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1954 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Bishop Winnington-Ingram CE Primary School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1954 -

Below we present in outline a record of the meetings of Managers in 1954.  There were two meetings.  All minutes were in the hand of W. Dixon-Smith, often written at speed and not always entirely legible.

The meetings dealt largely with building related issues, for which only the side headings have been reproduced. We have presented in full the sections relating to formal aspects of the implementation of the Education Act 1944 as it affected the constitution of the Managers, and to staff in the school. A copy of the published Rules of Management, referred to in both meetings, when finally received, was fixed to page 240.






Managers Meeting held at the Vicarage Bury Street,
Tuesday 30th March 1954


Rev. R.D. Grange Bennett (Chair)
Mrs Beaumont, Messers Hurrell, Pocklinton, Dixon-Smith
& the Head Master Mr Wilkinson
Apology from Mr E. Batten

Appointment of Infants teacher vice 
Miss Newmark

Correspondent reported that in response to the advertisements 6 had applied and these applicants had been selects for an interview two however only appeared viz Mrs Lipton of Harrow and Miss Henniker Smith of Eastcote. Each of these were called in and questioned by the Chairman, Managers & Head Master. On a vote being taken it was agreed that the position be offered to Miss Henniker Smith and she was informed accordingly.  The Correspondent to advise Divisional Officer, Uxbridge and suggest she be liberated from her present appointment at Hillingdon as early as possible.







Rules of Management

These are provided for in the Education Act 1944 and a draft was submitted by County Education Committee, and agreed by the Middlesex County Council at their Meeting on February 28th 1954. The Ministers of Education are expected to confirm shortly.

·        Fire Insurance

·        Walls and fences on Boundaries

·        Betton Charity

·        Additional Sanitary Accommodation

·        Maintenance Repairs

·        Large Boiler

                                      R.D. Grange Bennett






Meeting of School Managers held at the school
Monday 18th October 1954


Rev R.D. Grange Bennett,
Messrs Hurrell, Pocklington & W. Dixon-Smith
Apologies from Councillor E. Batten. Mr Wilkinson also regretted he could not attend, owing to being called to London


Mr Dixon Smith proposed, Mr Pocklington seconded, that the Vicar be Chairman for the Year







Assistant Teacher vice 
Miss Newmark

Miss Henniker Smith was appointed at the last meeting.  Correspondent reported that the Divisional Education Officer had confirmed the appointment & Miss Smith had signed the Diocesan Form of Agreement (bearing a sixpenny stamp) agreeing to the conditions

Rules of Management vide Education Act 1944

Draft rules had been submitted by a sub committee of Middlesex County Council to a full meeting of the Middlesex County Council on February 24th 1954 and same were agreed subject to confirmation by the Minister of Education.

Letter read from Canon Tirrell dated 13th October 1954 to say that agreement between the Diocese and the Minister on the draft rules had not yet been reached.  

·        Walls and Fences

·        Maintenance

·        Bettons Charity

·        New Sanitary Block

·        Maintenance Repairs

Resignation of Assistant Teacher Michael Hall

This Vacancy was advertised in July and September – but so far only four applications were received (two to each advert).  The Headmaster did not consider any of these suitable and seeing that we had a very efficient supply teacher filling the vacancy temporarily it was thought advisable to defer the appointment till early next year.

·        Fire Insurance Policy 23 2483

·        Site for New School under Council Development Plan

Caretaker Emery

Divisional Officer Uxbridge wrote to say Emery would reach the age limit of 65 on 5th November 1954 & asked if Managers agreed to him continue for another year.  Correspondent wrote on July 28th & agreed. & Managers confirmed his action.

·        Floors of Hall, Stage & Class Rooms

·        Applications from Parents for admissions

                                      R.D. Grange Bennett



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