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1931 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Ruislip Church of England School
Bishop Winnington-Ingram CE Primary School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1931 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1931.

This was a notable year in the history of the Ruislip Church School.  After years of concern for its future, the Managers saw the completion of the new building that would ensure its survival.  The pupils in the old building transferred to the new on May 11th. 

It was perhaps curious that the Managers’ minutes made no record of a discussion about the change of name for the school (apparently agreed between April 21st and May 25th), nor referred to the official opening by the Bishop of London.  

Some of the Managers’ time was taken up by matters relating to the completion and occupation of the new building – though no mention was made of the burst water pipe and significant damage that had to be made good, reported in the Log Book at the start of June,  

There were a number of staffing changes over the year, inconsistently recorded in the Managers’ minutes and the Log Book. At the start of the year it is probable that Thomas Wilkinson, Edith Minett, Elizabeth Marchant and Charlotte Green were in post. The first three were located in the old school building, and Mrs Green, probably with the youngest children, in the Church Room (see the Log Book entries for 20/01/1931 and 03/05/1931 which refers to pupils using it.) At the April 21st meeting the Managers decided to make Mrs Green redundant, possibly because she was ‘unqualified’ (see Log Book for 11/05/1931 where the initials U.A. probably stand for ‘Unqualified Assistant’). No date is given for her leaving, nor, if she were indeed teaching the pupils in the Church Room, who replaced her.  Mrs Green was, however, back in post on May 11th though probably on a temporary basis until the appointment of Miss K.E. Booth as teacher in charge of Infants from September.  No final leaving date for Mrs Green was given. When Charlotte Green returned on May 11th, Mrs Wadge also joined on a supply basis to teach the older infants, as did Miss Manson as supply for the 7 year olds. Permanent appointments for these posts were to follow in 1932. Two other supply teachers appeared in September, Miss Hinkley for a week, to be replaced by Mrs Barney (also unqualified), again with a permanent appointment following in 1932.  

The new school also needed a full time caretaker, someone who would also be responsible for the school hall when it functioned as the Church Hall.  Mr Emery was appointed to this post.  

Finally, the Managers asked their recently appointed Headmaster to also act as deputy Correspondent and to take their minutes. Whether he was also responsible for the typed copies stuck in the Minute Book, while not identified, is assumed.





April 21 1931

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the Council School at 7.30

Present:      the Vicar presiding,
                   Messrs Carter, Lees, Wallis, Hanhart




Minutes of previous meeting read & confirmed




Mr Lee reported the conveyance to Diocesan Trustees of the site of the Parish Hall which was signed by the Vicar and Wardens on behalf of the Managers & Trustees.




The layout of playgrounds, as per the approved plans agreed.




On the motion of Mr Carter, seconded by Mr Hanhart, it was decided to accept the temporary adjustment of classes, as requested by the LEA until August 1932.



Headmasters of the Two School to Adjust

On the proposal of Mr Lees, seconded by Mr Hanhart, the question of scholars to be transferred to be left to the Headmasters of the Council & Church Schools, in consultation with Mr Annett.



Mrs Green

It was unanimously decided to give Mrs Green formal notice to terminate her engagement; but subject to the assurance that the County Education Committee was willing to retain her services.




The Correspondent reported action taken to prevent the posting of bills on the walls of the school.




The expenditure transfer of £240 (the sum received from the LEA for fair wear & tear) to the account of the Diocesan Schools Fund for the Archdeacon of Middlesex, was reported; also of £1.1.0 for schools inspection and 2/6 for insurance.



Gas a/c

The receipt of gas account was reported, and the Correspondent was instructed to send the same to the Secretary of Middlesex Education Committee for settlement of the agreed upon proportion.


E. Cornwall Jones


May 25/1931






May 25/1931

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the Vicarage
on May 25th 1931,

      the Vicar presiding, and the following members were present.
      Messers Carter, Whaley & Hanhart




These were read, and after doubts had been expressed by the Correspondent as to the date (whether 1931 or 1932) should have been noted as the period on which the school assumes the right of retaining children of eleven plus – they were adopted.




It was reported that the pupils were transferred to the new school on May 11 1931.




The Managers decided to interview the candidates for assistant teachership recommended by the Head Master on a date to be subsequently fixed.




Notice to present Caretaker was confirmed, and the applications received in answer to an advert insert in The County Gazette were considered.

Only those who had sent testimonials, as per advertisement, were discussed.

The Vicar reported that the County Education Committee would pay him, as school Chairman the sum of £117 p.a. towards the salary of the Caretaker; the Church to be responsible for the supplementing of same to at least £3 per week



Temporary Appointment

The application of Mr Emery, Blaenavon, on one month’s trial was agreed upon.



Insurance stage Licence

The Chairman reported jurisprudence from the Insurance Company and the County Authority, insisting upon the strict observance of the Licensing Regulations. Mr Hanhart moved, and Mr Whaley seconded (supported by Mr Carter), the following resolution, which was carried unanimously:

“Resolved that the offer of the LEA to pay £117 p.a. to the school Correspondent for its contribution to the wages of the Caretaker & Cleaner of the Bishop Winnington Ingram Schools be accepted & that the Vicar be authorised to make necessary arrangements and act thereafter.”



Sale of Site

It was suggested by Mr Hanhart that a record be made of the sale of the site of the Parish Hall to the Parish Church Council for the consideration of £500 should be more precisely noted and explained in a future minute, to make clear that formal nature of the transaction, as no money was actually paid.


W Cornwall Jones


June 2 1931              




(The Minute book carried no discussion concerning the decision to name the school after the Bishop of London.)





(The following minutes, presumably made by the Headmaster, Mr Wilkinson, are typescript and stuck into the Minute Book )



Bishop Winnington-Ingram School
Meeting of Managers
June 2nd 1931


The Vicar

Messrs Lees, Carter, Hanhart & Wallis




The minutes of the previous meeting were read & confirmed.




The following applications for the vacant teachership were interviewed:-

Miss K.E. Booth, of Uxbridge.
Miss D.E. Pickering, of Hayes.
Miss W.E. Pratt did not appear for the interview.
Miss K.E. Booth was unanimously appointed as Assistant Teacher in charge of Infants.



School Piano

The Vicar reported that a new piano was being asked for and that negotiations were still proceeding.



Equipment &c

The Head Master suggested the provision of the following:-

1.     Rails & blinds for the classroom,

2.     Letter Box.

The provision of a Public Notice Board and the condition of the path & rails along Manor Way were also mentioned.

It was decided that the Vicar and Head Master obtain an estimate for the work.




A letter from the Head Master was read reporting that a teacher had been threatened by a parent. (Mrs Norris).

It was decided that the parent be asked to meet a sub-committee to explain her attitude.

The Head Master also reported that 10 electric bulbs & 12 new dusters were missing.



Storage of Hall Chairs

Resolved that the chairs as far as possible should be stored under the stage.



Deputy Correspondent

The Head Master was appointed Deputy Correspondent.



Bill Stickers

Resolved that the Vicar take the action necessary to prevent the posting of bills on the school walls.


E. Cornwall Jones     Chairman

September 23/1931





Bishop Winnington-Ingram School
Meeting of Managers
September 29th 1931




The Vicar

Messrs Carter, Lees, Hanhart, Whaley & Wallis




The minutes of the previous meeting were read & confirmed.

With reference to the Notice Board, Letter Box, Rails &c,  Mr. Batten’s estimate was discussed.




The applications were examined & discussed. After conference with the Headmaster & on the proposition of Mr. Whaley seconded by Mr. Lees, the Managers decided not to make an appointment of Assistant Mistress, as the applicants were considered unsuitable.



Assistant Master

Mr Wallis proposed, & Mr Carter seconded, that the following candidates be interviewed:-

E. Jones, of Aberdare, L.H. Wakeford of Bath and E.W. Taylor of Hillingdon. Carried.



School Colours

Mr Whalley proposed & Mr. Wallis seconded that school colours be adopted as per specimens supplied by Mr Bond, and at the prices quoted.



Cycle Shed

It was decided that the Vicar and Headmaster examine the possibility of erecting a shed for cycles.


E Cornwall Jones

Chairman                  Feb 1 1932



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