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1949 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Bishop Winnington-Ingram CE Primary School
Managersí Minute Book 1
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- 1949 -

Below we present in outline a record of the meetings of Managers in 1949.  There were five full meetings. We have provided the opening headings, the list of those present, and thereafter only the side headings (an exception is made in relation to the use of the playground for outdoor games, October 27th).  

All minutes were in the hand of W. Dixon-Smith, often written at speed and not always entirely legible.

Almost the entire content of the Managerís discussions revolved around repairs and maintenance of the school building and grounds, especially the Hall.  The latter was of particular concern, since it was also the Parish Hall, let to outside bodies and thus provided a valuable funding stream for the Parish.  

At the April 29th meeting the Managers were notified of the appointment of Canon L.B. Tirrell as the new Director of Education for the London Diocesan Board of Education.  At the June 1st meeting the Managers made personal donations towards the departing Director, Canon G.D. Barker.




Meeting of Managers, February 16th 1949 at the school

Present Rev E.C. Mortimer (Vicar)
Messrs Lees, Hurrell, Dixon Smith, and Mr Wilkinson (Head Master)
Minutes of previous meeting read and confirmed, also records of matters relative to Development Plan and School Meals Service confirmed (cf, 1948, pp.188-92)

        Betton Charity

        Music & Dancing License

        Banking Account

        Lopping of Trees

        Requirements of Middlesex County Council Licensing Section

        Progress of post war repair work

        Battening of chairs



        Curtains for Hall


Ernest C. Mortimer
29 April 1949


Meeting of Managers at BWI School April 29th 1949

Rev E.C. Mortimer (Chairman)
Messrs Lees, Hanhart, Hurrell, Dixon-Smith, and Head Master Mr Wilkinson

        Betton Charity

        Lopping of Trees

        Middlesex County Council Licensing Requirements

        Battening of chairs


        Curtain for Hall

        New Secretary and Director of Religious Education


        Performance Rights Society

        Development Plan

        Catchment area

Ernest C. Mortimer, 1st June 1949


Meeting of Managers held at School June 1st 1949

Rev E.C. Mortimer (Chair)
Messrs Lees, Hurrell, Hanhart, Dixon-Smith, & Mr Wilkinson Head Master

        Curtains for Hall

        Domestic Boiler & Cylinder

        Performing Rights Society

        Catchment Area

        Hall Matters

        Canon Barker Testimonial

        Betton Charity

Ernest C. Mortimer
22nd July 1949


Meeting of Managers held at the school on July 22nd 1949

Rev. E.C. Mortimer (Chair)
Messrs, Lees, Hurrell, Hanhart, Dixon-Smith, & Head Master Mr Wilkinson being present

        Domestic Boiler & Cylinder

        Betton Charity

        School Meals Service

        Catchment Area for admission of pupils

Ernest C. Mortimer
28th October 1949                 Chairman

MMB2:200 Typewritten paste-in: standard letter from Middlesex County Council to parents applying for a place at BWI, re admissions

Managers Meeting held at the school Thursday October 27th 1949

Present Rev. E.C. Mortimer (Chairman)
Messrs Lees, Hanhart, Hurrell, Dixon-Smith,
& the Head Master, Mr Wilkinson

        Domestic Boiler

        School Meals Service

        Proposed Canteen

        Catchment Area

        Electricity Matters

        Outside Lavatories

        Organised Games in School Playground (Eastcote Road side)
Mr Wilkinson called attention to the risk of the ball falling in Eastcote Road and suggested as a safeguard to have a wire fence erected. 
Correspondent to enquire if the LEA would bear the cost of such fence.

        Caretakerís duties

Ernest C. Mortimer
13th March 1950                 Chairman



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