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1959 ~ Diocesan Inspection Report


The London Diocesan Board of Education carried out an annual inspection of its schools.  These inspections were focused on the religious education of pupils, though occasionally touched on other matters. The following transcript of the Inspection Report for 1959, (London Metropolitan Archive, Acc/1035/006/19b) is reproduced with the permission of the London Diocesan Board for Schools.



CONFIDENTIAL – For the use of Managers and Teachers only





  The Correspondent,
    Bishop Winnington-Ingram School,

7th October 1959

Junior & Infants Primary.

            This School was visited on 24th September, 1959 by The Rev. P. Rowe and The Rev. G.C.Oakey.  

            The following Report of the Inspection is submitted to your Managers with the request that they will give it their attention.

                        Yours faithfully,

                                                L. B. TIRRELL
                                    Director of Religious Education.


            This is a Primary School of 297 children divided into eight classes, four Juniors’ and four Infants’.  The Inspectors were met by the Vicar, who also gave the The Blessing at the Assembly and it was quite apparent that there is a very happy and close link between the Church and the children.  A good proportion go to Sunday School or a Sunday Service and we did feel that they really knew their Church.  (Although they did not know much about Bishop Winnington-Ingram!)  

            The Syllabus used is the Schools own but has close links with the Diocesan plan.  The two top classes were both excellent and the Church teaching was very good.  The other two were also good and the children were really interested.  We thought it might be useful if the Curate who does some doctrine teaching with class 1. Could move his work to the lower Junior classes.

            In the infants also, excellent work was being done and the relationship between teacher and child was very happy. In the Syllabus for the Infants there is no mention of the teaching about the Church and its Sacraments and although this is being done it would be good if it could be specifically mentioned at different points in the course.  One teacher was particularly intrested in childrens hymns and singing and had a very good selection of music in use.  A good use if made of flannel graphs and other visual aids.

            The Junior Assembly was taken by the Headmaster and was very reverent, the children sang well and so did the Staff (and that does make a difference) we thought it might help if there was some Religious picture visible or other focus of childrens attention.  Also with children of this type it would help if sometimes a child could read a lesson.  (This may be done but it did not happen on the day of our visit).

            The Infants Assembly was also very reverent and the children really took part.  The use of a Litany from the Thanksgivings was a very real help.

            Altogether this School is clearly doing a first rate piece of work for God and His Church and it was a joy to spend a morning there.

                                                (signed)           PHILIP ROWE



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