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1938 ~ Bishop Winnington-Ingram speaks on Englang's relationship with Hitler


The following extract from The Times had been collected and retained at Bishop Winnington-Ingram CE School during the 60th anniversary year.  
If correctly interpreted, this is a reproduction in The Times of 25 October 1991 
of an article in the same paper exactly 53 years earlier reporting comments 
made by the Bishop at the London Diocesan Conference.  At this time Winnington-Ingram was Bishop of London; he was to retire the following year.

The Bishop's thoughts on the crippling settlement with German after the First Word War, leaving the way open to the rise of Hitler, reflect much that is now understood about how Hitler was able to be so successful.  In contrast, his urging to sue yet again for a peace agreement with Hitler can, from a future perspective, 
be seen to be somewhat naive. 




First uploaded: 7 May 2017