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1930 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1930 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1930.

At the close of 1929 (15/11/1929) the Managers had agreed to make both Ellaline Weaving and Mrs Barney redundant.  Subsequently seeking to reassure themselves, they noted that Miss Weaving had secured appropriate employment.   

Also in 1929 the Managers had first sought space in the new county secondary school for two classes of the oldest pupils.  It is not currently clear why, but subsequently the Managers asked Middlesex County Council to allow the county secondary school to take control of those two classes and to alter the age of transfer of the church school to 9 years until such time as the new church school was built.  All parties agreed to this on a clear understanding that it was a temporary measure. The consequence was a reduction from six to four classes, and the redundancies identified above.

While it seemed from the minutes of 1929 that the arrangements outline above had been agreed, the April 1930 minutes suggest that the process may have taken longer, and not without further discussions.  In particular, Middlesex County Council needed to be satisfied that, in granting permission for the works to go ahead, the new primary church school would be able to accommodate a larger number of pupils than hitherto.    

The need to hold the April meeting would appear to have been triggered by the resignation of Beatrice Grist, the Headteacher, who had been appointed to an Infant School in Uxbridge.  The Managers immediate action was to ask Edith Minett to take over the running of the school in a ‘caretaker’ capacity, provide additional support for her by reemploying Mrs Barney if she were willing, and then begin the process of formal recruitment, with Thomas Wilkinson eventually being appointed out of 206 applicants.  

Building works probably started at the beginning of the school’s summer holiday, the Managers having scrutinised the final plans, put them on public display, and authorised the Vicar to sign the building contract on their behalf at the July 22nd meeting.




Apr 9th 1930

A Meeting of the Managers was held at the Vicarage
on Wednesday, April 9th 1930 at 8.15 p.m.

Present:      Canon Cornwall-Jones, Chairman
                  Mr D.W. Carter, Mr W.D. Lees, Mr A.A. Hanhart




The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed




The Chairman reported that Miss Weaving did not apply for one of the vacant posts in the Senior Council School, but had obtained a permanent appointment in the County.





1.     Mr McFarlane regretted his inability to attend, and stated that he was in favour a Head Mistress being appointed in place of Miss Grist.

2.     The resignation of Miss Grist (Head Teacher was accepted, she having been appointed Head of an Infant School in Uxbridge.

3.     The Board of Education assented to the proposal that as a temporary arrangement, until the Ruislip C of E School had been re-constructed and enlarged, the age of admission to the Ruislip Council School N117 should be lowered to 9 plus.

4.     The Board of Education stated that it had decided in favour of the Managers’ proposal to enlarge the Ruislip C of E School by proving additional accommodation for about 80 children and accordingly the appeal made against the proposal under Section 18 of the Education  <Act> 1921 is dismissed.

5.     The Middlesex Education Committee informed the Managers that as many children as possible from the Church School would be accommodated at the Council School during the rebuilding of the Church School.

6.     The Board of Education intimated its approval of the plans submitted, on condition that the playground is asphalted or tarpaved.





Head Teacher
It was decided to advertise for a new Head Teacher in the terms suggested by Mr Annett ( ‘?’ entered beside the name)
not specifying sex, so that applications from both men & women may be considered. The Managers agreed that during the interim Mrs Minett should be temporary Head or Assistant in Charge and that Mrs Barnsby (probably Mrs D N Barney) be invited to take supply duty.

E. Cornwall Jones





May 4th 1930

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the Church
on Sunday, May 4th 1930 at 12.25 p.m.

Present:      Rev Canon Cornwall-Jones
                  Mr D.W. Carter, Mr W.D. Lees, Mr A.A. Hanhart,
                  Mr P. Whaley, Mr J.N. Wallis  

Mr J.N. Wallis was welcomed by the Chairman having been appointed a Manager by the Ruislip – Northwood Urban District Council in place of Mr McFarlane, resigned. 

The Chairman reported that he had received 206 applications for the post of Head Teacher of the School.

The Managers unanimously resolved that an Advisory Committee consisting of the Chairman, and Messrs Smith & Screen be appointed to examine the applications in order to submit a smaller number to the Managers.

The meeting then adjourned





May 16th 1930

The adjourned meeting was held at the Vicarage
on Friday, May 15th 1930 at 8.15 p.m.

All the Managers were present




The matter of accommodation of the scholars during the building of the new school was discussed, and the Chairman and Mr Whaley were appointed to make arrangements for such accommodation. 

The Vicar reported the Advisory Committee had considered the applications and had reduced the number to 20 suitable candidates Viz:- 16 men & 4 women.

From this number the Managers selected six for interview (4 men & 2 women) and decided to meet at the Church Room on Friday, May 23rd at 5 p.m. for this purpose, and the meeting was again adjourned till that date.





May 23 1930

At the resumed meeting on May 23red, 1930,
all the managers were present.




The six candidates selected attended and each was interviewed by the Managers in the following order:-

1.     Mr W. Exton, Kennington, Ashford, Kent

2.     Miss Butler, Rainham, Kent

3.     Mr W.G.A. Morris, Gt Hampton, Evesham

4.     Miss Taylor Cippenham, Slough

5.     Mr G.A. Wilkins, Wadhurst, Sussex

6.     Mr T Wilkinson, Halton, Lancaster,


After a very lengthy meeting, the Managers were unanimous in selecting Mr Thomas Wilkinson as Head Teacher, and offered him the post subject to the approval of the Middlesex Education Committee

Mr Wilkinson accepted.




The final plans for the new school were laid before the managers who decided that they should be exhibited in the Belfry of the Church.

E. Cornwall Jones
April 21/1931





July 22 1930

At a Meeting of the Managers held at the Vicarage
on Tuesday, July 22nd 1930

All Managers present except Mr Whaley who sent apology for his absence.




The Managers decided to accept the offers of the Middlesex Education Committee of £450 for Tar paving the playground of the new schools and of £240 for Wear & Tear.




The Vicar was authorised to sign contract on behalf of the Managers (for new schools), to be handed over on the Co-contractors satisfying him that as between themselves the Mangers’ liability is limited to £575.




As the Middlesex Education Committee declined to pay the out-of-pocket expenses of the six candidates interviewed, the Managers decided to pay the amount £7.6.8 from their own account.


April 21/1931                 E Cornwall Jones



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