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1943 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Bishop Winnington-Ingram CE Primary School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1943 -

The last record of a Managers’ meeting had been in 1940, none being extant for in either 1941 or 1942.

Below we present the record of a single meeting of Managers held at the start of 1943.  The sole item on the agenda, the perennial one of limited accommodation, concerned the establishment of a boundary to define children who had the right of admission to the school, and those whose entry was not guaranteed.  

Later in the year there was a change of incumbent at St Martin’s, Ruislip, with Rev. Ernest Mortimer taking the place of Rev. Barnsley.  It would appear the next meeting of Managers was held on March 7th 1946, after the end of the war, when Ernest Mortimer signed the minute book.  However, no minutes of that meeting nor any other until November 13th 1947 were entered. When Mr Dixon‑Smith took over as Correspondent/Secretary to the Managers at the end of 1948, he fixed a note to p.174 to explain the lacuna.




<Bishop Winnington-Ingram School>
Meeting of Managers January 15th 1943


Mr W.D. Lees – Acting Chairman
Messrs. J.H. Wallis and H. Surfleet.



Accommodation & Boundaries

The question of boundaries and limited accommodation was thoroughly discussed, after which it was resolved that Mr Lees draw up a letter explaining the position, applicants from outside the boundaries to be given a copy of the letter.


                                                                          Ernest Mortimer
Date: ___________                                               Chairman
                                                                                  March 7th 1946




(No record of meetings from 1944, 1945 nor 1946 are extant )


(The next meeting in minute book was dated November 13th 1947)




Handwritten note by W. Dixon Smith:

Bishop Winnington-Ingram School
Managers Meetings
– Minutes

There is a gap of over 4 years in this Minute book which suggests no meetings were held viz January 15th 1943 to November 13th1947.

The Vicar, Rev. E.C. Mortimer was Correspondent during this period & apparently any records he kept were on scraps of paper & were not retained by him.  Most of this period I did not serve as Manager, but when I returned as one of the Foundation Managers I pointed out that it was irregular to go on in this way & the Correspondent to commence using the proper book provided for the purpose.

I thought it necessary to place this on record.

W Dixon Smith
December 1948



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