  My appointment in the new school dates from 24.2.1927

Arthur T. Smith


(This note announces the opening of the Manor School on Eastcote Road and Arthur Smith’s appointment as its first Headmaster.)




Easter Holiday: 14/04/1927 – 24/04/1927




I, Beatrice Helen Grist, commenced as Head Mistress today.
Mr Annett visited the school this morning.  



(Miss Grist’s appointment was to an ‘acting’ position, pending the appointment of Mr. T Williamson in September 1930.
It seems likely that this temporary position was due to the uncertainty as to the school’s future. By 1927 it seemed possible that the Ruislip congregation could no longer sustain the necessary funds to maintain the building and that the Diocese was unwilling to take over responsibility. A transfer to the control of the Local Authority, with a loss of its religious status. seemed increasingly likely. See the annual Diocesan inspection report (23/08/1927).  Only once the decision was taken to build the new ‘Bishop Winnington-Ingram School’ was a future secure for the church school and a new Headmaster appointed.)


V. Ball Esq H.M.I. visited the school this morning to enquire as to number on Roll, and numbers admitted this week.


No. on Roll 145
No. Admitted this week 34     Total 179
Mr Wraight left today.


H. Edwards Esq. Visited the school this morning


Sir Benjamin Gott (Director of Education for Middlesex County Council) visited the school this afternoon taking number of children admitted since Easter and number now on School Roll.  185 on Roll
No. admitted this week 6.


Mr Annett visited the school this morning.
Dr Norrington Medical Officer examined 42 children today


In order to attend the Opening of the Council School (that it, the new Manor Secondary School on Eastcote Road) I left school this afternoon at 2.45


The Vicar visited the school this morning.
Mr Annett came today and left list of holidays for the Years 1927 & 1928


Empire Day was celebrated today; the children assembled in Classroom A at 11 o’clock when suitable songs were sung, an address given by the Chairman of Mangers, and a play ‘Mother Britain’ given by Class 2. The proceedings terminated with the National Anthem and Saluting the Flag.
A half holiday was granted (afternoon)


A parcel from Rudd & Co. received today


Ascension Day.  The school attends Church this morning 9 o’c
At the conclusion of the Service the children were granted a holiday for the day.


P Annett Esq. visited the school this morning.
Some children have been vaccinated this week and have been marked in Register for treatment


A parcel from Philip & Tacey came today.


Owing to the Whitsun Holiday the school will be closed on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week June 6th , 7th and 8th .




Half term: 04/06/1927 – 08/06/1927




School resumed this morning after the Whitsun holiday.


Miss Weaving is absent today with the consent of the Education Committee in order to attend an examination B.A. History (Subsidary Subject) to Hons. Degree


Classes 1 & 2 will leave at 3.30 instead of 3.45 this afternoon as many parents have asked permission for their children to accompany them to the Ruislip Common Garden Fęte.


The Registers were not marked today as the Diocesan Inspector of Religious Knowledge visited the school for the Annual Inspection.
The Vicar too visited the School.


Several children are absent today as the Ickenham Sunday School Treat takes place and I understand they are visiting the Zoological Gardens.


One case of Whooping Cough notified today in Class 3.


Owing to very wet weather and Mothers Union Outing the attendance has dropped to 143 45 absent
A half holiday is granted this afternoon for the County Athletic Sports


Clifford P/// aged 5 fell in the playground at 12.35 during the dinner hour and sustained a deep cut on his forehead.  He was taken to Dr Keys who cleaned the wound, and put in three stitches.  Mrs P/// came to School and took the child home.


Final examinations for the year take place this week.


The vicar signed the Log Book:
E. Cornwall Jones      July 12. 1927


The Vicar visited the school this afternoon and checked the Registers.


Mr Annett came to the school this morning advising me as to the number to be promoted to the Senior School next term.


School was closed today at the end of the afternoon session for the Summer Holiday
Attendance rather low as several children have already gone for holidays.




Summer Holiday: 21/07/1927 – 22/08/1927




During the holidays the stock ordered in June was delivered.


Report of the Diocesan Inspection on June 24th by The Revd. O.R.M.Roxby

Junior Mixed and Infants.
It is a great pity that this school is likely to be lost to the Church as there is admirable work being done on the best lines associated with Church Schools.
The tone of the work and the spirit of the children are impressive.  The teaching has interested the children from the first and sound progress is noticeable as the children pass up the school; Among the elder children the work is well related to practical needs. It is thoughtful and well planned with wide perspective and religious feeling.  The school deserves warm commendation

“H.J.Reginald Osborne”
Diocesan Inspector


School re-opens today after the Summer Holidays


Two cases of chickenpox reported this week
24 children admitted this week, also 26 transferred to Senior School and 4 others removed during holiday.


5 children admitted today


The children in Class 4 are leaving at 3.15 until the end of the month as their classroom is needed for special Singing and Dancing by Classes 1, 2, 3.


Miss Weaving has been successful in passing the Internal B.A. examination in History of the University of London.


Attendance shows improvement this week 93.6%  Most children have returned from holidays now.


1 ton of Coal delivered at the School today.
The School Nurse visited the School this afternoon.


Owing to the very wet weather, playtime omitted today, and children leave earlier.


The School Dental Surgeon examined the children today from 10 oclock unitl 3 p.m.


Dental Surgeon in attendance this morning from 10 until 11.45


The children were photographed this afternoon from 1.45 to 2.30. (This is the first record of a photographer visiting; it is unclear whether for individual or group photographs.)


The Vicar examined the Registers this morning.


School will be closed for the Half term holiday at the end of the afternoon session




Half Term: 22/10/1927 – 25/10/1927




School reassembled this morning


The children will attend Church this morning (All Saints Day) until 9.40


2 ton of Coal was delivered today.
12 children attend the Dental Clinic today, and receive treatment mark in Registers.


7 children attending Dental Clinic


6 children attending Dental Clinic


19 children are attending the Dental Clinic during the next three days


The children assemble at 8.30 this morning and leave for Armistice Service in the Church 10.30


15 children are attending the Dental Clinic during the week


Mrs Smedley paid a visit to the school this afternoon


3 ton of Coal has been delivered this week


The Vicar visited School this morning


The Attendance in Class 4 is very low owing to illness among the children.  Colds, sore-throats.


The Headmistress left School at 3 o’c this afternoon on School business.


A very wet day, 37 children absent this morning, 59 this afternoon.  The children leave at 3.30 this afternoon.


The School Nurse visited School this morning and examined all the children.


The Head Mistress commenced the Term Examinations this week.


Dr Norrington examined 23 children in Class 4 this morning


Many children have been absent this week either suffering from colds, or shopping in London.  Percentage 82.6


The children are having their Christmas party this afternoon.


Owing to the dangerous state of the roads which are ice coated only 77 children are present out of 199.
The children leave at 11 a.m. having completed two hours instruction.
Attendance this afternoon 52 out of 199.
Dr Norrington examined 21 children today.


School will close at the end of the Afternoon session for the Christmas Holidays
Percentage 68 this week.




Christmas Holiday: 24/12/1927 – 08/01/1928




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