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1951 ~ Diocesan Inspection Report


Bishop Winnington-Ingram CE School
Transcript of London Diocesan Board of Education Inspection Reports

Visit of Wednesday, November 28th 1951 by Preb. F.A.F. Poulden

This is a Primary school of 369 children, divided into 8 classes, 3 of these being Infants’ classes and the other 5 being Junior Mixed.  There is a daily Assembly Worship for the Junior Classes and the top Infants’ class, whilst the other Infants’ classes have class prayers, except on Friday mornings when there is an Infants’ Assembly worship.  These Assemblies are held in the School Hall and, on the day of our visit, the Worship was conducted by the Assistant Priest of the Parish.  The plan of the Worship was simple and suited to the children’s needs.  The hymn was very well sung and the children said the prayers quietly and very reverently.

The instruction has been based upon a Scheme drawn up by the Parochial Clergy.  At the moment, this is under revision and the Vicar of the Parish is engaged upon the compilation of a new syllabus based upon the London and Southwark Diocesan Syllabus of Church Teaching and Prayer Book Instruction, with the necessary biblical background taken from the Middlesex County Council Syllabus of Religious Instruction.  The latter scheme is the one which is sponsored by the Diocesan Board of Education and we are pleased to hear that it will shortly be adopted.  Meanwhile very satisfactory progress is being maintained on the lines laid down in the parochial syllabus.

The response of the children in the Infants’ classes was happy and free.  The work is being presented clearly and in an attractive manner.  Expression work of various kinds is being used quite freely.  The children in the top class of this section, for example, take a great delight in dramatic work, a specimen of which was performed for the benefit of the Inspector.  This kind of activity should be fully maintained in a variety of ways.  The Bible stories were well known and simple Church teaching has been applied to these lessons.  The close integration of this doctrinal teaching is a very important factor in the instruction and teachers are urged to see that this is always borne in mind when they are preparing their lessons.  The work of the Junior Mixed section of the school is making sound progress.  Here again, the expression work is of great importance and we urge that is should be fully maintained along lines proper to the interests of this age child.  The work is planned on progressive lines from class to class until the children in the top classes are engaged upon the teaching of the Prophets of the Old Testament and its relation to the teaching and the work of Christ as shown in the Gospels.  Teachers generally are taking care to integrate the different sections of the work in order to present the children with a reasoned and united instruction on the Faith of the Church of which they are members.  It must be emphasised that the telling of Bible stories is not and end in itself but a means to a much great end.  Some the children in the top class had a number of thoughtful questions to ask, and this search after knowledge should be encouraged in every way possible.  The Vicar and his Assistant Priest teach regularly in the school and this is a great asset to the work.  The general tone and atmosphere of the school are excellent.

Frank Poulden
Diocesan Inspector

London Metropolitan Archive, Acc/1035/08/18
Reproduced with permission from the LDBS



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