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1955 ~ Diocesan Inspection Report


Bishop Winnington-Ingram CE School
Transcript of London Diocesan Board of Education Inspection Reports

Visit of 7th October, 1955 by The Rev. Preb. F.A.F. Poulden 
and the Rev. F.G.W.W. Heydon


This is a Primary school of 353 children, divided into eight classes, three of these being Infants’ Classes,. the other five being Junior Mixed Classes.  The Junior Classes have a daily Assembly Worship in the School Hall.  On the day of our visit this was conducted by the Vicar of the Parish who as present to welcome the visitors.  The whole Act was well planned to suit the needs of this age-group.  The children took an active part in the service with reverence and dignity. The hymn was well sung and the children responded well in the short Litany and other prayers.  The Infants’ Classes had Class Prayers and the one which we attended was carefully conducted.  Care should be taken in such Class Prayers, to make it an Assembly Worship in miniature with plenty of variety from day to day, while the children should be trained to take an active part in the Act.  The Class we saw was most reverent and attentive.  

The religious instruction has been based upon a syllabus drawn up for use in this Parish some years ago.  The Infants’ section has been re-drafted fairly recently and is no really parallel with the scheme recommended by the Diocese, a combination of the County Agreed Syllabus with the Diocesan Handbook of Church Teaching and Prayer Book Instruction.  The Junior Section corresponds roughly to this scheme, but differs in the manner in which the official scheme divides the work over the four years.  Church teaching continues to form the basis of the work in this school and teachers are conscientiously following out the suggested courses.  Instruction in Worship is given by the Parochial Clergy in the Parish Church, from time to time, through the medium of special School Services.

The response of the children in their classes was most encouraging.  The Infants receive a thorough grounding in the simple outline of the Christian Faith, illustrated with Bible stories of children in the Old Testament and a simple outline of the life of Jesus in the New Testament.  These small children are instructed in the furnishings of their Parish Church and its principal services, particularly Baptism.  They talked about these things with understanding and showed interest in all that they had heard and in the many well-related activities which, rightly, occupy much of the lesson periods.  A very satisfactory foundation is being laid in this section of the school. The Junior Classes were bright and co-operative.  The work has been well integrated in most classes, but this factor must continue to be closely watched in every case.  The school has a good stock of modern visual-aids and the teachers are using these most efficiently to give the children a clear idea of the back-ground of the Bible Stories.  The older children are being led to think out, for themselves, the purpose of the instruction as it is applied to worship and to Christian behaviour.  The expression work in use in the school reaches a high standard and should continue to be used as an integral part of every lesson.  The general atmosphere and tone of the School are excellent.  We understand that Mr Wilkinson, the Head Teacher, will be retiring during the coming year after twenty five years of devoted service to this School.  We should like to take this opportunity of expressing the thanks of the Diocese to him for all that he has done for the school during that time and to wish him every happiness in the future.

Frank Poulden
Diocesan Inspector

London Metropolitan Archive, Acc/1035/08/22
Reproduced with permission from the LDBS



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