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1936 ~ Diocesan Inspection Report


Bishop Winnington-Ingram CE School
Transcript of London Diocesan Board of Education Inspection Reports

Visit of 16th July 1936 by the Rev. Prebendary E.H.Williams-Ashman and the Rev. N.E.R. Phillips.


            The School is full of children of vigour and ability and the opportunity of training and instructing them in the Christian Faith must be a most enviable one.  This is being done with care and enthusiasm on the part of the teachers and the children respond well.  The class syllabus was in each case carefully arranged and adapted to the children’s age and ability, but the upper classes might with advantage go further.  The memory passages" too could be further graded and should be closely related to the general work of the class.  I would suggest the syllabus in the eight classes should follow the lines of Courses I to VIa in the Diocesan Syllabus with VIa divided up into two courses for the top classes.  The opening worship is full but the children entered into it with vigour.  There is always room here for much variety so that the children may learn for private as well as public prayer.  In this respect it would be a great advantage if two or three of the older classes could produce their own private prayer books as part of their expression work.  In the lower classes some of the expression work was noted as particularly good.  Throughout the School there was a pleasant tone of endeavour and of happiness in this work.   

Diocesan Inspector.

London Metropolitan Archive, Acc/1035/08/09
Reproduced with permission from the LDBS


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