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1953 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Bishop Winnington-Ingram CE Primary School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1953 -

Below we present in outline a record of the meetings of Managers in 1953.  There were a special meeting to appoint a new member of staff and two full meetings.  All minutes were in the hand of W. Dixon-Smith, often written at speed and not always entirely legible. At the end of the minutes for 1953 he entered the names and addresses of the then current Managers.  

The meetings dealt largely with building related issues, for which only the side headings have been reproduced. We have presented in full the sections relating to formal aspects of the implementation of the Education Act 1944 as it affected the constitution of the Managers, and to staff in the school.






Meeting of Managers at the school on Friday, 8th May 1953


Rev. R.D. Grange Bennett
Mrs Beaumont. Mr T.W. Hurrell, N. Pocklington, W Dixon-Smith


As this was the first meeting following the sealing of the instrument of Management the appointment of Chairman for one year was necessary and on the proposition of Mr Hurrell, seconded by Mr Pocklington, the Vicar, Rev. R.D. Grange Bennett, was appointed.

The composition of the Managers under the order is: Vicar, Ex officio; W. Dixon-Smith appointed by the Parochial Church Council;
Messrs Hurrell & Pocklington representing London Diocesan Board of Education. 
Mrs Beaumont of West Drayton (County Councillor) appointed by the Middlesex County Council 
and a representative from the Ruislip Northwood Urban District Council shortly to be appointed.

The Head Master Mr Wilkinson attended. 


It is understood that Rules of Management are shortly to be issued in accordance with the 1944 Act.  Meanwhile on the proposition of Mr Hurrell, seconded by Mr Pocklington, it was decided to appoint Mr W. Dixon­‑Smith as Correspondent.







Instrument of Management  

This had been sealed by the Minister of Education on 11 February 1952

·        Fire Insurance

·        Boiler Insurance

·        Maintenance of Exterior of Building

·        Proposed new Sanitary Block

·        Playground walls & fences

·        Telephone installation

Filling of Vacancy caused by Miss Dann’s resignation

Matter left in the hands of Chairman & Correspondent & Head Master


Chairman R.D. Grange Bennett






Special Meeting 22 May 1953 to consider the filling of Vacancy for Assistant Teacher viz Miss Dann


Rev. R.D. Grange Bennett, Chairman
Mr W Dixon-Smith & the Head Master Mr Wilkinson




Two applicants were selected for interview viz Mr Elwyn Jones of 100 Yeading Lane, Hayes Middlesex and Mr C.F.J. Wilson of 37 College Road Harrow, Middlesex. 

These gentlemen were questioned and the Managers agreed that of the two applicants Mr C.F. J. Wilson would be best calculated to fit our requirements & the position was offered to Mr Wilson (subject to concurrence by the Local Education Authority) and he accepted & will commence duty in September next.


R.D. Grange Bennett






Managers Meeting held at the school
on Wednesday, 9th September 1953


Rev. R.D. Grange Bennett (Chairman)
Messrs Hurrell, Batten, Pocklington, W. Dixon-Smith
& the Head Master, Mr Wilkinson

Correspondent reported that the Ruislip Northwood Urban District Council had appointed Mr E. Batten MBE as their representative on the Management



Rules of Management

Although these are provided for in the 1944 Education Act inquiries elicit the fact that final agreement has not been reached between the LEA and the Diocesan Board of Education







·        Fire Insurance

·        Playground Walls & Fences

Assistant Teacher

The action of the subcommittee in selecting Mr C.F.J. Wilson was approved.  The Divisional Education Officer Mr Sabin had instructed by letter dated 4 August 1953 that the County Council had consented to the appointment in accordance with the Schedule 11 of the Primary & Secondary Schools (Grant Conditions) Regulations made under section 100 of the Education Act 1944 – A form of agreement issued by the National Society had been signed.

·        External Repairs

·        Heating, Lighting and Cleaning on [?] side day school

·        Betton Charity

·        Improvements in Sanitary & Lavatory accommodation

·        Interior Repairs

·        Catchment area

Chief Infant Teacher

The Headmaster recommended that Miss M.E. Mitchelhill be appointed as from September 1 1953 in place of Miss A.M. Dann (retired) and the Managers unanimously agreed.  Mr Sabin to be notified.

·        Church School Bulletin No. 5 dated September 1953


                R.D. Grange Bennett






Names & addresses of Managers


Rev. R.D. Grange Bennett

The Vicarage, Bury Street Ruislip


Mr. J. W. Hurrell

44 St Margarets Road Ruislip


Mr N.R. Pocklington

7 Howlettes Lane, Ruislip


Mr W. Dixon-Smith

11 Manor Road, Ruislip

Ruislip Northwood UDC

Mr E. Batten

27 Manor Road, Ruislip


Mrs Beaumont

Crows Nest, ? Avenue West Drayton





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