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1949 ~ Diocesan Inspection Report


Bishop Winnington-Ingram CE School
Transcript of London Diocesan Board of Education Inspection Reports

Visit of 18th November 1949 by The Rev. F.A.F. Poulden 
& The Rev. F.G.W.W.Heydon.

This is a Primary School of 401 children, divided into eight classes, three of them being Infants’, one a transition class and four Junior Mixed.  There is a daily Assembly Worship held in the School, conducted by the Head Teacher or one of the Parish Clergy.  On the day of our visit, the Assistant Priest, in the unavoidable absence of the Vicar, led the worship which consisted of an opening hymn, very well sung, followed by a simple service of prayer in which the children and staff joined with reverence and sincerity. Ample opportunity was given to the children to take a full share in the worship by means of versicles and responses and short prayers which had been memorised.  The manner in which the children say these prayers is a model of reverent performance.  A visual focal-point of attention arranged in the centre of the platform might be usefully employed to maintain the spirit of devotion.  We felt that this worship was a real source of inspiration. 

The instruction has been based upon a local syllabus drawn up by the Parish Clergy during an experimental period.  Much care has been exercised in its complication (compilation? completion?) and the results have been satisfactory.  It is progressive in its aim and definite in its teaching.  At the present time, the Vicar is engaged in a revision of the scheme.  We would strongly recommend that the Diocesan Syllabus of Church Teaching and Prayer Book Instruction should be adopted as the basis of this proposed revision and that the new Middlesex County Council Agreed Syllabus of Religious Instruction should be consulted with the object of providing the biblical background teaching.  In this way, provision will be made for the children, as they pass from this school to their respective Secondary Schools, to proceed along a path of progressive teaching throughout their whole school career.  If this is done, we would advise that each teacher should be given a copy of both schemes, as well as guidance on the integration of their own class work, in order that they may have a clear picture of the final aim of the work.

The response of the Infants’ Classes was excellent.  The classes are very large but, in each case, the discipline and tone were of a high order.  The lessons are carefully prepared and presented with imagination.  Varied means of expression work are employed to help the children to formulate their own ideas on the teaching.  There is a fair stock of large pictures which can be used as teaching-aids: this might usefully be increased as opportunity occurs.  The children are happy and interested in their work and, by the time they have to leave this part of the School they have a sound foundation on which more intensive work may safely be built.

The Junior Mixed classes together with the transition class are taking full advantage of the sound work accomplished in the Infants’ section.  The transition between the ‘play method’ of the Infants’ to the more intensive work of the Juniors is being made smoothly and quickly.  The Bible work is taught clearly and with practical teaching as to how the underlying principles may be applied to life as the children experience it.  The Church Teaching is definite and this is greatly assisted by the regular teaching given in the classes by the Parish Clergy.  Where such class work is shared, we would stress the importance of establishing a sound liaison between those responsible, in order that the children may receive a clear impression of the unity of the instruction.  This is particularly necessary in the teaching of the Church Catechism.  It is most encouraging to note how many of the children profess to attend Church and Sunday School on Sundays.  The general tone and atmosphere of the School are excellent and the School is a credit to the Church which it serves.


Frank Poulden
Diocesan Inspector

London Metropolitan Archive, Acc/1035/08/17
Reproduced with permission from the LDBS



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