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1950 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Bishop Winnington-Ingram CE Primary School
Managersí Minute Book 1
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- 1950 -

Below we present in outline a record of the meetings of Managers in 1950.  Four meetings were held.  All minutes were in the hand of W. Dixon-Smith, often written at speed and not always entirely legible.

The first was on the final day of a three-day HMI inspection to receive feedback.  While positive with regard to the teaching and learning in the school, there were significant concerns at the conditions under which the staff and pupils were working, something the Managers acknowledged but noted they were not in a position to remedy.  

The other three were routine meetings for which we have provided the opening headings, the list of those present, and thereafter only the side headings, an exception being made for the item relating to teacher appointments at the October 29th meeting.  

Other than the exception noted, almost the entire content of the Managerís discussions revolved around repairs and maintenance of the school building and grounds.




HM Inspection March 8. 9, 10, 1950

This was carried out in charge of Mr C Snook (H.M. Inspector) and on March 10 1950 at 2.30 p.m. Mr Snook & his assistant W. Pocock met the Managers in the Staff Room (March 10)

Those present were Rev E.C. Mortimer (Chairman)
Messrs Lees, Hanhart, Wallis, Dixon-Smith & the Head Master Mr T Wilkinson.

H.M. Inspector said this informal meeting followed a routine which had been instituted and its main function was to give the Managers an idea of what their findings were & which would be incorporated in a Report to the Minster and which we should in due course have a copy.  Broadly the inspection had revealed from the purely Educational Standards a satisfactory position but on points touching accommodation and building standards there was much criticism. The Managers made comments in reply which in substance accepted the Report as fair, but nevertheless stressing that the adverse conditions related to factors not entirely in the control of the Managers.  It was pointed out that much had been done to accommodate the Middlesex Education Committee & this had involved much inconvenience and expense to the Managers without any reimbursement or alleviating measures by the Middlesex Education Authority.




Managers Meeting held in the staff room March 13th 1950


Rev. E.C. Mortimer (Chair)
Messrs Lees, Hanhart, Hurrell, Dixon-Smith
and Headmaster Mr T Wilkinson




        School Meals Service

        Catchment area


        Caretakerís duties

        Development Plan


Ernest C. Mortimer 2nd June 1950




Managers Meeting held at the school, Friday June 2nd 1950


Rev. E.C. Mortimer,
Messrs Hurrell & Dixon-Smith




        School Meals Service

        Catchment Area

        Development Plan

        Distribution of Milk

        Betton Charity

        Report by HM Inspectors

        Drama classes

        Ruislip Northwood Urban District Council Representative

Ernest C. Mortimer
Chairman October       20th 1950




School Managers Meeting October 20th 1950


Rev. E.C. Mortimer (Vicar)
Messrs Lees, Hanhart, W. Dixon-Smith
and the Head Master Mr Wilkinson
Apology from Councillor A Lambert and Mr J.W. Hurrell




        Catchment area

        Bettons charity

        Report of H.M. Inspectors

        Development Plan

        Hall Floor

        Heating, Lighting, etc.

        School Wall, Eastcote Road

Vacancies for Three Teachers

Resignations from Mr Ward, Miss Dickson & Mrs Morton noted.
In response to advertisements by the Middlesex Education Committee a number of applications had been received and the following applicants were interviewed

(1) Mr Harold William West of Aldershot

(2) Mrs Worth 260 Torbay Road, Harlow

(3) Miss Nora Bardsley, 116 Malvern Avenue, South Harrow.

The Managers considered that these applicants were suitable No 2 for Infants and (1) and 3) for Juniors

Each were written formally & asked if they agree; after which a form of agreement would be issued for completion and the confirmation of the Education Office would be sought later.

        Sundry Matters

Ernest C. Mortimer       20/04/1951



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