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1933 ~ HMI Inspection Report


Board of Education
L.E.A. Middlesex
Ruislip C. of E. School.   No. 53
Inspected 10th & 11th May 1933        No. E. 26/53/77
Report by H.M.I.  Mr V. Ball

Junior Mixed and Infants
   The new premises were opened nearly two years ago, when the present HeadMaster took charge.  Development in the district has been considerable & pressure on the accommodation has been felt for some time past.  Most of the classes are large, and the nine to ten age group was transferred to the Senior School in August last.   The children who are of good type, have come from all quarters of the county, & of the eight members of the staff, five have been appointed since 1931.  Inspite of these handicaps, the standard of work throughout is very good.

   The two classes of infants are in the hands of experienced mistresses.  Up to date methods are employed and the instruction given in a bright happy atmosphere of friendliness between teachers and pupils.  The results attained in Number, Reading and Writing are above the average, and the children leave these classes with a solid grounding for the Junior school.  

   Arithmetic and Composition in the five junior classes are particularly strong, & in both subjects the children of Class I reach a standard which is commendable.  The teaching of Literature and Poetry varies somewhat from class to class, but in no case was it found to be below the average.  Much time & thought ware devoted by the teachers to the preparation of oral lessons, & the children respond well when questioned.  Handiwork, Physical Exercises and Needlework are satisfactorily taught, and the Music instruction in the lower classes is materially assisted by a well equipped and efficient band.

   One or two minor points of organisation & equipment were discussed with the Head Master at the time of the inspection.  

   The Staff generally is working conscientiously and with enthusiasm not only in school work, but on outside activities too, and together with the Head Master, they are deserving of congratulations upon the high standard of efficiency which was found, & for the admirable manner in which they have risen above the many difficulties with which they have had to contend.

(Log Book 2, pp.281-3.  The text of the inspection report does not appear to have been copied into the book by Mr Wilkinson.  However he has added his signature at the end: )

T. Wilkinson  H.T.


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