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1944 ~ Diocesan Inspection Report


Bishop Winnington-Ingram CE School
Transcript of London Diocesan Board of Education Inspection Reports

Visit of 21th July 1944 by the Rev. Prebendary E.H. Williams-Ashman,
Rev. F.A. Poulden, Rev. M.R. Parsons, Rev. D.J. Llewellyn

            The Infant classes are working on a syllabus adapted from the Diocesan suggestions; and the four top classes have just started out on a syllabus prepared, with an eye to local needs and capabilities, by one of the clergy.  It was suggested that this should be extended to the transition class No.5 and that it should incorporate some of the ideas and cover the ground of the specific Church teaching in the new Diocesan syllabus which will be in the hands of all the teachers. 
            We should value the opportunity next year of consulting the teachers about the new Syllabus and invite comment on it.  

            The opening worship is simple, and the saying of the prayers together studied and sareful, along the lines of helping the children to understand prayer must be thoughtful, and that we must be prepared to listen as well as to speak.

            At our interviews we were all struck by the courtesy and the freedom of the boys and girls and by the good standard of interest in what they are doing.

            Many of the children have Bibles of their own a much larger percentage than we find elsewhere have some prayer background at home and are attached to Sunday School and Church worship.

            The school benefits by the warm interest of the Church.  Our conference with the teachers made it clear that the general aim is that the whole school life and work should be enriched by a practical Christianity.  



London Metropolitan Archive, Acc/1035/08/14
Reproduced with permission from the LDBS


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