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1929 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1929 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1929.

Given that the Managers had rescinded their decision to lease the school to Middlesex County Council at end of 1928, in favour of a new building for the Ruislip Church School, subsequent to Laura Sawbridge securing appropriate funding, much of 1929 was taken up with progressing its construction.   

Several issues needed to be addressed.  One was gaining acceptance for the new building as a church school, since this would be the only primary school in Ruislip and one having a strong Anglican emphasis - not something that all parents in the area were necessarily happy to accept.  It is possibly that Laura Sawbridge had previously encountered such difficulties in one of her other church school projects, since she advocated a revised plan that would halve its capacity, which she felt would counter opposition from, amongst others, ‘protestants’.  Alternatively, it could have been a way of keeping the project within the financial constraints available!  Whatever the reason, the new school provided an additional 80 places to that then available (cf. minutes of 9/04/1930). (On Laura Sawbridge herself, see the introduction to the 1927 Managers' minutes.) 

Another issue, which greatly upset the Managers, was the sudden emergence of revised plans for the building on which they had not been consulted. Ultimately, this revision was accepted, but not before they had demonstrated their displeasure and been appropriately placated .

Under the original proposal, the leasing of the school to Middlesex County Council, the council would have been responsible for major upgrading of the building.  It would also have necessitated building work being undertaken while the children were continuing to use school.  Consequently, steps had been taken to reduce the number of children by accommodating two of the six classes in the newly built council secondary school.  For some reason, not yet understood, the Ruislip Church School Managers sought agreement with the Managers of the Council Secondary School and the Local Education Authority to move these two classes to council control through lowering the transfer age to 9.  This was agreed to by all parties, on a temporary basis, pending the completion of the new primary school.

Unfortunately, the knock-on effect of this decision was to reduce the number of classes in the Ruislip Church School to four and the number of staff by two.  The loss of one teacher, Mrs Barney, could be satisfactorily achieved, since she was employed on a supply basis.  However, and not after some disagreement between themselves, the Managers also made Ellaline Weaving redundant. 

It was not wholly understood why the Managers confirmed at the start of the year Elizabeth Marchant’s appointment twelve months previously; this had already been done at their meeting of July 19th 1928.





Feb 11 1929

A Meeting of the Managers was held at the Vicarage
on Monday February 11th 1929
The Vicar presiding, with the Church Wardens present




The previous minutes were read & confirmed.




Road Making charges

The Vicar read correspondence from Prebendary Thicknesse, who had paid the Road Marking Charges £151-5-9 plus £4-7-10 interest at 5% from April 2nd to Nov 24th total £156-3-7

Cheque for £156-3-7 sent on December 11th 1928


A further account for 7/10 was received & paid by the Vicar; interest up to December 17th This payment was approved.



Mr Batten’s Account


The Vicar was authorised to pay Mr Batten’s account for repairs, as approved by the architect.




Also, to recoup himself for the Insurance premium paid



Mrs Todd

The resignation of Mrs Todd was received with great regret, and it was unanimously decided to place this fact on record, that the same should be reported to Mrs Todd.




Miss Marchant’s appointment as teacher was confirmed as from February 14th 1928 at £180 per annum

Elizabeth Mary Marchant
95 Western Road Southall



Mr Harper

The Correspondent was instructed to write to Mr Gordon Harper, Scotscraig, North Drive, Church Croft concerning his use of a strip of land belonging to the schools. Copy attached herewith.

(Typed copy of letter stuck into minute book)


(In hand of Dixon Smith made in 1950s:)
This matter was not revived until 1955 when the question of repairs to replacement of the fence was under review – see minutes



Hymn Books

Prayer Books

The Vicar was authorised to purchase copies of the English Hymnal & of Prayer Books for the use of the schools and for Children’s Services in church, from the funds of the school.


E. Cornwall Jones
May 26 1929




A Meeting of the Managers was held in the Parish Church
on Sunday May 26th 1929 at 12.20

Members present:      The Vicar
                                 the <Church> Wardens & Mr A. H Hanhart the 
                                 newly appointed representative of the Local 
                                 Education Authority




The minutes of the previous meeting were read & confirmed.




The Chairman welcomed Mr Hanhart on his return to the school management.




Letters were read from Mr McFarlane & Mr Edwards objecting to the Mangers meeting being held on Sundays.  The correspondent explained that it was the only time convenient to such members as he had been able to reach on the telephone (a majority of the members) and was rendered necessary by the request of the Middlesex Education Committee to fix a date on which the Public Inquiry could be held.




After consultation Tuesday June 25th 1929 was approved as the suitable date, at the council school hall as the place of meeting.

The correspondent was instructed to report the decision to the L.E.A




It was decided to appoint a sub-committee of the Managers, to consist of the Vicar, Wardens, Mr Hanhart, to take the necessary steps to prepare the case for the proposers of the notified scheme.




The Chairman was asked to see Canon Maplesden, Prebendary Thicknesse, Mr Holland of the National Society and Mr Walton, Secretary to the M. E.C. to secure their cooperation in presenting the petition of the school Managers


E. Cornwall Jones
Chairman June 20 1929



Special Meeting

On Thursday, June 20th 1929, a Special Meeting of the Church School Managers was held in the Vicarage,

The chairman presiding. 
Members present:    the People’s Warden, Mr Hanhart,
                               Mr Edwards, Mr McFarlane.




Minutes of meeting read & confirmed




The meeting was convened at the request of Miss Sawbridge.




Miss Sawbridge requested permission to place before the managers fresh plans, embodying a modified scheme to provide 280 school places instead of the advertised 560.

The new plans showed 6 class rooms, four of 40 places, one of 48, and one of 32, with a large hall 52”6 x 30’0, having an independent entrance, flanked by two cloak rooms and offices.  There was a teachers and medical offices room with lavatory & caretaker’s room & stores.  Cloak rooms for boys and girls, with suitable offices. Lavatories divided the cloak rooms from the hall.

Miss Sawbridge advised the acceptance of the new plans as loosening the risks of the protestants succeeding in blocking the scheme.

After a detailed consideration of the recommendation, the Mangers agreed to pass the revised plan and to submit the altered proposals to the presiding officer at the Public Inquiry.

The Chairman was authorised to take the necessary steps to place the scheme before the solicitors advising the petitioners (Messers Crawley, Arnold & Co) with Miss Sawbridge with a view to placing all requisite information before Council, whom Miss Sawbridge was generously undertaking to employ.


E Cornwall Jones
Chairman Oct 2 1929



Oct 2nd 1929

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the Vicarage
on Wednesday October 2nd 1929,

the Vicar presiding
members present being the <Church> Wardens, Mr McFarlane 
                                   & Mr A.H. Hanhart




The minutes were read & confirmed




The Vicar reported the result of an interview between the signatories to the Statutable Notice given in the spring (i.e. the Vicar, Mr Lees & Miss Sawbridge) with the Secretary to the Local Education Authority.

A revised plan of the new school had been sent to the LEA by the Rev Prebendary Thicknesse in July. Subsequent to the Inquiry, embodying alterations which had not been submitted to the Managers; and as they injuriously affected the prospects of the scheme, the Chairman and Mr Lees had been compelled to disassociate themselves from a plan which had not been sanctioned by their managerial colleagues.

Mr Walton then announced that the Managers should consider what plan they could formally submit to the LEA and the Board of Education.

The Managers approved of the action of the Chairman, Mr Lees, and after prolonged consideration & comparison  of the plan submitted to the Inquiry (known as Plan A) and the unofficial plan subsequently forwarded by Prebendary Thicknesse (known as Plan B) the following resolution was passed unanimously, and the Vicar was instructed to make this decision know to the Bishop (& those concerned) as he had been given an appointment by the Bishop on the following day – Thursday Oct 3rd.




(Typewritten and pasted into the minute book:)
Resolution unanimously passed by the Managers of the Ruislip Church of England School on Wednesday Oct. 2nd 1929.   

“In view of the extreme urgency of the situation, and the fact that Plan A has already been adopted by the Managers and submitted at the Public Inquiry, the Managers remain of the opinion that it should be adhered to if possible to avoid delay, which is gravely prejudicial to the interest of the children and the credit of the Church.

The Managers would emphasise the fact they consider that an adequate Hall is essential to produce the revenue for the maintenance of the school; and the arrangements for this as shown on Plan A have been generally approved by those interested whom the Managers have consulted.”



Mr H. Edwards

The resignation of Mr H. Edwards by his removal to Kippington.

It was unanimously voted that the Correspondent should write Mr Edwards to express their regret at the severance of a long and pleasant association & to place on the minutes a record of the valuable service rendered to the schools by Mr Harry Edwards.




The Vicar submitted the name of Mr Whaley as a Foundation Manager in place of Mr Edwards; but it was suggested that enquiry should first be made as to the methods of appointment, having regard to the conditions of the Trust Deed, being changed by the schools being no longer subscription schools.



Deputy Correspondent

The Chairman indicated that the work of collecting subscription would entail so much extra work that he would require help; and he recommended that Mr Screen, Alpenblick, Eastcote Road, be enrolled to act as Deputy Correspondent and Minute Secretary.  The Mangers unanimously approved of this proposal


E Cornwall Jones



Nov 8 1929

A Meeting of the Managers was held at the Vicarage
on Friday, November 8th 1929 at 8.15 p.m.

Present:      Rev. Canon Cornwall-Jones, Chairman
                   Messrs Lees, Whaley, Hanhart & McFarlane




The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.



Foundation Manager

Mr Whaley was unanimously elected a Foundation Manager in place of Mr H. Edwards resigned.



Transfer of 2 classes to Council School

The Chairman reported the result of the meeting of the Sub-Committee held on October 19th 1929, when the following resolution was forwarded to the Managers of the Ruislip Council School:-


(Typescript, stuck into the minute book:)

“That the present arrangement whereby the older children from the Ruislip Church School are accommodated in the Ruislip Council School be terminated and that, as a temporary measure and until other accommodation is available for children between the ages of 9 and 11, the age for admission to the Ruislip Council School be lowered to 9 plus, and that this resolution be transmitted to the Middlesex Education Committee with a request that sanction be given for the formation of the necessary classes and the engagement of the necessary teachers.”

A letter was read from Mr P. Annett stating the above resolution had been carefully considered and unanimously adopted-

Mr Annett stated:- The Managers request me to emphasise that if your Managers approve of the age of admission being reduced to 9 plus, it is not proposed that this should be continued indefinitely, but that when your extensions have been completed and you are able to cater for children up to 11, the Council School shall again revert to its status as a Senior School taking children from 11 plus upwards.  

The following resolution was moved by Mr McFarlane and seconded by Mr Lees:-

“The Managers of the Ruislip C of E School concur in the resolution passed by the Ruislip Council School Managers on November 5th 1929 relative to the temporary transfer of 2 classes now accommodated in the Ruislip Council School and subject to the terms of the Divisional Organiser’s letter of Nov 7th (erroneously dated October 7th)”

This resolution was unanimously carried.



Plan B

The Chairman read correspondence from Prebendary Thicknesse relating to plans of new buildings-

Plan B was examined with the help of Mr J.D. Edwards who attended the meeting for that purpose. Certain modifications were suggested, and after discussion Plan B was accepted subject to certain internal modifications.

The Vicar, with Messrs Lees & Edwards were requested to interview the architect and to accept Plan B substantially if the suggested alterations could be made to their satisfaction.




The Chairman was requested to write to Miss Cable stating that there was not likely to be a vacancy in the staff of the school for some time.



On account of 2 classes being transferred to the Council School, it became necessary to reduce the staff by dispensing with the services of 2 teachers.  A long discussion took place on this point, and the matter was adjourned till Friday Nov. 15th when the Managers would meet to give an interview to Miss Weaving and Miss Marchant who had written a joint letter to the Vicar asking him for an interview


Nov; 15; 1929

E. Cornwall Jones



Nov 15 1929

A Meeting of the Mangers was held at the Vicarage
on Friday, November 15th 1929 at 8.15 p.m.

Present:      Rev Canon Cornwall Jones Chairman
                  Messrs Lees, Carter, Whaley Hanhart & McFarlane




The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed




The Managers gave interviews to Miss Weaving and Miss Marchant, the teachers in charge of the two classes of the Ruislip C of E School accommodated at the Council Senior School.

A discussion took place after the interviews and the following resolution was moved by Mr Lees and seconded by Mr Whaley:-

“That this meeting of Ruislip C of E School managers having had under consideration the question of a reduction in the establishment of their school, hereby resolve to terminate the engagement of the supply teacher, Mrs Barney.  

Being faced with the necessity of giving notice to one more teacher solely on the ground of redundancy, and being unable to recommend termination of engagement on any other ground, they hereby further resolve to give notice to terminate the engagement of Miss Weaving, but with a strong recommendation to the Managers of the Ruislip Council School that in view of Miss Weaving’s high qualifications, they should favourably consider any application she may make for one of the vacancies now being advertised.”  

Mr McFarlane moved as an amendment that the name of the last teacher permanently appointed to the staff be substituted instead of that of Miss Weaving.

The amendment was not seconded.

On being put, the motion was passed with one dissentient, Mr McFarlane voting against.


E Cornwall Jones
April 9 1930



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