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1938 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Bishop Winnington-Ingram CE Primary School
Managersí Minute Book 1
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- 1938 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1938.  

By their second meeting, June 23rd, the Rev. Barnsley had been appointed as Vicar of St Martinís, Ruislip, after the death of Rev. Edward Cornwall-Jones towards the end of 1937.  

In 1937 the Managers had refused permission for the school to use the hall as a classroom: the hall had been built at parish expense and therefore let to outside organisations to provide an income.  However, the Managers had suggested to the Local Authority that it might be possible to use the Church Room (this was probably so used while the school was being built).  Their response when the Local Authority approached them with this proposition was not wholly enthusiastic!   

The poor state of the playground was  pointed out to the Managers and after a second letter from the Secretary of the Middlesex Education Committee, they agreed to its repair.  They also addressed the issue of staff appointments, a permanent replacement for Miss Hill-Jones, it would appear, having been vacant since the start of the year.  

The next meeting was not to be until February 13th 1940, there being no meetings in 1939.






Bishop Winnington-Ingram School
Meeting of Managers 28/1/1938


Mr Carter in the Chair
Messrs A.A. Hanhart, W. Dixon Smith & J.H. Wallis




The minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed



Playgrounds & Painting

It was resolved that Mr Carter and Mr Wilkinson interview Mr Batten at the school to ascertain exactly what repairs were necessary.



Extra Accommodation

A letter from the Middlesex Education Committee was read asking that the Church Room should be used as an annex of the Bishop Winnington-Ingram School or as a separate Council School to accommodate children at present on the Waiting List.  

After discussion it was decided that a reply be forwarded incorporating the following points:  

(a)  The Managers would prefer to keep control of the Church Room, indeed such control would probably be essential to conform with the provisions of the Foundation Deeds.

(b) The LEA would be expected to deal generously with expenses in wear and tear and running expenses.

(c)  A time limit to the arrangement would be necessary as other temporary arrangements must be made for Church organisations using the Church Room at present.

(d) The Managers would point out that greater responsibility under burdensome conditions would be thrown on the Headmaster and they recommend that this should be recognised immediately.




G.D. Barnsley
June 23rd, 1938







Bishop Winnington-Ingram School
Meeting of Managers 23/6/1938


The Vicar in the Chair
Messrs Lees and Wallis




The minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed




The Vicar reported the results of his conversations with Mr Wheeler and Canon Barker with regard to the proportion of the cost to be paid by the Managers i.e. £75.  

It was agreed that the Middlesex Education Committee be informed that the Managers were prepared to repair the existing playground in accordance with Mr Waltonís letters of February 17th & May 14th 1938.




It was unanimously resolved that the Vicar act as Correspondent of the school.




Five candidates were interviewed after which Mr Wallis proposed and Mr Lees seconded that Miss H.I. Owen be appointed Assistant Mistress for Infants.


Mr Lees proposed and Mr Wallis seconded that Miss A.M. Dann be appointed Assistant Mistress for Juniors.


Date:     November 2nd 1938    G.D.  Barnsley          Chairman






Bishop Winnington-Ingram School
Meeting of Managers 2/11/1938


The Vicar in the Chair
Messrs J.H. Wallis, C.E. Urquhart & D.W. Carter



Bibles & Prayer Books

It was left to the Vicar and Headmaster to purchase the requisite number of bibles and prayer books for use in school.



Appointment of Assistant Teacher

The following were interviewed:

Miss M.E. Mitchelhill, of Carlisle
Miss P.J. Newman, of London    and
Mrs E.M. Lemmings, of Southall  

Miss M.E. Mitchelhill was appointed unanimously.


G.D. Barnsley


Date: February 13th 1940







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