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1933 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Bishop Winnington-Ingram CE Primary School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1933 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1933.

The first two meetings concerned the acquisition of two mobile classrooms to meet the increasing number of pupils on roll. At the third, the issue of burst pipes featured. Soon after the opening of the new school building in 1931 there had been a burst pipe causing significant damage (LB2, 03/06/1931) and it would appear that there were ongoing problems with the pipes, which the Managers decided to investigate at their meeting of July 19th.

The request of Miss Brown to be involved in an exchange with a teacher in Australia, considered by the Managers at their July meeting, did not appear to have taken place, at least from Thomas Wilkinson’s entries in the Log Book. That is, unless Miss Wilson’s term in the school (09/10 to 20/12/1933) was part of such an exchange (LB2: p.92, “Miss Wilson, Exchange Teacher under the League of Empire Scheme, commenced duty today.”)  At the same meeting the Managers formally recorded their appreciation of the teaching staff on the number of pupils transferring to grammar schools at the end of the summer term. The Log Book also identified that a day’s holiday was also given (07/07/1933).






Bishop Winnington-Ingram School
Meeting of Managers
January 19th 1933


The Vicar in the Chair
Messrs Carter, Hanhart & Dixon Smith




Mr Hanhart proposed and Mr Carter seconded that the Managers of the Bishop Winnington-Ingram School decide to erect, on receipt of the necessary authority, a classroom as an alternative to the Stage Classroom already approved, and an additional classroom, making an increase of one classroom only.





Mr Dixon Smith proposed and Mr Hanhart seconded that the Vicar be instructed to apply, on behalf of the Managers, to the National Society and to the Diocesan Board of Education for loans of two sums of £200 each making a total of £400, for the erection of two classrooms, on such terms as the Managers and Parochial Church Council shall approve.





Mr Dixon Smith proposed, and the Vicar seconded, that the account of Mr Lavender of £4 for the felling of trees in the playground, be paid.


Signed: -    (left blank)






Bishop Winnington-Ingram School
Meeting of Managers
May 19th 1933


The Vicar in the Chair
Messrs Carter, Hanhart, Whaley, Wallis & Dixon Smith



New Classrooms

Mr Carter reported that the plans had been approved by the Board of Education and the Diocesan Authority and that an estimate of £502 had been received from Mr A.E. Batten.  

Mr Hanhart proposed, and Mr Dixon Smith seconded, that Batten’s estimate be accepted and that he be instructed to place the plans before the <Ruislip & Northwood> Urban District Council and proceed with the work.


E Cornwall Jones






Bishop Winnington-Ingram School
Meeting of Managers
July 19th 1933


Messrs Carter, Hanhart, Dixon Smith , Wallis
The Vicar in the Chair



Miss Brown’s application for transfer

The application for an exchange to Australia for one year was read, after which the following resolution was carried unanimously:-  

“That the Managers agree to the transfer subject to the LEA satisfying the Headmaster of the required qualifications of the exchanged teacher.”

The Managers note Miss Brown’s undertaking to return to this this school for a period of two years.



Water Pipes

Owing to frequent bursts, Mr Carter promised to examine the pipes and report.



Entrance Examination to Secondary Schools

The following resolution was carried unanimously:-

“The Managers desire to place on record their appreciation of the remarkable successes achieved by the school in the recent examinations, when 27 pupils secured admission to recognised Secondary Schools, and heartily congratulate the Headmaster and Staff on the work done throughout the whole school.”


Signed,      E Cornwall Jones



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