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1963 ~ Diocesan Inspection Report


The London Diocesan Board of Education carried out an annual inspection of its schools.  These inspections were focused on the religious education of pupils, though occasionally touched on other matters. The following transcript of the Inspection Report for April 1963, (loosely inserted into the school's third Log Book) is reproduced with the permission of the Governing Body.


CONFIDENTIAL For the use of Managers and Teachers only



  The Correspondent,
       Ruislip, Bishop Winnington Ingram ..School.

10th April, 1963

Dear Sir,

            This School was visited on . 2nd April, 1963,
by The Rev. P. Rowe & Miss C.M. Knowles.

            The following Report of the Inspection is submitted to your Managers with the request that they will give it their attention.

                                                                        Yours faithfully,
                                                                                    L. B. TIRRELL
                                                                                                Director of Religious Education.  


            There are now 332 children on the Roll of this school in eight classes this means that all the classes are big but the work throughout is good and the children are clearly happy in their School life.  As we have noted before the stability of the staff is a very big asset.

            We were very pleased to meet the new Vicar and his Assistant Priest it is clear that they have a very real concern for the welfare of the School and the children and we were particularly pleased to find a group of children who were being prepared for Confirmation.

            The Opening worship both for Juniors and Infants was carefully planned and well suited to the age of the children we understand that the provision of some bold visual focal point, which would be a great help, is under consideration.

            The Infants classes were happy and responsive.  Not too much has been taught and therefore they do remember.  There was a good variety of practical work we particularly like the illustrated screen in the Reception Class and drawing and scrap books in the others.  We were also pleased to find good use made of Singling Games and in this connection we would wish to make mention of the work o one of the teachers who has helped a great deal with music and Religious Education and who is shortly leaving we do wish her well.

            The Juniors also were very ready to answer and were clearly interested in their work.  We believe that the Headmaster is now planning a new syllabus on the basis of the Diocesan and the Middlesex schemes and this will help.  It is difficult when children move up during the year but there did seem some tendency for the work to be much repeated three classes seem to have spent some time on Abraham and once class had had very little Church Teaching.  The top class is capable of thinking for itself and is rightly being encouraged to do so and their answers were very good and thoughtful.  We also liked the way in which the next to the top class had been helped to see Christian doctrine summed up in a verse of two of a hymn.

            This is a good School doing good work in which Headmaster and teachers do work as a united team for the good of the children and it is always a pleasure to spend time here.

                                                Signature (Philip Rowe)                                              

Chief Inspector of Schools
Diocese of London    



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