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Bishop Winnington-Ingram CE Primary School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1951 -

Below we present in outline a record of the meetings of Managers in 1951.  There were one special meeting and two full meetings.  All minutes were in the hand of W. Dixon-Smith, often written at speed and not always entirely legible.

Several times in the school’s history various Acts of Parliament had redefined the relationship between Church Schools and the State, and such relationships included the degree of financial support the State might provide and under what terms. 

The Education Act 1944 had again visited this relationship. It now identified three categories of non-‘County’ schools: ‘Controlled’, in which the State had the majority interest, but in return funded 100% of any capital building costs; ‘Aided’ in which the State had an interest, but the foundation body (in BWI’s case, the Church of England) had the majority stake – for such schools the State would support 50% of any capital building costs; and ‘special agreement’, where the same terms would exist as for ‘Aided’.  

The assumption of both State and Ecclesiastical Authorities was that financial considerations would result in very few church schools opting for ‘Aided’ status; in the end over a third of the Church of England schools and all the Roman Catholic and Jewish schools chose ‘Aided’ status.

The Special Meeting in January 1951 was the first of several discussions the Managers were to have relating to which status to adopt – ‘Controlled’ or ‘Aided’.  Their deliberations also led to a significant volume of associated documentation housed in the BWI material at the London Metropolitan Archive (Acc/1035/007).  The letter from the Middlesex County Council identified it was already considering that the school would elect for ‘Controlled’ status, thus allowing them to progress to a significant rebuilding programme raising capacity from 400 to 560 and possibly also splitting it into separate Infant and Junior entities, all part of the County’s Development Plan, another requirement of the 1944 Act.  Eventually, as had happened on several occasions in the past, the parish was unwilling to relinquish control of its school, and so it continued on in its highly overcrowded premises for a further seventeen years.  

The other two meetings were largely routine for which we have provided the opening headings, the list of those present, and thereafter only the side headings, an exception being made for the items relating to teacher appointments, and confirmation of the school's name.

After the Education Act 1902, the Managers had needed to refer to the school’s Trust Deed, and found it missing.  Eventually in 1907 they had obtained a copy.  In 1951 the Managers again found themselves without documentation if they were to understand how they were to comply with the requirements of the Education Act 1944. It was on this occasion that the photostats of Kings College Cambridge’s original grant of land in 1862 were obtained (London Metropolitan Archive, Acc/1035/010/E). A further consequence of the 1944 Act was the correct form by which the school was to be known.  Managers also agreed the appointments of Mrs Battersby, Miss Bardsley, Mrs Worth and passed the signed documents on to Middlesex County Council’s Divisional Officer, Mr Sabin, for completion of the process. 

After the last minute for the year, Mr Dixon-Smith included a short memorandum on the Coteford School catchment area






Special Meeting of Foundation Managers January 17th 1951


Rev. E.C. Mortimer
Messrs Lees, Hurrell, Hanhart & Dixon Smith


The matter of application for Aided Status under the Education Act 1944 & following on Conference of Foundation Managers at Mary Sumner House, Westminster (on December 6th 1950) was discussed …

20/04/1951      Ernest C. Mortimer





School Managers Meeting held at the school Tuesday, April 20th 1951


Rev. E.C. Mortimer (Chair)
Messrs Lees, Hanhart, Hurrell, Dixon Smith
Mr Wilkinson, Headmaster, was present also.


Vacancy for Assistant Teacher

The Mangers interviewed two applicants for the vacant position of Assistant Teacher Mrs Conolly of Rayners Lane and Mrs Battersby of Ickenham.  It was unanimously agreed that Mrs Battersby be offered the position subject to her credentials being satisfactory.  



Mr A Lambert sent an apology for non-attendance as Manager.




Agreement Forms

Correspondent reported that Memorandum of Agreements of appointments as Assistant Teacher were completed by Miss Nora Bardsley and Mrs Grace Alice Worth and countersigned by Mr Sabin, Divisional Officer


·        Catchment Area

·        Bettons Charity

·        Development Plan

·        Hall Floor

·        Heating, Lighting & Cleaning

·        Boiler Repair


Naming of School (following 1944 Act)

The name was to be know as
Ruislip / Northwood.   
Ruislip.   Bishop Winnington Ingram C.E. Primary School
vide Divisional Education Officer’s – Uxbridge - Letter of January 18th 1951


·        HM Inspectors report on Lavatories

·        School Keeping and Cleaning Establishment

·        Deed of original school building 1862

Ernest C. Mortimer
                         29th June 1951



Typewritten letter pasted-in letter from the Middlesex County Council, 23/04/1951, re ‘Development Plan for Primary and Secondary Education’
(Indicates intention to include in the plan rebuilding of the school on same site, increasing capacity to 560, possibly as separate Infant and Junior Schools)






Managers Meeting, Friday, June 29th 1951


Rev. E.C. Mortimer (Chair)
Messrs Hanhart, Dixon-Smith and Councillor A Lambert,
Mr Wilkinson Head Master attended also
Apology from Mr W. D. Lees.




Assistant Teacher

Reported that Mrs Battersby of 63 Burnham Avenue, Ickenham, been transferred from a supply teacher to the permanent staff as from 9th April 1951 and an agreement had been signed by her dated 30th April 1951.
Countersigned by Mr F.C. Sabin, Divisional Officer


·        Development Plan

·        Hall Floor (Major Repairs)

·        Heating, Lighting & Cleaning

·        Draft Conveyance of Deed for original school buildings dated 17 April 1862

·        Bettons Charity

·        Fire precautions

·        Catchment Area

·        Meals Service

Ernest C. Mortimer
19th March 1952


(Note at the bottom of the page on Coteford School's catchment area)



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