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1937 ~ HMI Inspection Report


Board of Education
L.E.A. – Middlesex
Ruislip C. of E. School.   No. 53
Inspected 7th & 12th July 1937

Junior Mixed and Infants

   This school, which is recognised for 338 places, is still experiencing considerable pressure on its accommodation.  The roll now reaches 399; the average number on books for the year ending March 31st last was 393; and only one of the eight classes contains less than 50 pupils – and that one has 48.

   Under these circumstances it is most gratifying to be able to say that highly creditable work continues to be done.  The Head Master knows his school & exercises a happy & effective control over the details of its machinery.  The school is a good one; and most of the children are industrious, responsive and pleasant to deal with.  The class work is methodically planned and systematically reviewed by the Head Teacher.  In the main, lessons are presented in an interesting & enlivening manner, & much is done to link up the child’s home and school experience.  Care in all written exercises is demanded. Unusual pains are taken to awaken an interest in most branches of English and the Written Composition of the highest group is of distinct merit.  It should be recorded, however, that there is a number of children in attendance whose attainment on admission were, for various reasons, low; and that, as far as is possible with such large classes, special care is given to them.  

   Naturally the management and teaching of the eight groups vary to some extent.  In none are they other than satisfactory; in the Infants’ Divisions they are suitable and successful; and in Classes 1 & 4 they reach a level which, in some respects, is much above the average.

   The Head Master agrees, however, that certain improvements can be effected; and he will give his close and immediate attention to developing certain aspects of the Speech Training, and to providing all classes with facilities for keeping appropriate records of the History, Geography and Nature Study courses.

(The text of the inspection report does not appear to be in the hand of T. Wilkinson.  This copy in the Log Book is signed by P. Annett, the Middlesex Education Authority Divisional Officer )

P Annett

School Log Book No. 2



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