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1937 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Bishop Winnington-Ingram CE Primary School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1937 -

Below we present the record of the single meeting of Managers held during 1937.  

The meeting was held a month after the death of the Vicar, the Rev. Canon Edward Cornwall-Jones on November 13th.  It is perhaps surprising that, given the significant role he had played, not only in the life of the school, but also in its very survival, no reference to the death was recorded in the Minute Book.

Following a suggestion from the Local Authority, in an attempt to overcome the very significant overcrowding in the school, the Managers’ decided not to allow its hall to be used as a classroom, as it needed to be let.  This might suggest a mercenary approach on behalf of the parish, placing money over the education of the children.  However, the parish may have borrowed significantly to support the building of the school (they had funded the hall) and therefore needed money to repay of any loans.

Two teaching posts needed filling in the school, Miss Duthie, who had left at the end of October and Miss Hill-Jones who was due to leave at the end of December.  As an interim measure, Mr A.G. Robson was employed on a supply basis to cover Miss Duthie’s class; the Managers converted this to a permanent appointment.  For Miss Hill-Jones, there was no acceptable candidate, and it was to be some time before one could be found (cf. the introduction to the Managers’ minutes for 1938).






Bishop Winnington-Ingram School
Meeting of Managers 20/12/37


Mr Carter in the Chair
Messrs W.D. Lees, A.A. Hanhart, & W. Dixon Smith



Proposed Class in the Hall

The request of the LEA that a class should be accommodated in the hall was discussed, after which Mr Lees proposed, and Mr Hanhart, seconded the following resolution:  

“At a meeting of Managers, held December 20th, it was resolved, with much regret, that it was impracticable to allow the hall to be used as a classroom without serious interference to the letting of the Parish Hall.”

This was carried.  

Mr Lees promised to write a covering letter to the LEA explaining the situation and suggesting that the LEA might approach the Parochial Church Council with the object of reviewing the possibility of using the Church room as an additional classroom.



Appointment of Teachers

No suitable applications having been received no appointment was made for the Infants’ Department.




For the post of assistant master two candidates were interviewed, namely:  

Mr H. Horsman, of Dulverton, Somerset   and
Mr A.G. Robson, of Fulham  

After the candidates had been interviewed Mr. Robson was appointed, the decision being unanimous.


D.W. Carter
Date: January 28 /38                           Chairman



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