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1934 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Bishop Winnington-Ingram CE Primary School
Managersí Minute Book 1
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- 1934 -

Below we present the record of a single meeting the Managers held at the start of 1934.  

This appears to have been convened for the appointment of two teachers, Miss Duthie and Miss Hill-Jones. The only other item of consequence was to note that the two mobile classrooms had been erected, designed to house 100 children.  

No record of meetings for 1935 were entered in the Minute Book.






Bishop Winnington-Ingram School
Meeting of Managers
January 19th 1934


The Vicar in the Chair
Messrs D.W. Carter, A.A. Hanhart, J.H. Wallis, W. Dixon Smith



Appointment of teachers

Six candidates were interviewed and after discussion Miss J. Duthie and Miss E.D. Hill-Jones were appointed subject to medical examination and approval by the Middlesex Education Committee.



Caretakerís Wages

It was decided that the attention of the Middlesex County Education Committee be drawn to the fact that two additional classrooms had been erected with accommodation for 100 pupils and consequent extra work for the caretaker.



New Classrooms

It was resolved that the loose tiles on the roof be pointed out to Mr Batten.


Signed,      E Cornwall Jones



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