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1955 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Bishop Winnington-Ingram CE Primary School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1955 -

Below we present in outline a record of the meetings of Managers in 1955. These were in the hand of W. Dixon-Smith, often written at speed and not always entirely legible.

The minutes recorded in the book for 1955 were all designated ‘Special’. It is possible that, with only a few pages left in the book, if there were full meetings those minutes were recorded elsewhere. We have not made thorough enquiries into the existence of Managers’ minutes after 1955, therefore our record of their meetings concludes with these three meetings.

The first meeting was to appoint a replacement for Michael Hall, who had left at the end of the summer term 1954, the post having been temporarily filled by a supply teacher.  

The other meetings were both concerned with a small strip of school land adjacent to properties in Manor Way being used by the residents of those houses.






Special Meeting of Managers, 
Wednesday 9 February 1955, held at the school


Rev. R.D. Grange Bennett (Chair)
Mr Batten, Mr Dixon Smith (Correspondent) & Mr Wilkinson

Appointment of Assistant Teacher

Meeting called to interview an applicant for the vacant position of assistant teacher.

Two applicants had been selected for an interview viz Miss Way of Bideford, North Devon, and Mr Philip J. Dobb of The Furrows, Harefield, Middlesex.

Miss Way had written to say she accepted another appointment at Harlow, Essex and accordingly withdrew her application.  Mr Dobb was questioned by the Managers and was considered suitable for the appointment.

On the propositions of Mr Batten, seconded by Mr W. Dixon-Smith, it was decided to offer Mr Dobb the appointment & he was informed accordingly.


R.D. Grange Bennett






Special Meeting of Foundation Managers and Trustees
held in the Church Room, Monday, 21 March 1955


Rev. R.D. Grange Bennett
Messrs Hurrell, Pocklington, & Correspondent, W. Dixon Smith

·        Boundary fence on Western flank of school site








Special Meeting of Foundation Managers & Trustees
held at the Vicarage 10 May 1955


Rev. R.D. Grange Bennett
Messrs Hurrell, Pocklington, Dixon-Smith and Mr W.D. Lees

·        Correspondent reported result of the letters sent to five private property owners on 24 March 1955. …






Hand drawn diagram of line of boundary fence


Typewritten letter from owner of 3 North Way pasted in




Type written letter from W. Dixon-Smith to the owner of 3 North Way, re boundary, etc.
(pasted in, over a copy of:)


Rules of Management of Voluntary Aided Primary Schools 
Made by the Middlesex County Council 
Pursuant to the Education Act, 1944

(pasted in, 10 pages)








Instrument of Management 
made by the Minister of Education 
under Section 17(2) of the Education Act, 1944
(Adapted to apply to Middlesex County Council, pasted in, 4 pages)




End of Managers’ Minute Book (2)



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