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1928 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


The following 'overview' extracts from the School’s Log Books the following types of material:

  • That which directly affected the children and/or their parents (events, visits off site, visiting speakers, medical checks, services either in school or at St. Martin’s Ruislip, holidays, etc.)

  • Significant changes in staffing, in the main restricted to the Headteacher, the Deputy and those who had provided a long period of service.

  • Visitors that indirectly impacted on the management of the school and/or its educational practice – Local Authority Officers, Inspections, etc.

  • In-service courses undertaken by the Headteacher or other staff introducing significant educational initiatives.

  • Items that impacted on or resulted in changes to the School’s facilities.

Most entries in the Log Book (in 1928 kept by the Acting Headmistress, Miss Grist) have been lightly edited – expanding concise or abbreviated comments, etc.  Where entries have been copied without change, these are given in bold.  Editorial comments to ease comprehension are given in brackets and in italic.



Christmas Holiday: 24/12/1927 – 08/01/1928




Scholl assembled this morning after the Christmas Holiday.
16 children have been admitted, making number on Roll 213
5 children promoted from Class 2 to Class 1

8     "              "              "       "     3  "    "     2

5     "              "              "       "     4  "    "     3


Two cases of Scarlet Fever reported
Mr Bristow Medical Officer for Northwood called at the School.


The Headmistress leaves school this afternoon at 3.00 to see Miss Wingrove at Eastcote Infants School on School business


Nurse called to make enquires about several absent children


A.M. Todd
Mrs Todd visited the School this morning.
(and signed the log book)


Mr Annett visited School this afternoon to make arrangements for the transfer of Classes 1 & 2 to the Senior School during alternations here


Miss Marchant is taking Supply duty during this week, (4 days) and continued during month of February, ad onwards until placed on permanent Staff.  see page 53 (= 04/12/1928)


V. Ball Esq. H.M.I. visited the School this afternoon.
During this week the Head Teacher’s class has been taken by Miss Marchant, as owing to serious illness in the home she has only been doing part time duty at School.


The 2 Upper Classes Stds 4.3.2 have today been transferred to the Senior School building.  Miss Weaving and Miss Marchant with 87 children are temporarily transferred. (Due to pressures from lack of space the school took over spare accommodation in the Manor School, the new Local Authority school on Eastcote Road.  This arrangement effectively continued until the building of the new Bishop Winnington Ingram School.)


The five classes attended Church this morning at 9 o’c for Service (Ash Wednesday) and returned at 9.35 a.m.


The Preliminary Examination for entrance to Secondary Schools was commenced today.  English was taken by the one pupil of age to sit for the examination. This was conducted under the supervision of the Headmaster of the Senior School. (i.e. Arthur Smith, the previous Headmaster of the Ruislip Church School)


Examination in Arithmetic taken today.


Mr Annett visited School this afternoon


School will be closed today for election purposes.


The Chairman of Managers called at the School this morning and checked Class registers. (i.e. the Vicar, Rev. E. Cornwall Jones


Mrs Green was absent from school this afternoon on receipt of a telegram informing her of the serious illness of her mother.


Mrs Green is absent today owing to the death of her mother.
Mrs Minett is also absent this morning owing to the serious illness of her mother


Mrs Green and Mrs Minett are both absent from school today.


Mrs Green and Mrs Minett have both returned to duty today


Mrs Minett is absent this morning until 11 a.m.


Form 9 E in triplicate was sent to the Divisional Organiser on completion, also Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly returns.


Mrs Minett is absent today owing to the death of her mother.


May E/// attended the Uxbridge County School for the purpose of taking the examination for admission to a Secondary School.
(The County School was a school in The Greenway, Uxbridge, founded in 1907.  It was moved in 1928 when the name was changed to Bishopshalt.)


Entry by the Vicar:

Called at School All satisfactory
E. Cornwall Jones


School closes today for the Easter holidays at the close of the afternoon session.
Mrs Minett is absent today in order to attend her mother’s funeral.




Easter Holidays: 04/04/1928 – 15/04/1928




School reassembled today after the Easter break, 18 children admitted
Number on Rol 235  Attendance 200.


The School Doctor examined several children this morning.


Dr. Norrington examined 40 children today.


25 children have today been notified as suffering from Measles, particulars have been sent to the Medical Officer at Northwood.


7 more cases of Measles have been notified.
Edwards H. Esq. one of the School Managers visited School this morning.


V.Ball Esq. H.M.I. visited the school this morning with plans for the proposed new School building and made an examination of the School with the plans.


The Children of the Junior and Infants School attended Church from 9 a.m. until 9.30 today Ascension Day.
By reason of the usual holiday being cancelled the Registers of Classes 3 and 5 have marks for attendance placed over the ruled in lines for Holiday. Notice of holiday being cancelled was given, after lines had been ruled in.
(It was normal practice for many years to provide a holiday on Ascension Day, after the children had attended the Church service.  Why this was cancelled on this occasion is not indicated in the Log Book.  Clearly it was a late decision.)


There are now 62 cases of Measles in the 5 classes
Percentage of Attendance for week 67.5


Form 9 E in triplicate was sent to Eccleston Square today.  This form is for part year only viz: April 25th 1927 – March 31st – 1928 the period during which the School has been Juniors and Infants only.


Empire Day was celebrated today and a half holiday granted in the afternoon.
During to the Whitsun holidays the school will be closed until Wednesday May 30th




Half Term: 25/05/1928 – 29/05/1928




School resumed this morning after the holidays.


Miss Luce His Majesty’s Inspector visited the school at both sessions today.


School will be closed this afternoon for the County Athletic Sports


Two Architects of the Middlesex Education visited the School today and took measurements of both School and playground.


Classes 1 and 2 are having end of term examinations in English and Arithmetic


The Chairman of the Managers visited the School this morning and tested Attendance Register.


P. Annett Esq. visited the School this afternoon


Mrs Minett attended a meeting of the Council School Managers at 11 o’c this morning.
Miss Cooper the School Nurse examined the children this afternoon.


A parcel from Rudd’s was received today.


A parcel from Philip & Tacey containing the June requisition came today.


School will close today at the end of the afternoon session for the Summer Holiday.




Summer Holiday: 26/07/1928 – 27/08/1928




School re-opened today after the summer Holiday.
During the holidays 3 dozen Chairs and Tables were delivered.
16 children have been promoted from Class I to the Senior School.
26 children have been admitted.


Number of children on Roll 249

May E/// has been awarded a free place at the Uxbridge County School (i.e. a school in The Greenway, Uxbridge, founded in 1907.  It was moved in 1928 when the name was changed to Bishopshalt.)
Several children are still on holiday.
Percentage of attendance for the week (and month) was 92.3


Owing to size of the classes, re-arrangement of the rooms is necessary

Cl.1  Classroom in Senior School building  Miss Weaving

Cl.2           "         "     "             "          "          Miss Marchant
Cl.3  Room D.   Headmistress
"      C.   Mrs Green
"      A.   Mrs Minett
"      B.   20 Infants


P. Annett Esq Divisional Organiser, paid a visit to the School this afternoon.


 - Darlington Esq. and Mrs Darlington paid a visit to the school this morning and visited all the Classrooms.


The Headteacher was absent this afternoon, owing to serious illness at home.


The children admitted this term for the fives class are occupying Classroom B as Classroom A has already 51 children in it.  The Headteacher is devoting the morning session to her own class, and the afternoon session to the Lower Infants, as the staff consists of only 5 Teachers for 6 Classes.


The Headteacher was absent today owing to the death of her mother.


Headteacher absent today in order to attend the funeral of her Mother


8 ton of Coal was delivered today.


A Supply Teacher has been sent this morning to take charge of Class 6.  Mrs D Barney Uncertificated P 250/1433


1 ton of Coke was delivered this afternoon.


Mrs Todd School Manager visited the School this morning.


There are 8 cases of Chicken-pox in the School.


The Head-mistress will leave school at 3 o’c this afternoon.


I was absent from School this morning by permission of the Chairman.


School be closed for the half term holiday at the end of the afternoon session




Half term: 26/10/1928 – 30/10/1928




School re-assembled this morning, Wednesday.


The School dental Surgeon examined the children this morning, and will do so again tomorrow.


Term examinations have taken place in Classes 1 & 2 today


The Vicar came to School this morning and took an examination in Scripture in Classes 3 and 5.
Register of Class 3 was checked and signed.


Miss Marchant is appointed Assistant Teacher as from February 14th 1928. (See that date, above)


A parcel from Philip & Tacey was received today.


The attendance this week is low owing to many colds & coughs, and many cases of Chickenpox have been notified.


A fire drill was taken this morning.
The children marched out quickly and quietly.


Children are attending the Dental Clinic this week and receiving treatment marks.


The Junior School had their Christmas party today from 5 – 7 p.m.


School will close at the end of the Afternoon session for the Christmas holidays.
Percentage is only 71 this week in consequence of very much Chickenpox in the Infants Dept.




Christmas Holiday: 22/12/1928 – 07/01/1929




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