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1928 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1928 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1928.

There was over six months between the December 1927 meeting, when the Managers reaffirmed their intention to cede control of the Ruislip Church School to Middlesex County Council on a 21 year lease, before their next meeting, a period during which they appeared to have taken no decisive action to bring it about.  In July 1928, notwithstanding a further intervention by Laura Sawbridge (see the introduction to the Managers’ minutes for 1927), they again stated their intention to lease the school. At that July meeting Mrs Minett’s position as teacher at the school was brought into question.  The HMI clearly felt that her manner of teaching was better adapted to secondary rather than primary; it appears she applied for a post at the new council secondary school (cf. Log Book 2 for 15/07/1928), but had been unsuccessful.

With the intention to lease the school to the council, the necessary remedial building work could go ahead.  To facilitate this, the two classes with the oldest pupils would be taught in the council secondary school until the works were finished.  In the event, these classes would not return until after the building of the new Bishop Winnington Ingram School.   

By the autumn Laura Sawbridge had secured the necessary funding for a new school.  The means by which this was achieved was not identified in the Managers’ Minute Book; close study of Miss Sawbridge’s prolific correspondence in the London Metropolitan Archive might shed greater light on this (cf. Acc/1035/009/001). Her work required the Managers to write to the Middlesex Education Committee rescinding their resolution of the previous year and informing the Committee that appropriate plans would be forthcoming in the near future. Since the Managers had vacillated backwards and forward concerning the leasing the school, to put their minds at rest that the matter was now definitively settled, Laura Sawbridge gave the Managers formal written confirmation that the necessary funds would be forthcoming.

At the next meeting (October) the Managers got down to some of the details, including the inclusion of the Parish Hall as part of the new building (which the parish would be funding).  While at the final meeting of the year, they took the time to make reference to their appreciation of the work of Sir Benjamin Gott, who had supported their endeavours over the past twenty-five years or more, as he retired from his post as Secretary to the Middlesex Education Committee.



July 19 1928

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the Vicarage
on Thursday, July 19 1928
the Vicar presiding
all members present except Mrs Todd, who had sent an apology for her compulsory absence.




The minutes were read and approved




The correspondent reported that the Middlesex Education Committee had reappointed Mrs Todd as its representative.

That the Clerk to the Ruislip Northwood Urban District Council had intimated the appoint of Mr Kenneth McFarlane as the Council representative and a cordial welcome tendered to Mr McFarlane.



Staff Appointment

The Managers unanimously appointed Miss Marchant, as from February 14th 1928, to the staff as a teacher, whose service had given satisfaction.



Mrs Minett

The Correspondent reported letters received & action taken, and it was decided to defer the question of Mrs Minett’s appointment until the transfer of schools is completed.  Miss Luce HMI had adversely reported on the work of this teacher in the Junior department, and recommended her to resume senior work.

Mrs Minett’s application for appointment to the Senior (Council) School was considered by the selection committee, and an interview granted; but Mrs Kent was appointed.



Two classes temporarily transferred

Letters from the Secretary to the Middlesex Education Committee were read, consenting to the transfer of two senior classes to the council school while alterations are pending, and the Junior School accommodation inadequate.



Transfer of Schools to M.E.C.

As a result of a visit paid to the Vicar by the Rev Prebendary Thicknesse and correspondence between Miss Sawbridge and Mr Clifton Davey, the Managers gave prolonged consideration to this question; and the following resolution was passed and a copy sent to the Prebendary & to Canon Maplesden


(Typewritten and pasted into minute book:)
RESOLUTION: “That this Meeting of the Managers of the Ruislip C of E Schools, after further careful consideration of all the circumstances, adhere to the Resolution passed on the 19th day of December 1927 regarding the proposed transfer of the above schools to the Middlesex Education Committee as from January 1st 1928”.



Road Making Charges

Letters from the M.E.C. & the Clerk to the Ruislip Northwood Urban District Council were read, and the Correspondent instructed to write Mr G.R. Abbott

Copy of the reply attached (This appears not to have been attached, or subsequently lost.)




(Typewritten letter from Gordon Harper re strip of land:)  

(Entered by Dixon-Smith:)
See Managers Minutes folio (sic) 137 & 138, 11 February 1929



Sept 29th 1928

Feast of S. Michael & All Angels
A special Meeting of the Managers was summoned to consider a proposal made by Miss Sawbridge to secure the schools for the church. 
The Vicar presided
and the following members were present:
      Mr Lees; Mr H Edwards, Mr McFarlane & Mrs Todd




After Miss Sawbridge had informed the Managers that she had been  instructed by the Bishop to take the necessary steps to give the financial guarantees required by the Managers, in order to provide necessary accommodation; and that she (accompanied by Mr Holland of the National Society) and had interviewed the administrative officers of the Middlesex Education Committee with a view to the suspension of the negotiations for the proposed transfer to the Authority as the Mangers required as to the amount of money on which they would count upon for necessary alterations and additions as sketched in submitted plans and on receiving a guarantee from Miss Sawbridge, a copy of which is annexed hereto; the Managers gave a full & sympathetic consideration to the changed situation, and the two following resolutions were proposed and carried unanimously


1st Resolution

(Typescript and pasted in:)
Proposed by Mr H. Edwards and seconded by the Vicar, and carried unanimously:-

That Resolution 1 passed at the meeting of Managers on 19th December 1927 be rescinded, in view of the financial guarantee given by Miss Sawbridge.

2nd Resolution

(Typescript and pasted in:)
This meeting of the Managers of the Ruislip C of E School in view of the fact that the moneys required for the complete reconstruction and enlargement of the school have now been guaranteed to them <by> Miss L.H.T. Sawbridge, respectfully request that the Middlesex Education Authority will proceed no further with the proposed transfer of the school to the Authority, and that the said Authority will receive on October 9th, for consideration and submission to the Board of Education, the plans of the Manager’s architects for the reconstructed building.  The Managers undertake to proceed with the work of reconstruction at the earliest moment after the approval of the plans. 


Miss Sawbridge then gave the formal guarantee, at present in the custody of the [?] The copy annexed is as follows:


“Thrigby Hall
Great Yarmouth

“In consideration of the decision of the Managers of Ruislip Church of England School to rescind resolution No. 1 of December 19 1927 – I undertake that I will be responsible for finding the full sum required for the complete restoration and improvement of the Ruislip C of E School, including architects’ fees, road charges, and such sums as is due to the Middlesex Education Committee for emergency work already done;- that I will secure architect’s plans immediately, to meet the requirements of the Board of Education and the Middlesex Education Authority, and will sign the contract so soon as it is prepared

(signed) Laura. H. T. Sawbridge
29th September 1928

(Laura Sawbridge’s father, having died in 1925, at the time of this letter was resident at the home of her brother, Harry Sawbridge, later Rear Admiral.)



Oct 12th 1928

A Meeting of the Managers was held at the Vicarage on
Wednesday October 12th 1928

the Vicar presiding,
with the Church Wardens, (Messers Carter & Lees),
Mrs Todd, Mr McFarlane members present.





The minutes of the previous meeting were read, but exceptions to details were taken and it was decided not to pass them until they had been reconsidered & redrafted



Trustees of Proposed Hall

The Vicar was instructed to communicate with Sir Stamford Downing, Secretary to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, & to ask his advice as to the inclusion of [?] Trustees from among subscribers to the proposed Parish Hall on the school site.

This was the result of a report from the Wardens, following on an informal conference with members of the Ruislip Musical Society, and of suggestions made by those concerned by Mrs Humphries, meeting at Curzon Cottage.

E. Cornwall Jones



Nov 1929 (sic)

A Meeting of Managers was held in the Vicarage on [void] November 1928. 
The Vicar presiding.
Members present The <Church> Wardens, Mrs Todd, Mr McFarlane




The minutes of the previous meeting were read & confirmed.



Sir S. Downing

The Vicar reported the result of his interview with the Secretary to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners. Sir Stamford said that the legal position was already sufficiently complicated without adding to the difficulties of the Trust by the inclusion of Trustees from among subscribers to the proposed hall.  The grant from the Commission would only be made to a Parish Hall strictly vested in church trustees.



School Staff

The Managers discussed the personnel of the school staff and the correspondent was instructed to ask the Local Education Authority to secure for the Managers a report as to the educational efficiency of the staff. Moved by Mr Lees, and seconded by Mrs Todd. 
Carried unanimously



Sir Benjamin Gott

It was unanimously decided to place on record the Managers appreciation of the unvarying courtesy & helpfulness of Sir B. Gott & their good wished on his retirement from the Secretariat of the Middlesex Education Committee

E. Cornwall Jones
February 11 1929



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