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1962 ~ Diocesan Inspection Report


The London Diocesan Board of Education carried out an annual inspection of its schools.  These inspections were focused on the religious education of pupils, though occasionally touched on other matters. The following transcript of the Inspection Report for 1962, (Loose insert into the School's third Log Book) is reproduced with the permission of the London Diocesan Board for Schools and the Governing Body.


CONFIDENTIAL – For the use of Managers and Teachers only



  The Correspondent,
       Bishop Winnington Ingram …..School.

8th February, 1962

Dear Sir,

            This School was visited on …. 2nd February,. 1962
by The Rev. P. Rowe & The Rev. F.H. Hopkins.

            The following Report of the Inspection is submitted to your Managers with the request that they will give it their attention.

                                                                        Yours faithfully,
                                                                                    L. B. TIRRELL
                                                                                                Director of Religious Education.


            There are now 345 children on the Roll of this School in eight classes. There is an excellent spirit in the School and the work is much helped by the stability of the Staff.  

            The Opening Act of Worship for the Juniors was taken by the Headmaster and the Vicar gave the Blessing.  The children (and staff) all joined in fully and reverently.  The prayers were well chosen and we were glad to find the litany form with reponse being used.  We understand from the Vicar that careful consideration is being given to the provision of some bold visual focal point.

            In the Junior classes good work has been done throughout.  The top class was particularly good (as they ought to be) and it was good to know that the Assistant Priest helps with the work here.  We do feel that all the staff should have copies of the Diocesan Syllabus and that in some cases the School Syllabus could be revised to bring it more into line with the Diocesan.  We know that this is very much in the mind of the Headmaster.  The written work is quite good and we would urge a great use of varied practical work, e.g. choral speaking and personal research.

            The Infants’ Worship was led by the teacher-in-charge and was simple and entirely suited to the age of the children.  Again we would have liked a visual focal point but understand that when the Infants have their prayers in the Class rooms use is made of pictures etc. to help them to realise the Presence of God.

            In their classes they are very happy and therefore responsive.  It was particularly encouraging to find how well a big class of the youngest ones responded to a stranger – it did show how secure they felt in their School life even after only a few weeks.  Use is made of flannelgraph pictures and of singing games – perhaps more use could be made of this latter method which introduces a useful variety into the work.  The work was satisfactorily progressive and there is no boubt that these children are given an excellent grounding both in faith and worship.

            As we noted before this is a happy School where staff and Headmaster and Clergy really work together and there can be no doubt that a really thorough and worthwhile work is being done here which would undoubtedly rejoice the heart of that great lover of souls – Bishop Winnington Ingram.

                                                Signature (Philip Rowe)

Chief Inspector of Schools
Diocese of London    



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