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1954 ~ Diocesan Inspection Report


Bishop Winnington-Ingram CE School
Transcript of London Diocesan Board of Education Inspection Reports

Visit of 28th October, 1954 by The Rev. F.G.W.W. Heydon 
and The Rev. M.R. Parsons.


This is a Primary school of 349 children, divided into eight classes, three of these being Infants’ Classes and the other five being Junior Mixed Classes.  There is a daily Assembly Worship. This, on the day of our visit, was conducted by the Vicar of the Parish in the School Hall.  The teaching Staff join with the children in their worship and the general atmosphere was quiet and reverent.  

The instruction has been based upon a syllabus drawn up by the Parish Clergy some years ago.  It seeks to prepare the children for Confirmation at the end of their time in this school.  There is a sound integration of Biblical material with definite Church Teaching, especially where the class teachers is a practising member of the Church and is able to combine his, or her, own religious experience with the declared aims of the work.

The response of the children was bright and happy.  The Infants are handled with sympathy and with understanding.  The visual-aids are modern and are being well used to interpret the main theme of the oral lesson.  These methods are supplemented by many different kinds of well-related expression work in which the children find ample opportunity of reproducing their own ideas.  Habits of prayer and of personal devotion are being introduced during the course of the work.  The Junior Classes make a quick and easy transition from the informal work proper to the Infants; section to the more intensive work of the Juniors.  The gradation of the scheme from class to class is carefully supervised by the Head Teacher and the class teachers are working well as a team under this direction.  Much care and thought are clearly being put into the preparation of class lessons and the presentation is vivid and imaginative.  A sound knowledge is being gained of the Parish Church and her services through instructional visits to the building and the incorporation of special School Services from time to time, into the general instruction.  The relation of the Bible work and of the instruction in worship to the children’s experience of every-day life, both at School and in the home, receives constant attention.  The general tone and atmosphere of the School are excellent. 

Frank Poulden
Diocesan Inspector


London Metropolitan Archive, Acc/1035/08/21
Reproduced with permission from the LDBS



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