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1952 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Bishop Winnington-Ingram CE Primary School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1952 -

Below we present in outline a record of the meetings of Managers in 1952.  The year opened with two meetings restricted to matters relating to the hall, and for which the Managers appeared to have had a smaller sub-group.  There were then four full meetings.  The records for the year concluded with a second memorandum on the newly built Coteford Primary School (a shorter note had been entered at the end of 1951), in particular identifying its intended catchment area.  All minutes were in the hand of W. Dixon-Smith, often written at speed and not always entirely legible.

The meetings dealt largely with building related issues, for which only the side headings have been reproduced. We have presented in full the sections relating to staff.  Miss Cassie had first taught at the school as a supply teacher in April 1941.  In June 1942 Thomas Wilkinson noted in the Log Book that she was ‘appointed to the unestablished staff’.  It would seem, therefore that her contract was never made fully permanent.  There was no record, either in the Log Book or the Managers’ Minute Book, of further discussion of her employment or of the Vicar having written a letter to the divisional office in 1946.  Miss Cassie had handed in her resignation prior to the meeting of 9th July. Her frequent absences over the previous few years, coupled with the visit to a specialist on July 24th and her rapid departure just three days before the end of the school year, noted in the Log Book, suggests that she may have left with significant health issues.  Miss Cassie’s post was filled by Mr Hall in time for him to start the new school year at the end of August.  

The Managers were finally able to acquire a copy of the Conveyance Documents, the agreement to the transfer of land on which the school was built in 1862 from Kings College Cambridge to the Managers. 






Special Meeting on the Parish Hall Management held at the school
on Monday February 25 1952


Rev. E.C. Mortimer
Messrs Hurrell, Dixon Smith and Mr Wilkinson



·        A letter of complaint from Mr Sapwell Clerk to the Ruislip Northwood UDC was read ….

·        A letter was also read from Mr Fogarty complaining about the Electrical formalities not being carried out by us ….






A Meeting of the Hall Managers March 19th 1952


Rev E.C. Mortimer
Messrs W.D. Lees & Dixon Smith also Mr Wilkinson Hon Sec.



·        The Vicar read a letter from Mr Fogarty in reply to one he wrote regarding the carrying out of the formalities, vide above minute. …






Managers Meeting held at the school, Wednesday March 19th 1952


Rev. E.C. Mortimer (Chair)
Messrs Lees, Dixon Smith & Mr Wilkinson, Head Master
Apology from Councillor A Lambert




·        Aided Status

·        Repairs etc.

·        Hall Floor

·        Heating, Lighting Electrical

·        Fire precautions

·        Catchment Area

·        Draft Conveyance of 17 April 1862

·        Sanitary Offices

·        No 2 Domestic Boilers



Temporary Teacher

A letter read from the Ministry of Education (Teachers Branch) re these teachers, but we are not involved & no action called for.



Miss Cassie Assistant Teacher

This Teacher had been on our staff since 1942, but it now transpired that the Middlesex County Council did not consider her appointment had ever been regularised, although the Chairman reported that he had written to Uxbridge Divisional Office in 1946. The present position [?] jeopardises Miss Cassie’s entitlement to pay whilst away from duty through sickness.  The Vicar submitted a draft of a letter which it was agreed should be sent on 20 March 1952 to Mr Sabine, Uxbridge,

·        Diocesan Bulletin


(Minutes signed by Rev. Ronald Grange Bennett:)
R.D. Grange Bennett        Chairman




Typed paste-in re Classification of Voluntary Schools,
dated 13th August 1951, confirming, amongst others, the 'Ruislip Church of England School' as ‘Aided’




Managers Meeting held at the school on 21 May 1952


Rev R.D. Grange Bennett (Chair)
Messrs Lees, Hanhart, Dixon-Smith, A Lambert
and the Headmaster Mr Wilkinson




·        Aided status

·        Maintenance Fund

·        External Repairs

·        Draft Conveyance of the Site of BWI School

·        Sanitary Offices


Miss Cassie

Sick Pay – Letter received from Mr Sabin dated 6th May 1952 to say the Education Committee had agreed to pay for the period 28th February to 
30th March 1952: her position on the staff was to be stabilised


·        Site of proposed new school

·        Fire Insurance

R.D. Grange Bennett
Chairman       9/5/1952




School Managers Meeting 9th July 1952


Chair Rev. R.D. Grange Bennet
Messrs Lees, Hanhart, Harrell, Dixon Smith
& Mr Wilkinson Head Master




·        External Repairs

·        Sanitary Offices (Improvements)

·        Fire Insurance

·        Site of Proposed transferred School – under Development Plan

·        Draft Conveyance dated 17 April 1862


Miss Cassie’s Resignation

Resolved that the Chairman send a letter of appreciation for her past service


Vacancy for Assistant teacher vide Miss Cassie

This vacancy had been advertised but so far only one application had been received viz Mr Jack Michel Hall of 5 Bury Street Ruislip
Resolved on the proposition of JW Harrell, seconded by Mr Lees, it was decided to offer the position to Mr J.M. Hall


·        Boiler insurance of school boilers

·        Instruments of Management

·        Betton Charity

·        Admissions to school

R.D. Grange Bennett
13 November 1952





Meeting of School Managers Thursday 13 November 1952


Rev. R. D. Grange Bennett (Chair)
Messrs Lees, Hanhart, Lambert, Hurrell, W. Dixon_Smith
& the Head Master Mr Wilkinson




J.M. Hall

Memorandum of Agreement date 22 July 1952 signed by J.M. Hall and covering letter from Mr Sabin dated 30 July 1952 giving consent to appointment.


·        Instruments of Management

·        External Repairs

·        Increased Sanitary Offices

·        Fire Insurance premium

·        Boiler Insurance

·        Development Plan

·        Correspondence 
(Diocesan Bulletin, School Keeper, Cost of Heating, Lighting etc.)

R.D. Grange Bennett




Coteford County Primary School Fore Street Eastcote

The new school was opened in the spring term 1952 …



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